How to Wipe External Hard Drive Data for Permanent Sanitization?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

It’s time to secure your crucial data from strangers. The most important question that lies here is “how to wipe external Hard Drive?” “How to delete external hard disk partition data?”

This is because people don’t know the reasons why it is necessary to clear data from the external hard drive. Let’s have a look at what they are.

What Causes people to Wipe their External Hard Drive?

If you resell or donate your old system, it’s important to make sure all your data is permanently wiped off the external hard drive. It’s dangerous if you haven’t completely wiped the hard disk because a destroyed computer is always a goldmine for data thieves.

Consider how someone could use your data to gain access to your bank accounts, harm your company, or even take over your identity to commit a crime. Isn’t this heinous?

So, there arises a need to get rid of the problem of getting the external hard drive partition deleted.

Did you know there is a difference between Wipe and Delete?

There are some core differences between Wipe / Overwrite and Delete You didn’t about it.

Many users resell their old PC and they delete all the data from the computer. And they think they have erased all the data and sold it. But that’s not true, because when you delete your data, it gets removed from your computer, and not the hard drive.

Our data is stored on our Hard Drive. It is divided into three parts first Visual/ View users, which means users can view the all data on your PC. Second, your data is in the index directory (saving Path), and last in Hard Drive sectors. If you delete your data from the visual, it means your data is deleted from the index directory and not from the Hard Drive. But if you wipe your data on the hard drive, it means you can resell and donate your computer without interruption.

Any data thieves can reuse your data if you only delete it from the index directory. They can save all your critical data with the help of any Data recovery tool.

Completely Erase External Hard Drive Windows 10 – Instant Solution

“Succeeding means tackling the ugly problems”

If you don’t want any other person to either view or overwrite your data, then the best way is to wipe them off completely from your external hard disk. You can do this by using a professional tool. BitWipe hard Drive Data Wipe Software is an effective and reliable solution to wipe an external hard drive before selling.

Download for Windows

This tool will overwrite the data in the hard drive over and over again. Each new round of data rewriting will make it more difficult to recover the original data. The software will rewrite the hard drive multiple times, as it will, making the data inaccessible forever.

Fastest Way to Wipe an External Hard Drive – Step-by-Step

For Better understanding, you can watch the live Video Tutorial to securely erase the external hard drive.

  1. Firstly, download and install the software on your system.
  2. Secondly, choose the Select files/Select Folders option Otherwise choose the “Logical Drives” option.
    (If you wipe the selected partition from the other external drive, so tick the “Logical Drives” option).wipe external hard drive
  3. Thirdly, Tool automatically uploads the Drive folder or files which you selected, check the folders and click the Next files for wipe
  4. Click “Filter Options” to wipe particular files from the hard disc and apply the filter to clean external hard drive
  5. Then, Select the wipe methods from the drop-down menu as per your method to clean external hard drive
  6. When you press the erase button, a warning notice will display, and you must click the yes symbol again.warning message to clean external hard drive
  7. Lastly, your data is securely wiped from the external hard drive.

Distinguishing Features of the Tool

  1. Capable Wiping data from the Several Data Storage Drives This Software was designed to erase data (also known as data wiping, data clearing or data destroying) from all kinds of HDDs and SSDs in PCs, laptops, and servers. It includes sophisticated security and reporting features that enable it to meet your document sanitization requirements.
  2. Overwrite/ Wipe Your Hard Disk Drive This is capable of securely delete external hard drive partition data (HDD / SSD). A standard data erasure for the optimal number of erasure rounds (passes) is needed.
  3. More than 10 External hard Drive cleaning methods It provides you with 10+ data erasing methods to clean all sectors of a Hard Drive. It’s depending on your requirements, choose any one option to delete an external hard drive partition.

In a Nutshell

There can be many reasons why users will find wiping an external hard drive important. Those reasons are explained in this blog. But the problem arises when users get stuck and don’t know how to move forward with the process to wipe a corrupted external hard drive? Hence, we have explained the fastest way possible to wipe your external hard drive.