How To Remove Security From PDF for Editing, Printing Documents?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Microsoft Office is a family of client software that gives permission to apply strong encryption on office documents and PDF files by applying a password on them. This, in turn, gives accessibility for opening, viewing, editing, and printing the PDF files only by the authorized individual. However, do you know that you can remove security from PDF without password? The modern editions of MS Office provide strong security settings to be applied to PDF documents for preventing data theft.

You may often try to open a PDF document and get this kind of password asking the tab is opened.

remove security from pdf

Why Remove Permission from PDF Document?

Even, you can analyze that various organizations such as banks use password-protected PDF files as bank statements. These national banks send credit card statements in the form of secured password PDF files to your registered email account. This is because there could be confidential information saved in your PDF documents. In this situation, the users on different platforms ask such kinds of queries as to how to remove security from PDF bank statement. It is not a big deal as there are many PDF files that are encrypted with a password due to security reasons. Moreover, business professionals put password security on their PDF files to protect their crucial information.

How To Remove Security From PDF To Print Documents – Convenient Approach

Unlock PDF File Software is an automated solution that can easily unlock PDF permissions without password.

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Step1: First of all, download the setup file of this software. Do the proper installation and run it on any Windows-compatible machine.

remove security from pdf

Step2: Now, click on the Import tab to select the source files from the database.


Step3: Then, click on Save As button to choose the desired destination path for saving the resultant data.


Step4: Thereafter, hit on the Unlock PDF button to remove security from PDF document.

remove security from pdf

Step5: The software will ask a password. Click on Skip and with this, all the selected PDF files will now be free from any password.

remove security from pdf

Step6: Conversion completed message will flash on the screen.

conversion completes

Step7: Now, you can go to the PDF file and open it. This time you can easily open and view the PDF file without facing any security restrictions.

open pdf file

In this way, you can unlock PDF without password.

Remove Password Security From Adobe PDF – Microsoft Print To PDF Technique

It may seem difficult but one can easily unlock PDF permissions. But How? Well, the Adobe PDF Reader provides a Microsoft Print to PDF option using which one can delete security code from PDF file. Let’s see how to do this.

Step1: Open a password protected PDF document and Go to File menu and scroll down towards the bottom. Find the Print option and click on it.

remove security from pdf and print

Step2: Now, in the Printer section, select Microsoft Print to PDF option and hit on the OK button.

print to pdf

Step3: This kind of message will appear on the screen as shown in the screenshot.

completion message

Step4: The resultant PDF file will be saved in a separate location and now, you can open this PDF document without putting any password. In this way, one can delete security permissions from PDF files.

This trick is workable on any Windows Operating System.

How Do I Remove Security Settings From A PDF – Using Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Pro also permits to unlock PDF permissions. Here are the two basic steps to remove password from PDF using Adobe Reader.

Step1: Firstly, install Adobe Acrobat Pro and then open the password-protected PDF document. On the left-hand side of the screen, you can see a lock. Click on this lock and it will ask the security permission tab for unlocking the PDF file. You can also go to Menubar>>Documents>>Security>>Show security properties.

security permission

Step2: Now, click on the Permission details link and a dialogue box will appear on the screen. It will ask to Change settings. Click on the No security option in the Security method tab. Click on File and then Save As. Now, you can see that the password has been removed from the original PDF file.

dialog box appears

All these standard solutions are lengthy and required a great deal of effort. Thus, it is highly recommended to use an automated solution to remove security from PDF for editing purposes or for printing.

The following section of blog described why one should use this solution to erase a security password from a PDF document.

Prime Features Of Software

Supports all Adobe Acrobat versions: This wizard is compatible with all Adobe PDF versions for processing.

Preserves data integrity: The tool can remove password protection from PDF file by maintaining the integrity of data contained in the PDF files.

Remove print security from PDF in Batch: This software allows to batch select PDF files so that the user can delete security from PDF document in single processing.

Save PDF File in the new folder: Once you have remove password security from PDF to print documents, then you can save it in a separate folder.

Easy installation: This software can be easily installed on any version of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

No requirement to install Adobe Acrobat: The user need not to install Adobe Acrobat on computer for this processing.

Frequently Asked questions

Ques1: How to remove security from Aadhaar card PDF file?

Ans: You can use Aadhaar Card Password remover software to unlock PDF permissions or take out securities from PDF files.

Ques2: Is there a way to remove security from PDF file for printing without downloading Adobe Reader on the desktop?

Ans: Yes, you can use the above-described guidelines to withdraw security settings from a PDF for printing.

Ques3: I was trying to open some PDF documents to review the content present in them. However, I got stuck as the PDF file is asking for a password. How do I remove security from Adobe PDF?

Ans: The solution of the PDF Unlocker described here will help you to remove permission from PDF documents.

Client Testimonials

I had a PDF document file containing multiple pages of my research papers. A few days ago, I was trying to open these PDF files to show them to my mentor. But, when I was trying to open them, it was asking password permission. I got worried because I forgot the password. Then, my friend suggested me BitRecover PDF file Unlocker tool. I must say, this software resolved all my worries related to remove password security from Adobe PDF files. I have easily erased security from PDF without password permission. Really Thankful to you!

– Lisa, USA

Recently, I was going through some legal case due to which I needed to show some evidence that was in PDF format. Actually, I wanted to print those very crucial PDF forms. However, the challenge was that the files were password protected. I needed some quick solutions to remove security protection from PDF form. Luckily, I got this reliable software that extensively helped me to delete security from PDF for printing. Highly recommended tool!

-Emma, New York

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Concluding Words

This write-up explains both the manual as well as a reliable solution to remove security from PDF file. However, one can access PDF files manually also but they come with certain limitations. So, to avoid any shortcomings, it is a must to choose a trustworthy solution to remove print security from Adobe PDF files.

If you are still stuck somewhere while using this software to remove security code from PDF file and  are unable to unlock PDF permissions, our technical support team is available for you 24*7 to guide you.