How to Recover Data from PC Infected by Shortcut Virus?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Is your device infected with the Shortcut virus? And want to remove shortcut virus from the flash drive, USB drive, pen drive, etc.? OK, you’re lucky. Here we will provide you with the best shortcut virus remover to recover lost data and files.

In this technological age, many users use email clients for communication and they use external sources like pen drives, USB drives, desktops, etc. to share data. The spread of computer viruses has become very common. It has become common to come across viruses while sharing data. While we are all familiar with the “Shortcut Virus”. If this virus enters your PC or laptop, then change your files into shortcuts with the original folder icons.

Therefore, to overcome this problem, we will guide you through a step-by-step shortcut virus remover software procedure. So, you can easily restore files from your PC. Before we begin the software development process, we must first comprehend the real-time query received by our support team.

User Query 

“I have a USB flash drive that use to save all my favorite photos and necessary papers. However, when I connect it to the computer, it got infected with a virus, and all the files became shortcuts. I am not able to see the data, photos, and folders on my pen drive. It is possible to restore shortcut files and how to remove shortcut files from a pen drive.”

“Yesterday, I noticed an issue where all my files on my PC became shortcut format. Therefore, I don’t know if something is wrong with the Windows OS. And I am unable to see any files that I have saved on the PC. I tried many times, but within the shortcut, there is nothing. Can anyone tell me how to remove the shortcut virus from my PC? Waiting for an instant solution to this. “

If you face the situation described above, it is possible that your desktop will be infected by a shortcut virus. Don’t worry at all, in the next section we will learn what the shortcut virus is. What causes the virus infection? And lastly, how to remove the shortcut virus.

Know More about Shortcut Virus

A shortcut virus is a Trojan/worm combination that hides all of your files and folders on the USB pen drive, external hard drives, and SD memory cards. Then the shortcut virus will replace them all with shortcuts that look identical to the originals. When you connect an infected USB drive to your computer, the virus is transferred to your computer and affects the data on your computer.

So these shortcut files are difficult to open and view files. But now it is possible to remove shortcut viruses from Windows 10 by using a shortcut virus remover online.

Get Powerful Solution – Shortcut Virus Recovery Tool

You can use The Bitrecover Pen Drive Recovery Wizard is a completely safe and secure data recovery solution to recover your lost files due to shortcut virus corruption. The software allows you to recover unlimited files from corrupted USB sticks or internal/external hard drives. The application will quickly restore the files and folders from their original locations prior to being infected with the virus. Simply follow these quick and simple steps to retrieve all lost, corrupted, or deleted data due to the Shortcut Virus.

Download for Windows

Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus Windows 10

  1. After downloading the shortcut virus data recovery software. It displays the “five recovery modes” option; choose any mode based on your needs.remove shortcut virus
  2. After that, it shows you all the data on the software panel, and you can click on any folder and get drive information to easily understand the virus.check the infected data
  3. The software shows all files or folders on the screen for recovering the data which has been affected by the Shortcut all virus affected data
  4. Now, check the box next to the data that you want to restore to your PC and press the save button.choose file to remove shortcut virus
  5. Choose the location where you want to save the recovered data.choose location to save recover data
  6. After clicking the Ok tab, the software will start the process of removing the shortcut virus from your PC.remove shortcut files via shortcut remover

The Entices Feature of the Shortcut Virus Remover Tool

Remove virus from PC

Efficiently restore shortcut virus files with each and every bit of information. Storage devices, as well as those used to share data, are the most commonly used devices, making them more prone to corruption and damage. The software scans the entire system and recovers shortcut virus data just for you.

Offer multiple recovery modes

The technical application is developed according to the requirements of the user. It provides different recovery modes to recover shortcut virus files. It offers “Deleted Data Recovery Mode” to recover permanently or temporarily deleted data. “Formatted Data Recovery” Mode to recover accidentally formatted files from the system. “Partitioned Data Recovery Mode” to recover data that shows raw partition. “Create Disk Image Mode” to create a disk image of the drive for future use. This mode will help to save the complete disk data on another disk or create a disk image of the storage device as well.

Preview infected data

Before removing the virus, the software will scan your system properly. To find files quickly and save time, use the data filtration option to filter your search by file name, type, and date. Moreover, preview files to check their details and quality before deciding to recover them.

Support all Windows version

This software supports all the latest and earlier versions of the Windows OS, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

Compatible with FAT and NTFS

The intelligently developed utility allows you to remove shortcut viruses from NTFS and FAT32 external devices. The application effectively helps to restore data from corrupted, damaged, and partitioned storage devices.

Trial Version

Download the trial version of Shortcut Virus File Remover to review complete data from corrupted, damaged or deleted data. But in the pro version, you can save the data locally.


1. I have seen all my data converted into shortcuts which I saved a few years ago. Does this software remove the shortcut virus from my PC?

Yes, shortcut virus remover software will surely help you out and remove shortcut viruses smoothly and restore data in a healthy state.

2. My USB flash drive was affected by a virus when I connected it to the USB port of my laptop. All my stored data is converted into a shortcut. I have searched for many tools, but none has satisfied me. Does this tool be able to solve my issue?

Yes, the tool will definitely recover and restore all shortcut virus files and save them in the desired location as per your requirement.

3. Does the tool support recovery of any file format?

Yes, Shortcut Virus Recovery Software is capable to recover any file format. Moreover, the most amazing thing about the tool is that it can work on all versions of Windows OS.

Client Review

“The application saved my time as I needed to submit my assignment on time. My entire stored data got corrupt. I was unable to search for a precise solution and I shared this with my friend, and he recommended Shortcut Virus Recovery Software. I used the tool and it immediately restored all my lost files. Accessing this application is so easy to use that I just couldn’t imagine it. Thank you so much, BitRecover. ”
Mason, USA
“My pen drive carried all my essential data. But yesterday, when I connected it to the USB port, I saw that all my folders got converted into shortcuts. I started getting worried and was unable to find the perfect solution. But then, after searching so many sites, I finally got Shortcut Virus Recovery Software. It quickly recovered all my data so easily. It is a must-have tool.
 Daniel, Dubai
“I tried much software but I was unable to retrieve my corrupted data from my external hard drive. But Shortcut Virus Recovery Software quickly solved my issue in a minute. It is a powerful data recovery software with advanced features. Very much satisfied with the application. Excellent work, developer team! You will come up with more solutions in the future.”
– Lily, London