How to Migrate & Export Winmail.dat TNEF Files to Zimbra TGZ in Easy 6 Steps ?

Mark Regan | September 5th, 2019 | Convert Your Data

winmail.dat to zimbra converter

Do you use Winmail.dat to save your important e-mail messages ? Also, want to convert Winmail.dat TNEF files to Zimbra ?

If YES, keep reading this article. Here we will explain the step-by-step process of importing Winmail.dat to Zimbra Desktop. Before continuing, we would like to mention a few queries from users:

  • I want to import emails from Winmail.dat to Zimbra with attachments. How to accomplish this task ?
  • How to Convert Winmail.dat files to Zimbra without any supportive application ?
  • Is there any tool to Export Winmail.dat items into Zimbra desktop directly ?

These queries can be easily resolved with the help of BitRecover Winmail.dat Converter software. It is a professional solution for importing Winmail.dat emails to a Zimbra account.

Trial Version: Free Download Tool to Convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra TGZ Files. The user can try this DEMO edition to test the features of Winmail.dat to Zimbra converter tool. You can directly convert the first 5 items from Winmail.dat mailbox.

Steps to Convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra Account Directly

Follow the given steps to migrate Winmail.dat TNEF files to Zimbra mailbox as mentioned below:

Step 1: Choose the Winmail.dat file / folder data by selecting one option from Select Files or Select Folder. The user can choose Folder option to convert multiple Winmail.dat TNEF files into the Zimbra TGZ mailbox. Otherwise, use the Select Files option to convert Winmail.dat emails to Zimbra files.

Step 2: Now mark all items you want to transfer Winmail.dat file into Zimbra account, hit on the Next to move further.

Step 3: Then from the below list, choose Zimbra as saving option to migrate Winmail.dat TNEF file into Zimbra account.

winmail.dat to zimbra
Step 4: Choose destination location to save your converted data files. Press on the Next button to move Winmail.dat file to TGZ file.

dat to zimbra
Step 5: The process of converting Winmail.dat to Zimbra mailbox is started now. It will be finished in a few seconds.

convert winmail.dat to zimbra
Step 6: Once the migration process is complete, the application automatically opens the destination folder, where you find your resulting data files.

By using this way, you can transfer your complete data from Winmail.dat TNEF to Zimbra TGZ mailbox. The program was easy-to-use software to convert Winmail.dat folders to Zimbra. Before coming to the finishing point, let us have a look once over the software part too.

Migrate Winmail.dat to Zimbra Migration – Trouble Free Solution

Winmail.dat to Zimbra Migration tool, which allows users to easily convert unlimited number of TNEF files to TGZ format. The tool is completely safe and secure to use. The application does not require any external program to transfer data from Winmail.dat in Zimbra.

The software is launching to export several Winmail.dat emails into TGZ. It offers a conversion option in dual mode, that is to say in batch or selective mode. This utility only takes a few seconds to convert TNEF items into Zimbra mailbox. The program is totally Windows-based and supports all the latest Windows editions. In addition, it also maintains the folder hierarchy on the disk after it is migrated. The toolkit is a simple and easy to use tool for all types of users.

Key Features of TNEF to TGZ Export Software

  • Transfer all Winmail.dat email into the Zimbra with complete accuracy of the stored data.
  • A quick but modest way to migrate Winmail.dat elements into Zimbra mailbox.
  • Cost effective software for all users with data conversion quality.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface of application for users with less technical knowledge.
  • Winmail.dat to Zimbra migration tool maintains the folder hierarchy for all files and folders in their original form.
  • The program for exporting TNEF file in Zimbra format makes it easy to transfer multiple Winmail.dat boxes to TGZ mailbox.


At the recent date, most of the people are looking to convert Winmail.dat to Zimbra account. However, many users have been stuck while migrating Winmail.dat TNEF files to Zimbra TGZ because they are not able to find a reliable way to do so. Therefore, in the above digital paper, we introduced a wise and intelligent approach, namely BitRecover Winmail.dat to Zimbra migration tool, to convert TNEF files into TGZ file without any data loss or security issues. In addition, the user can try the DEMO version of tool to transfer 5 Winmail.dat items in Zimbra account or check the proper tool working.