How to Fix “Thunderbird UID fetch Server Error”?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Summary: This blog describes some common problems and errors in Thunderbird, like “Thunderbird UID fetch server error”. These errors sometimes make the application run slowly, not work properly, lose data, shut down suddenly, etc. This informative blog gives you information about these errors and also provides you with the best way to fix server errors.

As we all know, Thunderbird is a free open-source desktop-based email client that allows you to manage emails, news feeds, chats, address books, etc. It is used to send and receive emails through IMAP and POP3 accounts. Sometimes, you cannot search messages in Thunderbird due to some internal error. It is when you face a “Thunderbird UID Failed Error” in our Thunderbird profile.

After knowing these errors, users may fear losing important data in their Thunderbird profile. In the upcoming section, we will learn more about the UID Fetch Server Error Thunderbird in an effective manner.

Know More “UID Fetch Server Error Thunderbird”

This error caused by a well-known bug in the IMAP implementation used by your email server. This typically affects IMAP servers. Internally, each IMAP message is assigned a unique ID (UID). An IMAP protocol log of a session where this occurs would be helpful. It is possible that the IMAP server is changing the UID validity when it also has a server error, which requires the IMAP client to blow away the cached data.

thunderbird uid fetch server error

User Query Related to “UID Fetch Failed Thunderbird”

“I am using Mozilla Thunderbird for a long time. It always use a search function to find emails. I have already downloaded a new version of that function, but still, it is not working either way. Also entered the search criteria inside the search field but got the following error message: “Mail server responded: UID search failed.” Please suggest any suitable solution to solve this problem.”

“I have deleted Inbox mail messages because my Inbox storage is full, but got an error that the trash folder has no more space.” It’s so annoying that I have to skip over the whole Trash Folder, and the Thunderbird app isn’t working well. Please suggest a reliable method to fix the “Thunderbird UID fetch Server Error”.

Want to Fix Thunderbird UID Fetch Server Error

Sometimes, users are unable to search any required folder from their Thunderbird account. If your internal data gets corrupted or damaged, it will show you the error. Therefore, follow these steps to fix the Thunderbird UID server error:

  • Firstly, open the Thunderbird application and go to Account Settings.
  • Click the Local folder and copy or save the desired path for a local directory
  • Close the Thunderbird application carefully
  • Copy the path and paste it into the preferred location where your Thunderbird data is saved
  • Thereafter, search for the inbox.msf file and delete it permanently
  • Now, start the Thunderbird application. It will rebuild the deleted inbox (.msf) data file itself.

Finally, with these steps, fix “UID search failed internal error Thunderbird”, but manually solving this error is very complicated and difficult. This process will not work if you skip a step. The fixing process also comes with many other limitations. If a virus or malware attack deletes any folder and you try to fetch data from the Thunderbird server, the Thunderbird UID server will show you an error.

Important Note: Often manual solutions are not able to fix the Thunderbird unavailable UID fetch server error. With the manual method, you don’t get a 100% guarantee to secure your data in an original way. You may face the problem of data loss.

In such a situation, the user can use Bitrecover Thunderbird Backup Wizard to solve the Thunderbird UID Fetch Failed. This tool backs up data from the Inbox.mbox file, and if your Thunderbird profile is corrupt, then this professional tool solves server-related errors without losing any data.

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Observational Verdict

This is a typical issue or error when using the Thunderbird program. Users got an error notice that said “Thunderbird UID Fetch Server Error.” Users have lost all of their crucial email messages as a result of this incident. Now, apply the methods given by experts to fix such errors.