Transfer Shaw Emails to Telus – A Quick and Uncomplicated Way

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Hassled with the manual method to transfer Shaw emails to Telus? Now seeking some solution that can easily and directly move Shaw emails to Telus without any tough / complicated configuration settings!

Here we are with such kind of approach! This solution does not demand any technical settings in the account for transferring Shaw emails to Telus. Only the credentials of source and target tenants are required to move email folders from Shaw mail to Telus. The name of this solution is Email Backup Software.

This application enables customers to effortlessly move data from a Shaw mail account to Telus Webmail. None of the complicated or highly technical configurations are needed to do the same via this method. First, let us see that how does this migration app transfer Shaw emails to Telus and later, we’ll discuss other associated aspects.

Independent Method to Move Shaw Emails to Telus

The following instructions will enable users to transfer their Shaw email folders to Telus Webmail. Before proceeding further, ensure that IMAP protocol is enabled in both the accounts i.e., Shaw and Telus. Once done with fulfilling of only this prerequisite, begin with the execution of following migration steps :

1. Download .exe file of Shaw to Telus migration tool and complete its entire installation procedure.


2. Once finished with this, open it and move the mouse cursor towards the ‘Email Source’ section. Scroll down the menu list and select the Shaw Mail option.


3. Enter the email address and password of Shaw mail account in respective fields. This account will be the one whose email folders are to be moved in Telus Webmail.


4. If you want to transfer Shaw emails from multiple accounts at a time, you can utilize batch mode of this utility. Click on the Login button to continue with the procedure to transfer Shaw emails to Telus.


5. Wait for a while unless the solution extracts all mail folders from Shaw mail tenant. When the procedure gets completed, it loads all the folder on the preview panel of the software.


6. Enable the checkbox of only those folders in order to transfer Shaw emails to Telus Webmail tenant.


7. Now, open the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ by clicking on its drop-down button. And then, select the IMAP option from the displayed list.


8. The execution of the above step will display three blank fields in front of you – Email Address, Password, and IMAP Host.


9. You have to enter the Email id of your Telus Webmail tenant in the ‘Email Address’ field.


10. Enter the password of your tenant whose email id you have recently mentioned.


11. Next comes the ‘IMAP Host’ field where you have to write ‘’. Also, you have to change the default port number i.e., you have to enter ‘143’ in the ‘IMAP Port No.’ field. At last, click on the Backup button to start the process to transfer Shaw emails to Telus Webmail.


What About the Email Content Integrity?

This recommended solution does not make any modifications in the email content that is being processed in it. Header properties, text part, and other email attributes all are kept intact throughout the procedure.
Also, one can transfer Shaw emails to Telus with attachment(s) too. Yes, you have read correctly! Shaw to Telus migration tool supports emails with attachment(s) and keeps attachment’s file format the same as it was before the conversion.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here we are listing down some commonly asked questions that are raised by customers. You can go through them and fix your mind query if you have any questions related to this solution. Also, if your query is still unsolved, feel free to ask from our support team.

Ques 1. Can I run this product on Windows 8 operating system?

Ans: Yes, our utility is a Windows-based application, which is compatible with all OS versions of Microsoft Windows.

Ques 2. Is this method useful for switching from Shaw to Telus Webmail?

Ans: Yes, you can switch from Shaw to Telus Webmail through this method. You will not suffer from any data loss while using this product to perform email platforms switching.

Ques 3. There are around 1100 emails in my Shaw Webmail account. Will this approach transfer all emails collectively?

Ans: Yes, you only have to enter the account credentials; rest the bulk conversion of emails from the selected folder(s) will be done by the application itself.

Ques 4. Apart from the migration to Telus, is this product helpful in any other aspects?

Ans: Yes, you can export email folders from Shaw Webmail to Telus, Lotus Notes, and all other email clients. Also, you can use this solution to create a backup of your Shaw Webmail tenant data.

That’s All for Today

The post briefs users with a suitable and simple solution to transfer Shaw emails to Telus Webmail. To experience its working (as described), you can use its trial version. This edition comprises of a limitation of converting only 25 emails from each folder. In order to eliminate this restriction, you can go for the activation of this product.