How to Repair Outlook Express 2GB DBX file?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


Summary: Are you trying to fix Outlook Express DBX 2GB limit problem but do not getting any positive results? In this blog, we have explained the reasons and a proper solution about how to repair Outlook Express 2GB DBX file.

Know What is Outlook Express DBX 2GB Limit Problem ?

Assume you are currently working on your Outlook Express and attempting to send an important message to one of your customers but you can’t send it. Furthermore, the most terrible part is that Outlook Express is not displaying any error.

Or on the other hand, how about we assume, you are sitting tight for an email from your chief and it won’t ever show up. You made a call to him and you get an answer that he has just sent it. So why you didn’t get it?

What’s more, the response to be is that you might be exceeding the Outlook Express maximum mailbox limit or what we call “Outlook Express DBX 2GB limit problem”.

Explanations Behind Outlook Express DBX 2GB DBX File

Prior to understanding the explanation, you initially need to realize that each mail folder has a storage limitation. Outlook Express also has its greatest storage limit is 2GB. Whether it is your Inbox, Sent Items folder, or Outbox email folder each of these mailboxes has its 2GB limit. Exceeding this limit can cause the problem of the Outlook Express 2GBDBX file.

Most importantly, you should realize that each of your Outlook Express mail folders has its file extension as .dbx.

For an illustration: the “Sent” folder will have sent.DBX documents and similarly the “Inbox” will have Inbox.DBX mail folder.

Also, when any of these mailboxes supersedes or surpasses its limit then you it becomes problematic to work with these folders.

How to Repair Outlook Express 2GB DBX File ?

So, now comes the solution to fix Outlook Express DBX 2GB limit problem. Follow these four steps in order to rectify the above issue.

Step1: Detect the Outlook Express Store Folder

  1. For this, first, start the Outlook Express and navigate to Tools>> Options.
  2. Then, hit on Maintenance and choose ‘Store Folder’.
  3. Thereafter, copy the complete storage path of Outlook Express.
  4. After this, hit on the Cancel tab to close OE and open ‘My Computer’.
  5. In the My Computer, go to the address bar and paste the copied location of Store folder.
  6. Hit on the UP tab in order to go to the parent folder.

Step2: Backup Outlook Express Storage Folder Data

  1. Just right-click on the Outlook Express storage folder and choose the ‘Copy’ option.
  2. Then, without shutting the first Window, open the new Window & Paste Outlook Express folder in other destination paths.

Step3: Erase Heavy Outlook Express DBX Files

In order to get rid of the ‘Outlook Express DBX 2GB limit problem’, you can erase outsized DBX files. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Go to the file explorer Window or the actual path of the OE folder i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities
  2. Now, choose and open the Outlook Express email folder.
  3. Then erase the large-sized DBX files.

Step4: Restore Email Messages from Backup File

  1. Firstly, open the OE app and hit on File>> Import>> Messages
  2. Then, from the ‘Select program’ Window, choose Outlook Express 6>> Next tab.
  3. Under the ‘Specify location’ option, choose ‘Import mail from an OE6 store directory’ and hit on the Next.
  4. Thereafter, select a path of email to locate the Outlook Express backup folder.
  5. After this, pick the backup folder and click on the OK tab.
  6. Now, after choosing the Outlook Express backup folder, hit on the Next.
  7. Pick the Outlook Express folder that you have erased and click on Next.
  8. Lastly, tap on the Finish tab to end the import process.

After you implement this process, you can avail all your emails again from Outlook Express without any hassle.

Alternative Solution to Repair Outlook Express 2GB DBX File

All the above-explained methods can be quite difficult for non-technical people. These manual methods are very lengthy. So, you can try automated software to repair Outlook Express 2GB DBX file.

BitRecover DBX Repair tool is a one-stop solution that enables users to fix Outlook Express DBX 2GB limit problem. It’s an eminent application that fits best for all professional and novice users.

Easily repair Outlook Express 2GB DBX file with this automated software in a couple of mouse clicks. If you have any queries, please contact our technical support team.