What is Microsoft OneNote- A Detailed Glance

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

If you are a person who frequently attends meetings, takes down notes from school, etc. Here is a platform for you to join all your work together easily. OneNote by Microsoft Office Suite is the best application for this purpose. Also, OneNote is an application replacing paper notes. It helps to gather information and to share it with others.

A glance at Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is an e-version of paper notes and is a Personal Information Management application. It stores handwritten and/or typed notes, photos; drawings, video, audio, etc. i.e. collectively organize digital information. In OneNote the user does not need to save the work continuously, it automatically saves the work in sections in the notebook. Also, this application has a search feature for searching images for engrafted text content and is integrate with the audio repository. That helps in searching audio using text words. It is a standalone application compatible with all Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, etc. Thus, giving you access to information from wherever you are and whatever device you are with.

Associated File Format

A OneNote file has a .one extension and stores the files as a “section.” Microsoft has deployed an open file format to support the images, videos, etc. to a single binary file. In addition, supports a note-taking app for Mac and iPad- Outline to edit, saves notebooks.

A view on OneNote;


OneNote support many other features;

It also works with Outlook;

In the Personal Information tag, you get the provision for regulating Shopping, Travel, Recipes, etc.

What Makes OneNote A Powerful Application?

OneNote works according to all the needs of an individual. It includes business management, travel management, preparing notes, etc. Look at some of the features contributed to understanding what makes them helpful in real-time scenarios.


OneNote organizes as a notebook itself. The sections included in the organizing are;

  • Notebooks: It is used for broad categories such as; Projects, Classes, Labs, etc.
  • Sections: They are seen inside Notebook and work similarly to sectioning the contents and coordinates using tags.
  • Pages & Subpages: Pages contains the contents of the notes and user can create subpages as well and can collapse for saving space.


The application contributes to searching the files stored, from the current page or from the whole. Searches can be carried out for;

  • Text: You can lead the search using text words, phrases, special symbols or characters, etc in the search bar.
  • Image: Also the Optical Character Recognition engine supported allows the searching using images.
  • Audio: Searching can be done using voice text thus, making it even easier.

Removes Text from Images

The user can remove the text from the image, if there since it has the aid of the Optical Character Recognition engine.

Works with Outlook

OneNote coordinately works with Outlook. If a task is prepared in OneNote, the user can find it in ‘Tasks’ of Outlook, and meeting schedules maintained in Outlook can be brought.


OneNote allows the synchronization and sharing of the notes to SkyDrive or another network drive.

In Summation:

OneNote is a free-form data assembling application and is more relevant. Also, Users can use this application as a small notebook that holds all relevant work together in a place. A small idea might be rushed through your mind while going through the sections. A number of advanced features are held by OneNote and not all have been mentioned above.