What Is Data Loss – Cause & Prevention ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Top 5 Data Loss Causes and Their Prevention Tips

As we all know that on deleting data or files mistakenly, there are certainly some methods to get back that data. And we are also aware of the fact that not all data or let’s say not 100% of the data lost can be fully recovered in proper form, and also the processes of recovery are highly intricate. Also, if you are not any binary expert, then you are bound to use a professional data recovery tool or call some recovery specialist to take up the recovery task for you. So, prevention is always better than cure. Below are the top 5 data loss causes and measures that can be taken for avoiding the loss of data due to these below stated reasons.

  1. Hardware or Software Malfunctioning: As per a data loss survey on the causes of data loss, it was revealed that more than 2/5th of the data loss incidents occur due to hardware or software malfunctioning issues. So, primarily, this is the commonest cause of data loss amongst the users worldwide. Surely, there are many types of forms of this malfunctioning of the system and its hardware and it can be depicted in multiple forms, like, electricity failure, controller failure, head crash, etc.
    • For avoiding such malfunctioning of the system and hardware components, you can follow the below mentioned tips:
      • Handle with Care:
        Handling your system properly is very much important. Do not use your PC roughly. Keep your system in a safe place which should be also dry and in an area that is away from dust. Also, for keeping and using your system, always select a low-rush area.
      • Power the Power:
        Always ensure to use an uninterrupted electricity supply for reducing the data loss risks caused due to the electricity failure or power outages.
  1. Human Errors: At the end of the day, we are all humans only! And to err is human! It is hard to believe this fact that in case of data loss using a computer system, human errors are also very common reasons for it. Usually, there are 2 types of human error that cause data loss, 1 is to click the Shift+Delete keys combination or “Format” the system button for erasing something which is afterward realized as important, and the 2nd is the physical damages which happen by dropping something on the system accidentally.
    • Data Loss Prevention Tips:
      • For keeping and using your system, always select a low-rush area.
      • Be cautious while deleting the files from your system or formatting any of the storage devices
  1. Wrong Shut Downs: Anomalous sudden shutdowns without saving important documents lead to data loss and data corruption.
    • Data Loss Prevention Tips:
      • Keep a good work habit; always save your files and documents repeatedly while working on them
  1. Corruption: Who does not know about the deadly viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware that can corrupt our system?
    • Thus, it is very much essential to install a good antivirus tool which is in working condition and always keep it updated
  1. Loss due to Natural Calamities: Who can avert fires, earthquakes, floods, etc? Luckily, as per the survey, only three percent of data loss incidents occur due to these natural disasters.
  • Always tend to store your most important data but surely not the sensitive data using the cloud storage service, like the Google Drive, and iCloud, etc.
  • Keep a UPS installed always
  • Take regular and frequent backups of your critical data and try to store those backups somewhere else in some other storage devices