How to Unlock Print Option in PDF File – Get Non-printable PDFs on Paper

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


“Last night, I was trying to open some sensitive PDF file documents. I wanted to take a printout of these PDF files as I needed to share them with my colleague. But, all attempts failed to print them. Now, I don’t have any idea how to unlock print option in PDF file documents. Please help me with a solution to print non-printable PDF.”

PDF document is broadly utilized for sharing secret information as it keeps your record secure. Clients can secure their PDF documents by locking them with a password. By and large, there are two sorts of secure PDFs: client-locked, which implies you need a password to see the content. Then again, there is an owner-locked PDF, which implies you require a password to duplicate, print, or change the PDF’s.

If you wish to print non-printable PDF document then you will have to unlock print option in PDF file that is having owner-level security.

How to Unlock Print Option in PDF File ?

BitRecover PDF Unlocker Tool is specifically programmed to unlock PDF print option. It gives an advantage to those users who wish to print a secured PDF document.

This software supports all Adobe Acrobat versions for printing a secured PDF document.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Steps to Unlock Print option in PDF File

  1. Download and launch the software on Windows PC.
  2. Choose the Import tab and pick locked PDF files.
  3. Click on the ‘Save As’ tab to choose the destination path.
  4. Hit on the ‘Unlock PDF’ button to begin the task.
  5. The process to print a secured PDF document starts.

How to Print Non Printable PDF Document in Few Clicks ?

Please read the directions to unlock print option in PDF file. But before that, if you want to test the tool, then take a look at the free demo version. It allows removing local restrictions from small PDF files.

Now, launch it on any Windows-compatible machine.

Then, click on the ‘Import’ tab in order to import the source PDF file for the process.

Then, choose the locked PDF files having restrictions from your PC.

Thereafter, you can see the number of PDF files chosen for the task. Here, hit on the ‘Save As’ button for selecting a required destination path.

You can also create a new folder from the toolkit after choosing the destination location and hit on OK to continue.

After this, click the ‘Unlock PDF’ button to start the process.

If your PDF file is protected with a user-level password then the tool will ask for a password. So, type the password and click on OK. If you don’t know about it, then hit on Skip.

Please wait while the process to unlock print option in PDF file starts.

Once it ends, you will receive a ‘Conversion completed successfully’. Click on OK to exit from there.

Now, you can go to the target path to check the output PDF files.

Thus, in this way, one can print non-printable PDF document without any hassle.

Print Secured PDF Document – Key Features of Software

The entire process to unlock print option in PDF file is rapid and can be executed in few seconds.

Users can batch print a secured PDF document without facing any problem.

The software does not change the content of PDF file so there is no risk of data loss.

It supports all Adobe Acrobat versions or any other PDF creator.

If there is any owner-level password applied on PDF file then you can easily unlock it with this tool.

Users can save the output file at any location on the computer.

The setup of this software is very easy and can be run smoothly on all versions of Windows OS.


As from the above blog, it is clear that there is a large use of PDF file and if there is any kind of restrictions then the user may face endless problems. So, use the suggested software to unlock print option in PDF file. It is free from any bugs or errors. No Adobe Acrobat reader installation is required in order to print non-printable PDF documents with this software.