How to Wipe Memory Card (SD Card) Data Permanently?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Find the simple ways to wipe memory card data with just a few simple steps. In this article we will explain effective methods for how to delete SD card data securely. Let’s get started.

A memory card, also known as SD card, is a powerful device. However it seems to be tiny but carries a huge size of important data. It is like a small hard drive that safeguards all the professional and personal data of users.

Understanding the importance, sometimes users need to wipe memory card. Continue reading the article to get some outstanding ways and easy processes for how to delete SD card data completely.

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Why Do We Wipe Memory Card Data?

There are several reasons when a user wants to erase data from their SD card, however it completely depends on their situation. Such as;

  • Whenever we decide to offer our SD to a friend, colleague and any person, we should always delete SD card data to ensure our sensitive or personal information is secure.
  • Sometimes memory card space runs out of storage. It completely depends on the limit of your SD card. To free up its space and store other information, we often need to wipe some data from it.
  • Another reason for erasing memory card data can be errors which can never be anticipated. However, wiping it off can fix the errors and give a clean memory card.

How to Delete SD Card Data on Computer?

You can perform several methods to clean up your SD card data. In the following, we have explained steps manual and professional’s suggested solutions that can help you to effortlessly wipe memory card data.

Solution 1- Erase Memory Card Data Using Diskpart Command

  1. Press Win+R and search for Diskpart.
  2. Now type the follow command and press Enter button after typing each of them separately:
    • diskpart
    • list disk
    • select disk
    • clean all

Warning: Be careful while performing this method. Make sure you have selected the right disk and entered correct commands to wipe memory card data. Please skip, if you find it confusing.

However, if you attach a memory card with the computer and delete the junk files or wasted files. You feel your data is permanently deleted from the Micro SD card. But they can still fall into the wrong hands as your data is deleted only from the index directory, not from the SD card.”

When you are in a vulnerable position, don’t let any hacker take advantage of it. They can save all your sensitive data with the help of any Data Recovery Software.

To completely delete SD card data while ensuring safety, ease and peace of mind, we recommend you to use the second method.

Solution 2- Most Advanced Way to Wipe Memory Card Completely

If you want to wipe your memory card permanently and overcome your obstacles. Then, you can do this by using a professional solution. Secure Data wipe software is the finest tool in this digital era to wipe memory cards in a secure manner.

The Software is capable to overwrite the data in the memory card over and over again. So, it’s difficult to recover original data for hackers. It will be easier for you to completely wipe memory card and you can get rid of data in a simple and systematic way.

Reliable Way to Erase Memory Card Data -Steps

  1. Firstly, run and install the software on your system to delete SD card data.
  2. Secondly, Mark on the “Logical Drive” to wipe the specific drive.wipe memory card
  3. Then, choose “Free Space” (for deleting free space) or “Total Space” (For wiping complete data) from the wipe options to wipe memory wipe memory card options
  4. Select Drive which you want to sanitize files from the Memory drive to clean memory card permanently
  5. The utility automatically uploads the files, check the files to eraser from the SD files to clean properly
  6. Now, click on the Filter Option to delete specific data within the data filter option
  7. Select the Wipe methods from the multiple wiping wipe option
  8. After clicking the wipe option, the software will show you the warning option and hit the yes button to wipe memory card data.warning message to clean SD card

Merits of Memory Card Eraser Software

  • Overwrite or delete SD card data completely. You can erase data beyond recovery from Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in PC, Desktop, and external drives (Memory Card) with this program.
  • Capable of wiping data from multiple storage devices such as HDD, SDD, SATA, PATA, Flash Drive, USB, etc.
  • This tool allows erasing of e-waste data while maintaining complete data privacy.
  • Memory card eraser software is capable to wipe memory card data from all brands i.e., SanDisk, Samsung, HP, Strontium, etc.

Final Words

Whether you need more space or want to save your memory card from any anti-virus. There can be different situations when users want to wipe memory card data completely. But the problem lies when users don’t know the process of doing it. This can be done by learning methods for how to delete SD card data from this blog. Hence, we have explained memory card eraser software that can securely erase SD card data.