How to Transfer Blueyonder Email to Gmail? Quick Guide

Mark Regan
Published: March 26th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Summary: The question is, are you looking for a solution to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail account? Do you need a quick and reliable solution to add Blueyonder email to Gmail? So if this is your objective, welcome to the right spot. Here are step-by-step instructions about migration of your Blueyonder email data to your Gmail account.

Blueyonder is the popular webmail service provided by Telewest Internet service. Blueyonder used to be one of the biggest companies in the USA however now it comes under Virgin Media. Moreover, users can still access their webmail account through IMAP address.

On the other hand, Blueyonder has now become outdated, please decide to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail. Gmail being one of the top choice among used to send and receive email as it offers strong security characteristics with a simple interface which has made individual collaboration much easier and faster.

Instant Solution to Transfer Blueyonder Email to Gmail

BitRecover Email Backup Wizard provides the easiest way to move emails from Blueyonder to Gmail. This tool shall be utilized to pull the multiple Blueyonder accounts in parallel and move it to Gmail. This Blueyonder to Gmail migration tool has various features which ensures a secure and 100% guaranteed solution that will not result in any data loss.

How to Move Blueyonder Email to Gmail?

Follow these steps to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail:

  1. Download the solution on your computer by clicking on the given buttons. transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail
  2. Select IMAP option and enter your Blueyonder account details, including:
    • Login Address: Your email address
    • Login Password: Your password
    • IMAP Address:
    • IMAP Address Port No.: 993

    Enter IMAP details

  3. Choose the desired email folders from the list of available mailbox folders. select folders
  4. Select Google Mail or Gmail from the saving options menu to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail
  5. Input all your Gmail account credentials into the user panel.enter Gmail account details
  6. Utilize the additional filter option, if needed, from the provided list. use filters to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail
  7. Initiate the process to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail by clicking on the Backup button. add Blueyonder email to Gmail

Features of Tool to Add Blueyonder Email to Gmail

  • Batch Migration: Users can transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail in bulk at once by taking advantage of the excellent functions of this tool. The tool offers a Batch Mode option for moving emails from multiple Blueyonder accounts to Gmail. Enabling this function helps Gmail users to copy and move batch data from multiple Blueyonder accounts to their Gmail account.
  • Default Folder: Another great benefit of this is that it allows you to copy and paste a Blueyonder email folder contents into Gmail’s default folders without any issues. The option will be particularly useful when you add Blueyonder email to Gmail.
  • Filter Options: The solution has got a variety of filter settings that give customers the ability to export just those texts that were received to Gmail. These filters can be set based on different types of criteria for example Date Range, Recipient, Sender, Subject, and other filters.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool is very easy to use, and this means users will find it simple to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail. It works standalone, running its own applications. This guarantees a sought-after route to smoothly migrate Blueyonder emails to Gmail accounts.
  • Preserve All Elements: This tool keeps all emails secure during the migration process while mitigating any compromise during these databases. It is intended to preserve all elements of email i.e. attachments, subjects, addresses, timestamps, images, text, hyperlinks, headers and email headers. Another benefit of this plan is that it will also keep the hierarchical structure of your email folders intact.


In this article, we’ve explored a great method for transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail account. The BitRecover Blueyonder to Gmail migration tool stands out as the best choice for those seeking to directly add Blueyonder email to Gmail. This tool has undergone extensive testing and has earned the trust of users, businesses, and experts alike. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. Dive into our blog for a deeper understanding of the tool!


1. Can I transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail while preserving all elements?

Yes, the product ensures that all Blueyonder mailbox directories and labels remain intact.

2. Does the product retain email properties, including attachments, throughout the process?

Yes, the product preserves all email properties, including attachments while adding Blueyonder emails to Gmail.

3. Can I use this application on my MacBook Pro?

Certainly! You can utilize the Mac version of this application by downloading it onto your MacBook Pro.