How to Remove Signature Lock from PDF Files? Explained

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This comprehensive guide explains the detailed instructions to remove signature lock from PDF documents. So, if you are searching for a reliable technique to unlock digitally signed PDF, then you can refer to this write-up to learn the top 4 effective ways to remove PDF signature protection.

When users add digital signatures to PDF documents then PDF files are automatically sealed with randomized passwords so you cannot edit PDF documents. This is necessary for security reasons because Digital IDs or Certificates are used for legal purposes and business purposes.

Top 5 Reasons to Unlock Digitally Signed PDF Files

  • Updating Content: When users want to edit a PDF document for updating and modifying content then they prefer to remove signature protection from PDF.
  • Combining Documents: Sometimes users may have a desire to merge the signed PDF document with other documents in a single PDF file.
  • Removing Restrictions: Various home users and business professionals want to remove restrictions from PDF documents for editing, copying, and printing.
  • Document Reuse: There are some situations when users have a motive to reuse signed PDFs. Hence, they start searching for a solution to unlock signed PDF files.
  • Legal Requirements: Sometimes users prefer to remove signature security from PDF to modify the documents according to legal requirements.

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How to Remove Signature Lock from PDF Manually?

Several manual methods are available to remove password from signed PDF files. Here we will use top manual solutions to resolve your problem as mentioned below:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Microsoft Edge Browser

#1 Unlock PDF Signature Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat Pro software on your computer.
  2. Choose File >> Open and select a signed PDF to open.
  3. Right-click on the opened PDF and choose Document Properties.
  4. Select the Security tab and choose No Security under Security Method.
  5. Enter a password and click OK to unlock PDF digital signature.

#2 Remove Signature Protection from PDF with Google Chrome

  1. Open the source location where signed PDFs are stored.
  2. Drag and drop the signed PDF to a new tab of Google Chrome.
  3. Click the Print icon and choose Save as PDF under Destination.
  4. Tap the Save button and select a destination location to store output.
  5. Then, click the Save button to remove signature security from PDF.

#3 Unlock Signed PDF Using Microsoft Edge Browser

  1. Open a folder that stores signed PDF documents.
  2. Right-click on PDF and choose Open with >> Microsoft Edge.
  3. Click Print (Ctrl+P) and select Save as PDF under Printer.
  4. Then, tap the Save button and set a specific destination.
  5. Hit the Save button to unlock signature PDF document.

Limitations of Using Adobe Acrobat and Web Browsers

  • Adobe Acrobat program requires a valid password to unlock signed PDF signatures. So, you cannot remove unknown password from PDFs.
  • Adobe Acrobat is a heavy software for doing various PDF-related operations. It may slow your computer, even it is not obtainable free of cost.
  • If you use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser then print permission shouldn’t be disabled because utilize print option.
  • Adobe Acrobat and web browsers allow to remove signature lock from PDF one by one, so this is not suitable for working professionals.

Software to Remove Password from Signed PDF

PDF file unlocker tool is an excellent utility for removing digital signature from PDF documents. This software is specifically designed for business professionals so permits them to unlock PDF signatures without asking for a valid password.

This software comes with a free trial version which allows you to remove signature from locked PDF files by adding a company name watermark. Also, the freeware version is compatible with small-size PDF documents only.

Just download the demo version and evaluate the software by unlocking digitally signed PDF documents. After getting complete satisfaction, you can upgrade it to avoid adding watermarks and size limitations.

How to Remove Password from Digitally Signed PDF?

  1. Launch the recommended tool and tap Import to add signed PDFs.
    Add signed PDFs
  2. Next, press the Save As button to browse a specific destination path.
    Choose destination path
  3. After that, click Unlock to remove PDF signature protection.
    Remove signature lock from PDF
  4. Please wait until software removes digital signature from PDF.
    Unlock digitally signed PDF protection

Adobe Acrobat, Browser, and Software Features Comparison

Feature Adobe Acrobat Web Browser Software
Unlock Signed PDF Yes Yes Yes
Password Required Yes No No
Batch Unlock PDF Signature No No Yes
Mandatory Owner Permissions No specific permissions Print permission should be enabled No specific permissions
Remove All Permissions Yes No Yes
Costing 239 USD for a year Free 19 USD for lifetime
Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: How do I remove signature lock from PDF?

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro, Google Chrome, MS Edge, and expert software to remove signature lock from PDF documents.

Que 2: Can I unlock PDF digital signature without knowing password?

Yes, you need to use a web browser or BitRecover software to unlock digitally signed PDF documents.

Que 3: What is the main limitation of using a web browser?

Print permission should be enabled to utilize a web browser to remove PDF signature protection.


This blog post described the top 4 methods to remove signature lock from PDF files i.e. Adobe Acrobat, Chrome, Edge, and BitRecover tool. The manual methods come with some limitations and seem suitable for home users. Professional users can use the expert-recommended tool to unlock digitally signed PDF documents in bulk. If you have any questions about PDF signature protection, then please connect with our support team.