How to Wipe Pen Drive Data?

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 26th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Hey, are you looking for wipe pen drive data? If yes, then we will show you the best pen drive wipe tool with advanced and sophisticated features. You won’t believe this tool has brilliant features.

Consider the following scenario: you are giving your pen drive to another person, and you just delete the data on it, believing that you have done so permanently. However, simply deleting the data is not enough, and you did not wipe pen drive data properly. You must also be aware that your PD may contain sensitive and confidential information at times. Furthermore, numerous data recovery tools are available on the market to assist users in recovering their data, making it possible for anybody to theft their data simply.

Yes, you read it correctly: anybody may recover their irreplaceable data by using a third-party recovery tool. That is why you must wipe pen drive data and all of your critical data before you sell the PD.

Before starting the process of the pen drive wipe tool, let’s know that what the difference between wipe data and delete data

Difference Between Wipe Data and Delete Data from Pen Drive

Wipe Data

It is the procedure of completely wiping all data from a portable data storage device. Wipe pen drive data ensures that no traces of the information are left on the device once it has been wiped.

Data wiping is the process of overwriting the sectors of a PD with random, meaningless data, thus erasing the data that was previously stored there.

Delete Data

When you remove a file from your device, it vanishes. It is often believed that deleting a file or folder removes it permanently from the machine. To be clear, ‘deleting’ anything from the device simply removes its route, making it unavailable. It is still accessible by someone with the right skills.

So, now that you have read this, I am sure you are wondering how to clean a PD, which pen drive wipe tool to use, and a variety of other questions, but do not be concerned about any of them. I am here to provide you with the finest and most effective software for a secure erase pen drive.

Quickest Solution to Wipe Data from Pen Drive

BitRecover BitWipe Wizard most trusted and highly recommended secure wipe thumb drive software which wipes pen drive data, USB flash drive, and kinds of drives and disks. And this software provides a variety of wiping methods. This solution is the most effective way of safeguarding your sensitive and private digital information from dangerous exposure and data theft.

I know your desperation is increasing to know more about this tool, so let’s have a look at the features


Features of Pen Drive Eraser Software

  • This pen drive wipe tool that uses powerful wipe algorithms & data wipe criteria, effectively solves this issue. The recovery from a pen drive eraser tool formatted device is almost impossible. With this software, you may wipe Pen Drive data and from, USB Flash Drive, PC, desktop, and external hard drives.
  • Data sanitization rules may be met (and even exceeded) with sophisticated security and reporting features. This secure data erasure tool eliminates all traces of data while leaving the disc useable.
  • This pen drive wipe tool contains more than ten data wiping techniques for writing a series of zeros, ones, or worthless pseudo-random information to all sectors of a hard disc.
  • Pen Drive erase tool may safely overwrite data from any digital device with 0 and 1 throughout all sections of the device using a software-based method.
  • This software may fully wipe data while maintaining complete data privacy with the help of this disc wipe.

How Does the Secure Pen Drive Wipe Tool Works?

  1. Download and install the software by clicking on the Download icon.

    Download and install the software

  2. Choose “Files & Folder” options for specific files and folders otherwise select “Logical Drives” for an available drive on a PD.

    Choose “files & folder” options

  3. And select between “Free Space” (for deleting free space) or “Total Space” (for wiping complete data) from wipe options.

    select between “free space” (for deleting free space) or “total space”

  4. And select the drive that you want to sanitize documents from drives and click on the Next icon.

    select the drive that you want to sanitization

  5. Now all data of the selected drive will show on the tools panel.

    all data of the selected drive

  6. Now click on the “Filter Option” tab to wipe specific data by date.

    click on the “filter option” tab

  7. And select the wipe methods from the drop-down as per your requirement.

    select the wipe methods

  8. Click on the “Wipe” icon, a warning message will pop up, and press on yes and continue.

    a warning message will pop up

Final Words

As you can see, the pen drive wipe tool is fantastic. Many solutions for erasing data from PD’s are available on the market, but does it completely wipe pen drive data? Is it certified? What is the best secure erase thumb drive tool? One solution to all your queries is pen drive eraser software. Sure, it is certified to sanitize data from USB drives, and yes, you are spending money on the correct equipment. Close your eyes, believe us, and utilize this software.