How to Save Webmail Emails to Hard Drive?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Want to copy or save Webmail to hard drive but not getting any systematic and workable approach for the same? Not to panic, we are here to take out from this problem!

The thought of saving webmail emails to local PC comes with lots of options for us. It holds the options like :

  • Export webmail to PST
  • Print webmail emails to PDF
  • Convert webmail to MSG files
  • Save webmail emails to EML
  • Export webmail to MBOX
  • Convert webmail to HTML, and many more

Saving webmail emails to hard drive for keeping them as a backup (or for any other purpose) can be the need of any business users at any time instance. Therefore, we came up with one of the simplest solutions called Webmail to Hard Drive backup tool. It allows to save Webmail to hard drive in many different file formats.

Email backup Wizard is an approach that provides all the options required to save webmail to hard drive. Here, we are going to explain the simplified working of this solution by exporting Webmail to PST. So let’s begin!

How to Copy Emails from Webmail to Hard Drive – Watch Live Video

Stepwise Solution to Save Webmail to Hard Drive (in PST Format)

Execute the following steps to experience a hassle-free saving of webmail emails to hard disk in .pst file format :

1. Download and install the utility to copy Webmail to hard drive on your PC to begin its use. Before we proceed further, let us aware you with the fact that the trial version of the software enables you to import only 25 data items on local PC from the source online account.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

2. Once the installation is finished, open recently downloaded software to save Webmail to Hard Drive on your system and select the Webmail option from the left-hand side panel of the window.


3. Mention the Webmail account credentials in Email Address and Password field. Please make sure that IMAP settings should be enabled in the source Webmail account.


Now minimize the Email backup wizard window and open any of the PC web browsers to login to your Webmail account.

4. When you successfully login to your Webmail account, click on the drop-down button that is located just near the location where your account email address is displayed.

5. The tool to save Webmail to Hard Drive opens a menu with different options. Here, you have to click on Configure Mail Client option and then go to the ‘Mail Settings’ field.

6. Copy the text that is present in ‘Incoming Server’ field because this is your account email address that is to be used as IMAP host while saving Webmail to the hard drive.

7. Relaunch the window of the software and paste the copied text in IMAP Host Just for a while check that IMAP Port No. in the software and Webmail settings is same. Click on the Login button to proceed further and save Webmail to Hard Drive.

webmail to hard drive saving tool

9. Now you will be directly navigated in the ‘Backup’ tab where you have to click on Select Saving Option drop-down button.

10. Select any one of your desired options to save Webmail to hard drive. Since we are taking the example of PST, therefore, we will choose PST option from the displayed menu list.


11. Define the destination folder on your PC by clicking on the Change button where you wish to save resultant files locally.

save webmail to hard drive

12. Finally, click on the Backup button to begin the process of saving Webmail emails to PST.


save webmail emails to hard drive


Open the Saved Webmail Emails In Their Respective Apps

Depending on the basis of file format you had decided to save Webmail to hard drive, you can now open and check the converted files on your PC.

Since we had picked up PST option as the destination file format, we will simply import the resultant file in Microsoft Outlook email client.

Utility to Copy Webmail Emails to Hrad Drive – Features

  1. The tool to copy Webmail to hard drive supports the saving of Webmail emails along with attachments.
  2. Working time and response time of the software is fast and quick.
  3. Folder hierarchy is maintained throughout the migration procedure.
  4. The file format of the attachments is same as it was before the conversion.
  5. The solution has an easy-to-understand interface, which makes it simple for customers to access it without any complications asnd directly save Webmail to Hard Drive.

Time to Conclude

Getting a one-stop solution to save Webmail to hard drive is not at all simple. Different complications, hurdles can be faced by the clients, if they pick wrong solutions. Awareness of a good and proper solution is mandatory to achieve. Webmail to Hard Drive Backup is one of those solutions that is the trust of several global clients from all around the world.

Download it and experience a hassle-free process of saving Webmail to hard drive!