How to Erase eMMC Card – Complete & Secure eMMC Wipe

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

I am looking for a program to get the solution of how to wipe eMMC drive, any perfect solution for performing this wiping process?  This is a query from our user.

Are you also searching solution to clear eMMC drive? In this blog, we are going to discuss this in brief. Erasing emmc drive is the need of many peoples nowadays. So, get ready to accomplish this task without facing any kind of trouble.

Well, this query is made by the user, but now let’s make this query a basis on which we’ll solve different user’s queries. Even if users don’t have the same query, they might have faced the same situation.

Now, the question is when we delete a file, is it really erased permanently? The answer is NO. It continues to exist on the drive, even after emptying the Recycle bin.

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Reasons for Wiping eMMC Drive?

There are various reasons for performing this wiping method. Some of them are mentioned here to clear eMMC drive:

  1. For getting space to store the data. eMMC card can be used to store various data and your card might contain files or folders which are hidden.
    Users can empty it and erase all data on it for creating space.
  2. For removing viruses or malware. eMMC drive is used on multiple devices and it is easy to infect viruses during data transferring or connecting to the Internet.
    The most accurate way to kill viruses or malware is by wiping them.
  3. Another main reason for this erase process is protecting personal information.

Best Direct Approach for Wipe eMMC Drive – Technical Solution

Users can complete this task by using the best Download Best BitWipe Eraser application for Windows. Without having any issue user can clear eMMC drive. This is one of the best tools for both professional and non – professional users. The user interface of this application is very simple. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can easily be able to do the same in a few minutes. Also, it supports all the versions of Windows Operating Systems.

Users can clear eMMC partition easily by using this amazing software. This software is 100 % safe and secure, also it maintains all the email properties. It supports wiping data from multiple data storage devices. This application ensures that the data is unrecoverable. It removes all the traces of the data while keeping the disk usable.

How to Secure Erase in eMMC Drive – Complete Working Procedure

Users have to follow some simple steps for performing clearing eMMC in a hassle-free manner:

  1. Firstly, users have to install and run MMC Wiper on their Windows Operating Software.How to wipe an mmc drive process begins
  2. Then, click on the select button and then navigate the logical drive option, click on wipe options to clear eMMC drive.Wipe EMMC Drive procedure begins
  3. After that, select the drive and click on the “Next” button to proceed wipe memory card options
  4. Thereafter, select the required wiping method from the given wipe option
  5. Users can also select from the personalized erasure methods such as by Date Range, Mask for files, and overwrite data text if filter option to complete wipe an emmc drive
  6. Finally, this software will produce a saving log erasure report after the completion of the wiping procedure.

Some Fascinating Features of the Software

  • This tool will overwrite/Wipe your data completely. You can easily wipe data from Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in PC, Desktop, and external drives (Memory Card) with this program.
  • It offers customized options to wipe emmc drive. Like By Date Range, Mask for files, overwrite data text.
  • This software allows erasing of e-waste data while maintaining complete data privacy.
  • Data Wipe software is capable to clear eMMC card data of different sizes like Mobile, Camera, etc.

Some Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. What is the procedure of Wipe eMMC drive?

    Ans. This procedure includes the following steps:

  • First, install the application and then click on the select button to choose the folder containing your files.
  • If the selected folder has subfolders also, the whole folder hierarchy will be shown.
  • Now, choose the files to be disk wiped.
  • Finally, select a wiping method to clear eMMC drive.
  1. Is it possible to wipe data off a specific period with the help of this software?

Ans. Yes, this application provides the special feature of the date range option through which users can specify a date range.

  1. What if the user wants to retrieve the wiped data? Is it possible?

Ans. No, data once erased will not be retrieved. So, it is compulsory for the user to make sure that they really want to delete that data permanently. This tool also asks the user in a pop-up box before wiping the data.


The above post describes how to wipe eMMC drive easily. Without having any issue users can easily perform this task with the help of the software – mentioned in this write-up. There are multiple times when users find a need for wiping eMMC card. Users who were facing issues can now refer to this blog post for having a smooth working procedure. All the information regarding the program has been mentioned above in this blog. By following the above–mentioned steps user will get a hassle-free solution.

We hope after reading this blog users will not have to face any kind of issues to clear eMMC drive.