How to Remove Password from Bank Statement? Top 4 Ways

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

This article explains the easiest guide on how to remove password from bank statement using various techniques. Usually, a bank statement PDF comes with a security password to avoid third-party meddling in their affairs. However, for multiple reasons, you would want to unlock PDF password bank statement. Follow this guide as it walks you through the different approaches to remove bank statement password using various free and pro ways.

A password-protected bank statement PDF file contains your financial records and transaction history. This is done by ensuring that these documents are protected using a password such that only authorized users can read, preview, edit, print, or gain access. Banks usually send statements containing passwords that can be used to open bank statement PDF documents. An extra shield around personal and financial information.

Remove bank statement password

When Need to Unlock PDF Password Bank Statement?

Various users may have different reasons to open password protected bank statements depending on their needs and preferences. Here are some common reasons for the completion of this task.

  • Forgotten Password: You cannot login to your bank statement using a password that you have forgotten.
  • Simplified Access: you wish to ease the way to reach and access financial records without password hassle.
  • Sharing with Others: You may also need to remove password from bank statement PDF documents as you want to share them with your colleagues.
  • Printing: Sometimes users need a hard copy of the bank statement and PDF is password protected with print restrictions.
  • Legal or Financial Needs: You need the statement because it has to do with a certain legal or financial requirement, and therefore you have to remove bank statement password in order to obtain a quick read and reference.
  • Digital Filing: It would like to put your statements into digital folders where you do not have to enter a password every time.
  • Software Compatibility: If you use software and services to manage financial documents then you need to download bank statements without password. This is mandatory in most cases because of compatibility issues.

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How to Remove Password from Bank Statement Manually?

Several manual ways are available to unlock bank statement PDF documents. The upcoming article discusses the topmost techniques to resolve your problem easily, however, the manual ways have some limitations that we will discuss after the process.

#1 Unlock Bank Statement PDF Using Google Chrome

  1. Go to where your protected bank statement is stored.
  2. Right-click and open statement with “Google Chrome“.
  3. Type password to open password protected bank statement.
  4. After opening bank statement, click “Print” button.
  5. Then, select “Save as PDF” option from “Destination“.
  6. Press “Save” button and choose the preferred destination path.
  7. Click “Save” to unlock PDF password bank statement.
  8. Now open bank statement PDF without password next time.

#2 Remove Bank Statement Password Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. First, ensure you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro Edition.
  2. Select “File” >> “Open” option from the Adobe Acrobat menu.
  3. After that, enter a document open password, and click “OK“.
  4. Choose “Protect” to open security settings.
  5. Select “More options” and then choose “Security Properties“.
  6. Now tap on “Security” tab to see restrictions and permissions.
  7. Choose the “No Security” option under “Security Method“.
  8. Hit the “Save” button to remove bank statement password.
  9. Next time you can open bank statement without password.

Limitations of Manual Methods

  • These techniques allow to remove password from bank statement one by one.
  • Time-consuming method to unlock multiple PDF password bank statements.
  • This is not advisable to purchase Adobe Acrobat for this task due to its heavy cost.
  • Manual methods are frustrating and confusing especially for beginners, though it also causes several errors.

How to Open Bank Statement without Knowing Password?

If you forgot your bank statement password, then you can use this traditional way to open bank statement without password. Here this is advisable to connect with your bank customer care, so they will guide to in retrieving password.

Banks use various combinations of your personal information like your first name, last name, date of birth, mobile number, etc., to create passwords for your bank statements.

Even banks provide a dedicated toll free or paid number to resolve their customers’ queries. Just dial your bank’s customer care number talk in your religious language and get a password.

Note: After knowing the password, you can follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to remove password from bank statement PDF using Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat utility.

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Pro Tool to Batch Remove Bank Statement Password

The best way to remove passwords from bank statement PDF files is by using a professional tool. The tools are meant to assist users in removing bank statement passwords making it a much easier task.

One of the best tools is BitRecover Unlock PDF Wizard which effortlessly removes password in bank statement. This application permits to unlock password and restrictions from bank statements in bulk. Moreover, you are also allowed to make changes to the PDF file as per your need.

How to Remove Password from Bank Statement PDF?

  1. Start the bank statement password remover on your Windows and Mac machines.
  2. Choose the “Import” button to add protected bank statements.
    Bank statement password remover import option
  3. Select multiple bank statements from your computer and choose “Open“.
    Add files
  4. See the number of selected bank statements and click “Save As“.
    Save as
  5. Set a preferred destination location and click the “OK” button.
    Destination location
  6. After that, press the “Unlock PDF” button to continue.
    How to remove password from bank statement
  7. If your bank statement is protected with user user-level password, then enter the password and click “OK“.
    Type password if required
  8. Now software is removing password from bank statements.
    Unlock bank statement pdf

Bank Statement Password Remover Features

  • Batch unlock PDF password bank statements without size and quantity limitations.
  • No need to enter the password if bank statements are protected with owner-level restrictions.
  • Users level password-protected bank statements once ask for a password but next time not.
  • Allow to add selective bank statements from whole data for selective unlocking.
  • Freedom to choose the preferred destination path to store output data.

It is important to safeguard bank statements but in various situations, you would want to remove password from bank statement PDF for ease of sharing, review, and storage purposes. You can remove their password using manual methods, such as Chrome and Adobe Acrobat, and connecting with bank customer care but they are challenging and risky. In comparison, bank statement password remover offer an effective and convenient process to unlock PDF password bank statements. This will help in smoothening your process of document administration.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: Why is my bank statement PDF locked?

Bank statement documents contain crucial and confidential information. So, most statements are always protected with specific passwords.

Q 2: Can I remove bank statement password free?

Yes, above we have discussed top 4 ways to remove bank statement password using free and pro methods. You can use any way according to your convenience.

Q 3: Can I edit bank statements?

Yes, after removing edit restrictions using the suggested software, you can edit bank statements.

Q 4: How to open bank statement without password?

First unlock bank statement PDF using any preferred technique, after that, double-click on bank statement to open it without entering password.