How to Remove Password from Bank Statement PDF in Bulk?

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 8, 2023 • How To • 5 Minutes Reading

This article explains the easiest guide on how to remove password from bank statement PDF. Usually, bank statement PDFs come with a security password attached to them so as to avoid third party meddling in their affairs. However, for various reasons you would want to unlock bank statement PDF file. Follow this guide as it walks you through the different approaches on how to remove password from PDF file bank statement for your securities.

Remove Password from Bank Statement PDF with Quick Steps:

  1. Start BitRecover Tool to unlock bank statement PDF.
  2. Import all your Restricted Bank Statement PDFs.
  3. Click “Save As” and Choose Destination path.
  4. Click “Unlock Button” and enter Password.
  5. Hit “Ok” to start the unlocking process.

Password Protected Bank Statement PDF File

A password-protected bank statement PDF file is one that contains your financial records and transaction history. This is done by ensuring that these documents are protected using a password such that only verified users are able to read, see, or gain access. Banks usually send statements containing passwords that can be used for protection or downloaded from online banking. An extra shield around personal and financial information.

When do You Need to Remove Password From Bank Statement PDF?

There are several scenarios in which you might need to unlock bank statement pdf:

  • Forgotten Password: You cannot login into your own bank statement using a password that you have forgotten.
  • Simplified Access: you wish to ease the way to reach finances records.
  • Sharing with Others: You may also need to remove password from bank statement PDF as you want to share it with your colleagues.
  • Legal or Financial Purposes: You need the statement because it has to do with a certain legal or financial requirement, and therefore you have to eliminate the password in order to obtain quick read and reference.
  • Digital Filing: It would like to put your statements into digital folders where you do not have to enter a password every time.

How to Remove Password From PDF File Bank Statements Manually?

Now that you understand the need to remove restriction from bank statement PDFs, let’s explore various methods to unlock bank statement PDF files:

Method 1: Using Chrome Browser

  1. Open your password-protected PDF bank statement with Google Chrome.
  2. Please enter a password to open this document.
  3. Open the document and click Print (Ctrl+P).
  4. Choose the Destination and select Save as PDF.
  5. Make sure there is no password and save it as a different file.
  6. Now you have successfully unlocked bank statement PDF file.

Method 2: Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open your password-secured PDF Bank statement in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Unlock the file using the password to unlock the file .
  3. Click “file” then click “properties.”
  4. Click “security” tab, under it go to “security method”and select “no security.”
  5. Unlock bank statement PDF online by saving the document.

Limitations Of The Manual Method

Despite being quite effective, there are some limitations associated with the manual methods to remove password from bank statement PDF discussed above. For instance:

  • Manual methods are frustrating and confusing especially for beginners, though it also causes several errors.
  • As the manual methods are challenging it can also cause important data loss.
  • This can be very time consuming for several cases of password-protected bank statements.

You can try an automated approach to avoid such limitations.

Remove Password From Bank Statement PDF Files Using Advanced Tool

The best way to remove passwords from bank statement PDF files is using a professional tool. The tools are meant to assist users in cracking passwords in PDF documents making it a much easier task.

One of the best tools is BitRecover Unlock PDF Wizard that effortlessly remove restriction from bank statement PDF. Hence, this application not only helps to unlock the PDF files without password but allows you to unlock restricted PDF files in bulk. Moreover, you are also allowed to make changes in the PDF file as per your need.

Prime Features Of The Tool

When using the automated solution remove password from bank statement PDF, you can expect the following key features:

  • Batch Processing: Remove security from PDF in bulk at once and save time.
  • No Data Loss: This software makes sure that none of your information gets deleted or altered when you remove your password.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Anyone can use it effortlessly without any confusion even if they do not have technical knowledge.


It is important to safeguard bank statement but in various situations you would want to remove password from bank statement PDF for ease of sharing, review and storage purposes. You can remove their password using manual methods, such as Chrome and Adobe Acrobat, but they are challenging and risky. In comparison, automated solutions offer an effective and convenient process to unlock bank statement PDF online. This will help in smoothening your process of document administration.

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