How to Completely Wipe iPhone Before Selling It? Simple Steps

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 17th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

How to wipe iPhone before selling? This write-up provides step-by-step procedure to completely wipe iPhone before selling it. So are you an iPhone user and for some reasons you are donating or selling your iPhone to someone else? We if you have made decision to completely erase iPhone before selling, then you absolutely made the right decision. This way you can prevent you personal and senstive data from falling into wrong hands. Get started with the article to know how you can do it effortlessly.

If you are planning to sell your used iPhone mobile then this is advisable to completely wipe iPhone before selling. Because nowadays you will hear about cyber fraud and data leak-related cases.

Your iPhone mobile has a lot of digital footprints about you. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to completely erase iPhone before selling, giving, and donating to someone else.

If you are using an iPhone mobile for the past few years but now you have got bored. Hence, you want to sell your iPhone. Then you should follow the expert recommended steps. But before explaining the steps to wipe iPhone data, you should need to know some reasons behind the process.

Reasons to Wipe iPhone Before Selling

Nowadays users use their mobile phones as a personal assistant for completing multiple daily need tasks. Therefore, iPhone may store your crucial personal information such as personal pictures, debit or credit card photos, cvv numbers, government issue documents, contacts, videos, etc. So, this is mandatory to completely erase iPhone before selling.

Users also use their iPhones for bank transactions and they download their bank / loan statements. But is harmful because hackers can easily get your crucial information and target you for cyber fraud.

Even nowadays, users don’t prefer to carry digital cameras to shoot photographs and videos. Because iPhones come with excellent camera quality that’s why users prefer to take pictures using it. But if you sell your iPhone without permanently erasing data then they can misuse your photos and videos to is important to wipe iPhone before selling.

iPhone users save their crucial contact numbers under phonebook. This can also become harmful if unwanted users get your friends’ and relatives’ phone numbers. Nowadays, we seem that cybercriminals are sending text or social messages and saying to transfer some money as you are in a problem and will return the money soon.

How to Completely Erase iPhone Before Selling?

Users mainly use multiple manual and professional methods to completely wipe iPhone before selling i.e.

  • Normal deletion of iPhone data
  • Reset iPhone before selling
  • Factory reset an iPhone

But do you know, if you used the above-mentioned method to completely erase iPhone before selling then this is not safe. Because there are several Data Recovery Tools available in the online marketplace to retrieve deleted data back from all devices. Therefore, criminals can easily get back all iPhone-erased data.

Safe Way to Completely Wipe iPhone Before Selling

Download BitRecover Data Wipe Software which is specially developed to erase iPhone data before selling or giving it to someone else. If you have used this mentioned application to erase iPhone data then this is impossible to retrieve backup permanently deleted data. Even there is no software available in the online market which permits to get back deleted iPhone data.

Steps to Wipe iPhone Before Selling It:

  1. First of all, connect your iPhone to a Windows computer using a USB cable.
  2. After that, start iPhone Data Eraser and read the instructions to completely wipe iPhone before selling.
    iphone data eraser
  3. The tool offers double options to delete iPhone data i.e., Files & Folders and Logical Drives.
    select iphone drive
  4. iPhone Wipe Software provides dual wipe options i.e., Free Space, and Total Space (All data will be erased
    wipe option
  5. After that, choose your iPhone memory from drives.
    iPhone memory
  6. Choose all or required iPhone folders from the software GUI.
    select iPhone folders
  7. Use advance filter options to completely erase iPhone before selling according to between a date range, specific file extensions and overwrite the text.
    filter options
  8. Select a wipe method to permanently and completely wipe iPhone before selling then press the Wipe button.
    iphone wipe methods
  9. After that iPhone Data Wipe Software will show you a warning message i.e., iPhone Files or Folders once deleted cannot be retrieved back. Are you sure you want to continue?
    before sell iphone what to do
  10. Lastly, hit on the Yes button to start erasing iPhone data before selling it.

iPhone Wipe Software Features

  • Great software to completely wipe iPhone before selling because no one can retrieve your crucial data if once deleted.
  • It comes with several wipe methods having 1 pass to 35 passes for erasing iPhone data.
  • Users can wipe only required file extensions from their iPhone devices i.e., PDF, JPG, GIF, HEIF, etc.
  • You can choose a specific date range to delete iPhone data before giving it to someone.
  • It has dual options to wipe iPhone logical drives as well as required folders.
  • Users can wipe complete iPhone data with one click (Total Space – All data will be erased) under Wipe Options.

Know Before Sell iPhone What to Do – Extra Suggestions

You need to download iPhone data from internal storage, iCloud, iTunes, iMessage, etc. In such cases with will be beneficial for you because you can use this downloaded data in the future. This is a mandatory process but still, if you think old iPhone data is not useful to you then you can permanently and completely wipe iPhone before selling.


After reading this write-up if you are thinking to completely wipe iPhone before selling then you can do it proudly. Because safety should be first priority to keep your iPhone data protected from unwanted users. iPhone wipe software can protect you from hackers, and unwanted users. Hence, if you are thinking before sell iPhone what to do then answer is erase iPhone data before selling.