(BT Mail) IMAP Settings

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 21, 2023 • Email Settings • 2 Minutes Reading


Users may have a number of inquiries concerning Mail, such as How to establish BT Mail to iPhone?
What are the proper Btinternet Mail IMAP Server settings?
How to Setup Microsoft Outlook for Mail? or any email program, such as Windows Mail, Eudora, Mailbird, KunoMail, etc.

To make it simpler for customers to set up their accounts on any email client or mobile device, we covered the Email Settings in this blog article. A user can set up many accounts on the desktop client program to access emails. The appropriate IMAP settings are listed below:

How to Configure Email Account?

Email Settings Port Number IMAP Incoming mail server: (Copy)
993, require SSL (Copy)
143, non-secure (Copy) POP3 Incoming mail server: (Copy)
995, require SSL (Copy)
110, non-secure (Copy) SMTP Outgoing mail server: (Copy)
465, require SSL(Copy)
587, non-secure (Copy)

How to Export Mails to Outlook?

The Email Backup Wizard, a tool that exports emails and attachments from a account in bulk, is incredibly user-friendly. Any email service provider or file format can be used to download or save emails as a backup. The BTMail Email Backup Wizard allows users to save emails to a number of different file types, including CSV, PDF, DOCX, IBM Verse, Lotus Notes, Amazon WorkMail, ZIP, IceWarp, and Exchange Server.

This excellent Backup Tool keeps the folder structure while backing up emails. Users can test out the functionality of Email Backup Wizard to get any information on account setup or account backup for BT Mail accounts by clicking the “Download Now” button from the list below. You can contact us by email at [email protected] with questions or suggestions.


Watch the Below video illustrating the (BT Mail) Backup Process :

Conclusion: To obtain any information regarding the configuration or backup of a BT Mail webmail account. Users can send us an email at [email protected] with their comments or suggestions.

Try the top option provided by the qualified Backup Wizard. Demo version will showcase the full functionality of the program with limited conversion(25 mails per folder).