How to Sanitize Word Documents in Bulk?

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Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Microsoft Word is widely used to write content by a lot of content writers. Working professionals are aware of security issues hence they want to sanitize word documents DOCX or DOC files before sharing.

Nowadays malware / virus / ransomware attacks have increased. Thus, professionals prefer to use MS Word programs carefully to avoid cyber-attacks on computers. This is possible after cleaning Word documents.

The Necessity to Clean Word Document Metadata

  • After receiving MS Word documents through the internet, technical users prefer to sanitize Word document *.docx or *.doc file extensions. This is necessary to avoid cyber-attacks or malware attacks on pc.
  • Sometimes users use cyber cafes or their friend’s computers for creating crucial word documents. Thereafter, this is advisable to clean word document metadata or programming scripts before using these documents on a personal computer.
  • Many computer users download sample Word documents from several websites for personal use i.e., creating resume for jobs. But before start editing the sample downloaded file, you should sanitize word doc files.
  • If you are a business professional / technical content writer / freelancer word user, then this is advisable of sanitizing word documents. Thereafter, you can proudly share sanitized Word documents with your clients.

#1 Free Method to Sanitize a Word Document

Microsoft Word Document Inspector is a freeware embedded program for cleaning Word documents once by once. This utility has a separate option to inspect word document for issues. Hence, follow the step-by-step procedure for word document sanitization.

  1. Open a Word document on your computer that you want to sanitize. Thereafter, choose the File << Info option as shown in the respective screenshot.
    file info
  2. Thereafter, choose inspect word document for issues option.
    check for issues
  3. Select inspect word document option for cleaning word documents continue.
    inspect word document
  4. Choose what you want to sanitize within the word document. Check required fields such as Comments, Revisions, Versions, Document Properties, Personal Information, Task Pane Add-ins, Embedded Documents, Macros, Forms, ActiveX Controls, Ink, Collapsed Headings, Custom XML Data, Headers, Footers, Watermarks, Invisible Content, and Hidden Text.
    word document inspector
  5. After that, click on Inspect to start sanitizing word document process.
    inspect word document for issues
  6. Press the Remove All buttons in front of selected fields for cleaning word documents automation scripts to prevent virus attacks.
    sanitize word document
  7. Word documents were sanitized successfully, see the message regarding this.
    sanitize word doc

Limitations of Word DOC Inspector

  • Word Format Inspector is capable to sanitize a word document at a time. Hence, this is only suitable for home and personal use because professional users want to sanitize Word documents in bulk.
  • Microsoft Word Document Inspector clearly shows a warning message while sanitizing word documents i.e. Some changes cannot be undone. Hence, there is no guarantee to clean Microsoft Word cache with 100% accuracy.

#2 Pro Method to Clean Word Documents in Bulk

Download BitRecover File Sanitization Tool setup and configure it on Windows Machine. The word sanitization tool has a separate option for sanitizing and cleaning word documents in batches. Let’s know the steps for sanitization of word documents.

Download for Windows

  1. Launch the suggested software and choose the Select Files or Select Folders option for adding Word DOC / DOCX files for sanitization.
    word sanitization tool
  2. Thereafter, you can see inserted Word document files in the software interface. The tool shows the status of uploaded files i.e., whether these files have script coding and password or not.
    upload files
  3. Choose the required Word document files for sanitization according to your choice.
    choose required files
  4. After that, check what you want to clean under Word documents as passwords or programming scripts.
    inspect word document
  5. Click on the Save Document button and browse the destination folder to store sanitized Word documents.
    browse destination folder
  6. Word Documents have been sanitized successfully, see the message of completion.
    completed successfully
  7. Lastly, the tool automatically opens the destination path. Hence, users can easily get sanitized Word files.
    sanitizes word documents

Features of Word Sanitization Tool

  • This application is well suitable to sanitize Word document doc or docx files in bulk. Thus, business professionals save valuable time and effort.
  • Word Sanitization Software permits to clean word document metadata such as automation VBA scripts, macros coding, password, and other complete details.
  • The tool gives the facility to store programming scripts into simple text files before start sanitizing word documents. Later, users can use these automation scripts.
  • Word Sanitization Tool allows to clean Word documents created with MS Word 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and previous editions. Thus, all word users can avoid virus attacks or malware attacks.
  • The tool is able to inspect word documents for issues before cleaning DOCX files. Even users can see inspection-related information in the software interface with details.
  • After uploading an entire folder having unlimited Word documents in the software GUI. Users can view Word documents in file explorer view. Thereafter, users can easily check only required Word files for sanitization.

Have Questions? Get Answers!

Ques 1: How to sanitize a word document?

Ans: Microsoft Word Document Inspector is a 100% freeware inbuilt utility that allows to sanitize a word document free of cost.

Ques 2: How to sanitize word documents in bulk?

Ans: If you want to sanitize word documents in bulk. Then you should go with Word Sanitization Tool.

Ques 3: Does your software allow to clean both DOCX files or DOC files?

Ans: Yes, don’t worry! Mentioned software is fully authorized to clean DOCX files or DOC files.

Get Final Suggestion

We have discussed the best freeware and professional techniques to sanitize word document formats. Both methods work successfully when we have tested them for cleaning word documents. However, the freeware Microsoft Word Document Inspector comes with some limitations. Hence, we strongly recommend the professional method to sanitize multiple word doc files at once.

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