Methods to Save Gmail Emails to Dropbox Folder Quickly

Rollins Duke   
Published: November 24th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Summary: Saving Gmail emails locally leverages users to secure their confidential email data from any loss, deletion, or data breach. Further, it helps professionals and businesses to take recovery of both redundant and crucial data. In spite of this factor, it adds a wide range of easy and hassle-free accessibility of the data. For the same, in this article, we will uncover reasons and methods to save Gmail emails to Dropbox regardless of any risk factor. Also, we will unleash how to take the backup of emails to mitigate all major issues related to data loss. 

User Query: Hey! I’m looking for the option to save Gmail emails to Dropbox as it is an additional source for taking the backup. Hence, it enables the download of emails anywhere or anytime. For the same, recommend the best go-to solution to export the mailbox data in my Dropbox folder without any data loss. Now, thanks for considering my query and helping me out.

Since it is just one user’s need, however there, are several reasons to download the emails and save them in Dropbox. Speaking about Dropbox, it is one of the intuitive feature-rich cloud-based storage solutions. Moreover, it enables users to store, share, and integrate with the third-party application for data transmission or accessibility. Besides this, it makes it an easier and popular choice among individuals, professionals, and businesses to secure the data. 

Now, before delving into solutions to save Gmail emails to Dropbox, let’s first unleash reasons to download the emails in Dropbox.

Top 3 Reasons to Export all Gmail Emails to Dropbox 

There is no doubt that emails hold crucial data of any individual, professionals, employees, businesses, and clients. For the same, saving the emails helps users to easily access the data without any hindrance. Besides this, let’s understand the most prominent reasons to download the mailbox item in Dropbox:

  • Prevent Accidental Deletion of Data: There are several instances where unintentionally users delete confidential emails. Also, if you’ve enabled IMAP protocol then, it will automatically delete from the cloud server. To prevent these catastrophic situations save Gmail emails to Dropbox. Also, the key features of exporting the mailbox data in Dropbox include easy file transmission, syncing, and wide accessibility. 
  • Advanced Security Features: It is considered the most popular reason behind saving any email data. Moreover, the extensive functions of Dropbox retain edge-cutting security features that include two-factor authentication. Also, it leverages to secure the data from any data loss threat during transfer.
  • Data Recovery: Once the email gets deleted there is no manual way to restore them. For the same, it is suggested for users to export all Gmail emails to Dropbox for seamless and hassle-free data recovery. 

Overall, there are more reasons for users to download Gmail emails on other platforms. Talking about saving in Dropbox leverages a wide range of data transmission and accessibility from anywhere. Also, easy to integrate among different collaborative applications, so it is considered a robust solution for hassle-free data recovery. With this, let’s head to discover the easiest methods. 

How to Bulk Save Gmail Emails to Dropbox? Know the Expert Method

Since you might understand the importance of using Dropbox as an additional data recovery source. For the same, use BitRecover Gmail Backup Software; one of the top-notch and professionally preferred choices to batch export all Gmail emails to Dropbox. Moreover, it enables users to save emails from either single or multiple Gmail accounts. Also, this software provides a user-centric and user-friendly interface for flawless integration. 

Further, it offers edge-cutting data filter options including data range, time specification, etc. Also, the proficient features of this tool contain 25+ different file format options. Since PDF file format is considered the best go-to way to save emails in Dropbox. Therefore, users can select the PDF file format and save bulk email data effectively. Now, let’s move forward to learn the steps of this robust tool. 

(Note:- Before running the software, first enable IMAP protocol to generate a password for two-step verification.) 

  1. To begin the process, first download and run the aforementioned software on your computer. Then, enter the same login credentials > Login.
    enter the login details
  2. Select the PDF file format using the Select Saving Options. Also, check the path of the resultant file using Destination Path > click on Backup.
    Select PDF file format from the drop-down menu
  3. With this, users can check the real-time backup status hence, after the completion of the process. To save Gmail emails to Dropbox, users need to import the PDF in Dropbox and use the file for different requirements.
    backup Gmail email completely

(Pro Tip:- With just three steps, users can quickly save the batch of Gmail emails without any risk and complexities. Most importantly, it is a one-time investment therefore, saves time and redundant cost.)

Free Solutions to Export all Gmail Emails to Dropbox

As earlier, we have explained the one-stop method to save the emails from Gmail to Dropbox. Here, in this subsection, we will discover the manual methods to save email in PDF file format as it is considered the simplest choice to read or access the email data in Dropbox. 

So, read the below-mentioned points in brief. 

  • Save Emails in PDF

To save Gmail emails to Dropbox, users can first download the emails in PDF format manually. Here, it is necessary to download emails one by one. Hence, if you’ve plenty of email data then, it will take hours or even days to take backup of bulk data. Moreover, there is no option for any batch save emails. So, it is recognized as the drawback of using the method. 

  • Use the Google Takeout Option

It is yet another option to download Gmail emails manually. Moreover, the significance of using this method helps users export email data in bulk. Once the process is completed, the resultant file comes in two file formats i.e. zip and .tgz. Hence, users can’t access or read the email without any Zip viewer tool. Due to this limitation, professionals don’t use this method to export all Gmail emails to Dropbox. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed the reasons and the need to save Gmail emails to Dropbox. Besides this,  we uncovered two methods i.e. manual or expert way to download email from Gmail to Dropbox. Since the free solutions retain drawbacks and lack user-friendly aspects, therefore, using professionally designed software is the utmost choice to export batch emails from Gmail without any error or hindrance. Hence, use this method to move emails from Gmail to Dropbox effortlessly.