How to Remove Duplicate Emails from KMail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 26th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

This article explores the most effective solution to remove duplicate emails from KMail. Start reading to solve your duplication problem in a few minutes.

Feel tension free, because today we are here to solve your situation if you are noticing twin emails every day in your KMail account. If you usually read our articles, you might be familiar with our structure of providing you with methods. For the new readers, we would like to tell you that our article structure includes manual method and professional methods. Continue reading to delete duplicate emails from KMail easily.

Note: If you are already aware of the obstacles of manual methods and do not want to waste your time trying it then we recommend you to use the professional method directly.

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#1 Method to Delete Duplicate Emails in KMail

Before starting the manual method, it is important for us to inform you that the manual procedure we will provide is not a certified technique or neither reliable. Furthermore, KMail does not provide any in-built feature to remove duplicate Kmail emails. Hence this manual procedure is time-consuming and works only when you have a few duplicate emails in your KMail account.  So, if you are trying this manual method then please ensure you have 1-2 duplicates.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start your computer and make sure it is connected with a proper internet connection.
  2. Open your KMail account and navigate to the mailbox where you were capturing duplicate emails.
  3. Use the Search option and type a word related to possible duplicates to find duplicates.
  4. Now you need to select the duplicate email by holding it and then click on the Delete button to move it to Trash.
  5. At the end, clear the trash box to remove the deleted duplicates permanently.
  6. Repeat the same method to delete another duplicate email.

Limitations and Drawbacks of the Manual Method

The manual steps themselves show their drawbacks and limitations. No one has so much time to delete duplicate emails in KMail one by one. Also, you would not be able to observe the difference between duplicate and original emails. It can cause data loss issues. The perfect way to eliminate a large number of duplicate KMail emails, at a single place in just a few seconds is by utilizing the tool which is specifically built for this purpose only. Below we have provided you the solution which you were always looking for. We guarantee you that this solution is going to be fair with all your requirements.

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#2 Method to Remove Duplicate Emails from KMail

Why delete duplicates one by one when you can get rid of all of them at once? You heard it right! The BitRecover Maildir Duplicate Remover is software built by technical experts using the most advanced technologies of today’s world to match the user’s requirements. You can easily and effortlessly remove multiple duplicate emails from KMail in a single platform at once by saving time.

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KMail Duplicate Remover Tool offers two options for removing duplicate files from KMail: “Select Files” allows you to choose specific KMail exported files, while “Select Folder” allows you to select an entire folder for the removal process.

By default, this application automatically saves the processed data to the Desktop. However, if you prefer a different location, you can click on the Browse button and set a custom destination path for storing the processed KMail messages.

While deleting duplicate emails from KMail folders, the software maintains the original folder and subfolder structure. It ensures that all email items and components, such as recipients, sender, subject, date, time, year, attachments, signature, body, HTML links, etc., are preserved.

This intelligent solution doesn’t affect your original duplicate data. Instead, it creates new processed data by deleting duplicate KMail items, ensuring the safety of your original KMail data.

Highlighting Precious Features of KMail Duplicate Remover

  • The KMail Duplicates Remover Software provides the quickest solution to eliminate duplicate emails from KMail folders simultaneously.
  • This highly recommended software relocates KMail emails to a new folder while effectively deleting duplicate emails in KMail, ensuring the original data remains unaffected.
  • This utility offers two distinct modes for removing duplicate emails in KMail within individual folders as well as across multiple folders.
  • The tool incorporates multiple built-in advanced filtering options that greatly assist in the efficient elimination of KMail email duplicates.
  • There is absolutely no risk of accidentally deleting important KMail email messages when using this software.
  • It can identify files that have identical content but different names.

How to Remove Duplicate Emails in KMail Account?

Note That: First go to KMail account >> Open Mailbox >> Click on Export button >> Save KMail exported emails in maildir files. Thereafter, use the suggested software.

  1. Install the KMail duplicate remover given above on your computer then open it and read the instructions.
    start kmail duplicate remover
  2. Click on the Select Files/ Select Folders option then upload the files you exported from KMail.
    dual options
  3. Enable the “I am converting multiple users” option if required for batch mode.
    batch mode option
  4. Now you can see a preview of all your folders and subfolders. Check and uncheck the file according to the need.
    select files
  5. Select mode to eliminate KMail duplicates within and across the folders.
    within and across the folders
  6. Apply filters based on the specific need such as from, to, date range, time, mail, calendar, etc.
    advanced filter
  7. Browse destination path to store resultant KMail emails.
  8. Click on the Extract button to begin the process.
    remove duplicate emails from kmail
  9. The tool is removing duplicate emails in KMail mailboxes.
    delete duplicate emails in kmail
  10. See the popup message about completion of the task.


If you are tired of heeding duplicate emails, then in your KMail account then use the software we provided above in the article to easily remove duplicate emails from KMail. This software is 100% secure and user-friendly, designed to delete multiple duplicate emails from KMail at once. It offers various useful features, including a live preview of the duplicate removal progress report, and folder-wise count of KMail files. Download the KMail duplicate remover software to delete duplicate emails from KMail effortlessly.