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The Bat! TBB Viewer

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  • Freeware tool to Read multiple The Bat! TBB emails & their attributes, attachments.
  • Beneficial for Forensic experts to investigate & read TBB files without Bat email client.
  • Built-in Previewer of tool helps to open TBB file data with Date, From, To, Subject.
  • Quick Search option to find The Bat! emails between dates, RAW message, headers.
  • Software Automatically Detects all TBB files to view The Bat! email messages.
  • Single click is required to View TBB file attachments embedded with the email.
  • Open and view all TBB mailboxes with preserved email formatting like HTML, RTF.
  • Robust and Advanced Bat File Viewer always preserves the On-disk folder hierarchy.
  • Dual options to choose TBB files for viewing The Bat emails and attachments.

Why Free The Bat Viewer ?

Forensic specialists or analysts who regularly work on immense number of emails for detaching proof may suffer inconvenience of launching the respective email clients on their work PCs. Thus, an efficient application like The Bat! TBB Viewer can give freedom to read, view The Bat TBB files can be extremely useful for them. Moreover, some individuals who have switched from the The Bat! email client to some other email service but intend to open old TBB files can use the all-in-one The TBB File Reader Tool.

Read The Bat Emails

Read The Bat! Emails with Attachments

The BitRecover The Bat! TBB file viewer permits to open TBB emails and attachments without any hassle. It comes with an in built embedded preview mode which helps the users to read TBB files with other email components such as Date, From, To, Subject, Attached files. For viewing TBB email attachments, the user just needs to click on the specific attachment icon.

Free The Bat Reader

Open TBB Files without The Bat!

This The BAT! TBB Viewer is absolutely free of cost and allows to explore The BAT! email data along with all attachments, webmail components and Meta data properties without email client dependency. The interface of free The Bat! Viewer is made in such a manner that once the TBB mailboxes are loaded, the software will scan it and will keep the track of all message content present within it.

Search Option

Search Option to Filter Messages

If a particular TBB email is to be filtered out from bulk of email messages, then the advanced ‘Search’ feature plays a very significant role. The The Bat! TBB viewer tool helps to search relevant keywords from email body, search entire RAW message, search only displayed headers. Also, you can view the bat tbb mails that falls within a specific date interval.

Upgrade Option

Upgrade Feature for Business Use

By using free The BAT! file viewer application, the users can easily open The Bat! emails. However, if someone needs to convert The Bat! TBB files to multiple file formats then the upgrade functionality is available in the software. It is useful for the commercial use to manage emails in a smarter way.

BitRecover The Bat! File Viewer Viewer Software Features
Free tool to Read & Open TBB Emails of The Bat

Freeware The Bat! Viewer Tool

Freeware The Bat! Viewer Tool

The Bat TBB File Viewer is a professional application to open TBB email messages with attachments on any Windows computer. With it, you can read The Bat! emails without any file restrictions. It is an expert tool that facilitates to view The Bat! TBB emails with all the email elements.

Open TBB Mailboxes

Instantly Open TBB Mailboxes

The BitRecover The Bat! TBB Viewer is a technology driven application which gives facility to the users to read The Bat! TBB mailboxes without any problems. It is built with rich algorithms so it works in a fantastic manner with 100% accuracy rate. The tool immediately open TBB files and folders into the interface.

Automatically Detects TBB Files

Automatically Detects TBB Files

The TBB reader is a well planned application which can make the viewing of The Bat! emails an easiest thing to do. It has the proficiency to automatically find TBB files if The Bat! email client is installed on your computer system. It is useful for the non technical people also as without any hassle they can read the bat TBB mailboxes at once.

Preview TBB Email

Preview TBB Email with Attachments

The Bat! Viewer application is a multi-featured tool that enables the users to get a complete preview of TBB file content. Once the emails are loaded in the TBB file reader tool, one can simply tap on the particular email to preview TBB email. It shows email attributes as well like Date, From, To, Subject, Attachments.

Read TBB Files without The BAT!

Read TBB Files without The BAT!

The TBB Viewer does not requires the installation of the Bat email client on the system for reading the email message. The Bat! TBB Viewer is standalone so it can even open TBB email without The Bat! email client on computer. This feature is particular useful for the forensic people to extract evidences from messages without having email client.

Keeps Intact The Bat! Email Attributes

Preserves The Bat! Email Attributes

The Bat! TBB File viewer is very trustworthy application because it assures to retain the integrity of your data. Throughout the reading of The Bat TBB mailboxes, none of your email messages or their email elements would be altered. It maintains the email properties such as signature, subject, image, mail header, date, time, body of email, etc.

Reliable TBB Reader

Self descriptive & Reliable TBB Reader

The TBB email viewer is a reliable tool which permits to open and view The Bat! TBB mailboxes with proper information. It has an interactive Graphical User Interface and an easy installation procedure. There are no bugs or errors associated with this The Bat! TBB viewer tool. One can efficiently preview TBB email without any external application.

Windows Compatible The Bat! File Viewer

Windows Compatible The Bat! File Viewer

Users can install the bat TBB file viewer on any of their Windows compatible machine. It runs smoothly on all latest and earlier editions of Microsoft Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, and prior versions.

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Trial Limitations

Free The Bat! TBB Viewer has a simple graphical user interface to open and view TBB mailboxes. This software is mainly accessed by forensic investigators to examine the evidence from TBB files. The Bat! TBB File Viewer is easy to access on all Windows based operating system.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
36.9 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of The Bat! TBB Reader - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features FREE Version PRO Version
Load TBB Files
View The Bat! Attachments
Advanced Search Option
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Export Emails No All Items
Cost FREE $39
Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How can I view The Bat! TBB Files ?

Follow the steps to view TBB mails:

  1. Dowload & Open BitRecover The Bat! TBB Viewer.
  2. Import TBB files by hitting on Open tab.
  3. Load TBB mails with Select Files or Folder option.
  4. Click on specific The Bat! email and attachments.

By using The Bat! TBB File viewer, user can open and explore unlimited amount of email data.

You don’t have to pay anything after launching The Bat! TBB Viewer in your system. Its totally free of cost to access.

The limitation of The Bat! Viewer software is that the user can easily open and view all the email data but can’t save it.

Yes, the software is suitable for you to access. Users can easily open and view unlimited files in the system without any error occurrence.

The Bat! is an email client for Windows based OS and saves a lot of email messages. Users can access multiple email accounts and is considered as a shareware email app.

There are various advantages for accessing The Bat! email client:

  • Provides strong encryption
  • Backup and restore the data
  • Offers quick templates
  • Offers MS Exchange connectivity
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