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DXL to PST Wizard

Convert Lotus Notes DXL Emails to Outlook PST Format

Convert HCL Domino DXL to Outlook PST with Emails, Contacts, and Calendars.

Convert DXL files to PST format together with
all email components.

DXL to PST Converter

Know Why Users Convert DXL to PST Format

popularity of microsoft outlook

Popularity of Microsoft Outlook

Users have the desire to convert HCL Notes DXL files to PST format because PST (Personal Storage Table) is a native format of Outlook. Nowadays Outlook is the most famous email client for business and professional users, so they prefer to convert DXL (Domino Extensible Language) files to Outlook PST.

compatibility with microsoft 365

Compatibility with Microsoft 365

Several users convert HCL Notes DXL files to PST format because they want to open PST files in Office 365 accounts due to cloud benefits. This software is most useful for these users because after converting Domino XML files (DXL) to PST, they can use the network upload technique to import PST files to Microsoft 365.

Convert HCL Domino DXL to Outlook Editions

Export DXL Files to Unicode PST and Import Them into Below Outlook Versions

outlook 2021
Outlook 2021

outlook 2019
Outlook 2019

outlook 2016
Outlook 2016

outlook 2013
Outlook 2013

outlook 2010
Outlook 2010

outlook 2007
Outlook 2007

advance options to convert dxl files to pst

Advanced Options to Convert DXL Files to PST Format

This DXL to PST Converter provides various advance options to convert DXL emails to PST files. You can use these inbuilt options for creating PST files according to your choice and requirements. Know options to convert Domino XML files to PST format.

Separate PST Per User: Enable this unique option to create separate resultant PST files for each DXL file. You can also uncheck this option if you want to create a combined PST file from all selected DXL files.

Suppose you want to convert 10 DXL files to PST format using this software then you will get output data as. If you enable the ‘Separate PST per User’ option, then it will create 10 PST files as a result. If you disable this option, then the software will generate a single file having all the data.

Unicode PST File: DXL to Outlook Converter automatically creates output PST files with Unicode encoding and we all know that Unicode PST files can be imported to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003. While Outlook 2002 and the old versions support ANSI PST files.

filters to convert dxl to outlook pst

Use Filters to Convert HCL Domino DXL to Outlook PST

The Lotus Notes DXL to PST Converter is available with multiple filter options, you can use these filtration options according to requirements. Let’s know about these filtration options.

  • Date Range: First enable this filter option and select a specific start date and end date. Thereafter software converts Lotus Domino DXL files to Outlook PST between chosen date ranges.
  • To & From Details: The tool provides two separate options ‘To and From’. Check any required option according to your choice and enter the sender or receiver email address. Thereafter, the software converts DXL emails to PST format by sender and receiver email addresses.
  • Subject: Check this option from the software panel and enter the subject of the email available in DXL files. Thereafter, this DXL to PST Converter exports only specific subject emails from DXL (Domino Extensible Language) Files to PST extension.
  • Exclude Folders: Users can use this feature to exclude unnecessary folders having DXL files from conversion. Just enter the name of the folders to exclude them from DXL files to PST conversion.
  • Root Folder: The tool creates ‘Migrated’ as the default root folder to store resultant PST files. But if you want to change the root folder name then enter another name according to your choice.

DXL to Outlook Converter Features & Benefits

Convert Lotus Notes DXL Files to PST for Microsoft Outlook

all information

Convert DXL to PST with All Information

Get the IBM Notes template files converted to Microsoft Outlook format with a converter to save DXL as PST. The software renders the conversion of Domino XML Language files into PST for easier readability with the help of Microsoft Outlook. The utility moves the complete data of DXL files without data loss, i.e., emails, calendars, contacts, etc.

batch export dxl files to pst

Batch Export Lotus DXL to Outlook PST

It is possible to convert multiple Lotus Notes DXL messages to PST format. The software gives the option to add folders storing DXL files to be converted into PST files which makes it easy for users to move multiple DXL files to Outlook at once. It helps to save users time by moving IBM Lotus Notes DXL files in batches.

export selective dxl files to pst

Export Selective HCL DXL Files to PST

Successfully migrate IBM Notes DXL to MS Outlook format selectively by using the provided checkboxes. Apart from this, an equally successful multiple DXL file conversion, the tool also features the migration of desired DXL files for the user’s convenience.

preview domino dxl mail

Preview Domino DXL Mail with Attributes

When you migrate the DXL file to PST format, it is conceivable to preview contents of the source file before data migration. The utility gives an option to view DXL files - associated attributes, email body contents, and attachments. It makes it easy for users to manage the data accordingly.

dual options

Dual Options for Adding Domino DXL Files

HCL Domino DXL to PST Converter comes with the dual option for adding Domino XML database files in the software interface. Use the Select Files option and press the CTRL button to choose specific DXL files. Also use the Select Folders button and choose a folder having various Lotus Domino DXL files.

destination path

Select Specific Destination Path

DXL to Outlook Converter gives freedom to choose a specific destination path to store resultant PST files by clicking on the Browse icon. However, if don’t wish to set a destination path then don’t worry, it will store your output data on the desktop. You can also enable the ‘Save Converted Messages in Same Source Folder’ option to store your resultant data at the source destination.

How to Convert HCL Domino DXL to Outlook PST?

Lotus Notes DXL to Outlook Converter Working Process – Watch Live Video

BitRecover DXL to PST Wizard System Specification

Know Minimum System Requirements to Use This Tool

Software Download

File Size: 61.1 MB

Version: 6.0

Trial Limitations

Freeware DXL to PST Software can convert 25 emails from each DXL file to PST so you can evaluate it before upgrading to pro. After getting full satisfaction, grab its license keys to convert DXL (Domino Extensible Language) file to PST format without limitations.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
150 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

Windows OS – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008, etc.

DXL Files: HCL Domino and HCL Notes 12.0, 11.0/ IBM Domino and Notes 10.0/ IBM Notes 9.0/ Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, and 5.0.

Electronic Delivery

BitRecover DXL to PST Wizard will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the product and the activation key.

Freeware and Licensed Version Comparison

Feature Comparison of DXL to Outlook Software - DEMO and Licensed Version
  • Dual options for adding DXL files
  • Selective DXL to PST conversion
  • Create separate and combined PST file
  • Advance filter options
  • Browse choice destination path
  • Convert DXL files to PST format
  • Free
  • 25 emails from each file
  •  Download
  • Most Popular
  • All emails and items
  •  Buy
Any Question? Get Answer!

Read Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

No, MS Outlook installation is not required to perform the conversion procedure. However, to open, view, and explore the converted data files Microsoft Outlook is required.

Yes, the DXL to PST Tool offers an option to move multiple DXL files to PST format in one go without any file size limitation.

No, the utility is completely Windows based and can be operable on all Windows versions.

Yes, the software gives the option to move the desired data files to Microsoft Outlook PST format without data loss.

Yes, this software is suitable to convert Lotus Notes DXL files to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and all previous versions.

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