How to View Attachments from A PDF Document – No More A Big Task!

Mark Regan ~ November 21st, 2018 ~ How to

Mr. Smith, Senior Technical Consultant had put a limelight on the way to open and view attachments from a PDF document. She shared the complete story that how to open, view, and explore Acrobat Adobe PDF file.

I know that in the present arena of electronic documents, Portable Document Format (PDF) has emerged as a leading format for exchanging documents at personal and as well as professional level. The features that have added to its popularity are its portability and cross-platform independency.

Being a technical consultant, I use to get various user’s queries. Out of that queries, these days most of my clients are asking for the solution to open and view PDF file attachments.

The point of concern is how to open attachment from a PDF file. The Adobe PDF format carries an embedded attachment in it. The attachments can be anything like an image, PPT, DOC, XLS, and more. If any user had an email in PDF format then, to open the attachment inside that PDF documents requires an application.

Solving the problems of my clihow to view pdf attachment sent is my first work. Therefore, I started exploring for the solution to open and view PDF file attachments.

War for Solution to View PDF File Attachments

It is obvious that when you open your Adobe Acrobat PDF file in a browser, you cannot see the files that are attached in your .pdf files.

To use these attachments, you should have Acrobat Adobe Reader installed on your machine. It is an application that is provided by Adobe itself.

What if you do not have Adobe Reader on your system?

It is a possible situation that you do not have or use Acrobat Adobe Reader. Then, you can simply download, install and run Adobe Reader on your Windows machine to preview your attachments in PDF file.

For this follow just 2 step instructions:

  • Click on the given link

  • Download and install Acrobat Adobe Reader on your system.

How to View PDF Attachments?

Now, you have Acrobat Adobe Reader on your Windows machine. So, let us check out the steps to preview it on the system.

  • Right click on the file and choose properties option from the list
  • Click on Change button to view PDF attachments
  • Once you click on Change a list of applications that are installed on your machine will be shown. Select Adobe Reader option and click on Ok button.
  • Now, open your PDF file in Adobe Reader.
  • Once the file is opened, you will see an icon of attachment at left-side of the screen. Click on that icon to view PDF attachments.
  • After clicking on that icon, list of attachments inside the PDF document will be viewed.
  • A window of open a file will be viewed once you clicked over the email attachment.
  • Suppose, the attachment is XLS file. i.e. MS Excel file. Then, it will open in MS Excel directly.

In this way, you can easily open, view, and explore all your PDF attachments easily.

But when I got this solution, I still keep on searching that what if I want to manage my PDF file in some other format. Then, what can we do?

I think it was also an interesting thing to know. Then, I just ring my bells of my brain and started searching more for the solution.

After searching a lot, I got various solutions out of which I got a solution from BitRecover that seems interesting and worthy as well.

I started searching and getting the detailed features about PDF to DOC Converter. The software is simple, easy and bug-free to use. It moves whole PDF file with embedded attachments to Word DOC format.

But I was still having doubts and have plenty of questions that what if my PDF file is locked then, what to do? Data security was the main concern for me.  By having a lot of doubts, I directly contacted at the support of BitRecover. The concerned person at technical support, listen to my doubts completely.

After listing and knowing all my points, he said that they are having the solutions of all our problems. They are having a range of applications that makes easy to perform PDF Management. He detailed me about the applications as mentioned:

PDF to DOC Wizard

The application is programmed to migrate Adobe PDF files directly to Word Document. The software is designed with high-end algorithms that allows to migrate selective as well as multiple PDF files to DOC format.  No, any file size limitation is imposed by the utility to export the data files.

PDF to Image Wizard

This application will help you to save your PDF file in image format, i.e. JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and more. The quality along with the quantity of data is retained in exact form. The best thing about the software is that one can easily access the tool on any Windows OS. Even you can create the same folder name after conversion to picture format.

Unlock PDF Wizard

This software helps to remove all the restrictions and unlock you PDF file securely. The utility supports all the version of PDF file that makes easy for users to unlock PDF file of any version. The tool does not need any external application to perform the procedure to remove restrictions from PDF files.

PDF Split Wizard

The tool is designed in such a way that can help you to divide PDF file into multiple pages, without reducing the quality of pages. Utility gives an option to split from the page range. You can even split odd/even pages according to the need. You can also split protected PDF files.

PDF Merge Wizard

This utility is programmed to merge multiple documents into one PDF file without the need of Acrobat Adobe Reader. The application provides the dual mode of options to perform the process of file upload on the application. It even combines owner-password-protected PDF files.

After knowing about these applications, I was happy as I was having the solution of everything related to PDF file management.

By concluding my discussion, I must say that managing a PDF file is also important. And I feel by using an accurate solution to perform PDF file management is one of an important step.

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