How to Remove Double Spacing in Outlook Emails?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 3 Min Read
Various Outlook users are facing double line space problems and want to remove double spacing in Outlook emails. Are you one of them? If yes then don’t worry because after reading this blog post you can quickly fix line spacing in Outlook. Actually, Microsoft Outlook allows to set space between two lines or paragraphs that can be easily placed within a minute.
remove double spacing in outlook email

Take A Look at Causes Behind Double Spacing

When MS Outlook users press Enter while creating an HTML email Outlook inserts a paragraph <p> tag. Even sometimes users press Enter two times which creates extra white space and seems like double line space.

Usually, Microsoft Outlook uses double spacing between two paragraphs. But sometimes users do the wrong settings by mistake to manage outlook emails‘ double line spacing that adds double space automatically.

Sometimes users copy some email content from Word programs which has double line space. Thereafter, they paste the text in the Outlook message compose window that shows the exact double line spaces.

There are two ways available to remove space between two lines in Outlook as mentioned below.

Users’ Query to Fix Double Spacing in Outlook

I am using Microsoft Outlook 2016 email client for the past few years and I never faced the double line space problem. But yesterday, when I was trying to write an email to my respective client then Outlook is using extra space between two lines. As a result, email formatting does not look professional. Do you know a solution to get rid of double spacing in Outlook? Please suggest it to me.

– Remington Brown, Florida

How to Remove Double Line Spacing in Outlook Email Temporarily?

  1. Run your Microsoft Outlook Client and click on New Email.
  2. Type your email including double line space in the message composing window.
  3. Select your email text which has double spaces.
    message compose window
  4. Click on the Format Text tab and choose No Spacing under Styles.
    choose no spacing
  5. Now you can see the double line space problem is fixed in the current email.
    double line space problem fixed

How to Fix Double Line Spacing in Outlook Permanently?

  1. Start MS Outlook and open the email message composing window.
  2. Afterward, select the Format Text tab and choose the Down Arrow icon to open Paragraph Settings.
    format text
  3. Under Paragraph Settings, go to Spacing and see the double line space settings. Now, need to change After settings from 12 pt to 0 pt.
    double line space
  4. Change the line spacing from Double to Single as shown in the figure. After that, hit on the Set as Default button.
    paragraph settings
  5. Microsoft Outlook is asking “Do you want to set the default alignment, indentation, and spacing of the paragraphs for:” Choose “All documents based on the NormalEmail template” option and press Ok.
    remove double line spacing in outlook
  6. Outlook double spacing is fixed successfully.
    fix line spacing in outlook

Know How Do You Get Rid of Double Spacing in Outlook?

Above we have discussed 2 different techniques in detail to fix and remove space between two lines in Outlook temporarily and permanently. If you want to get rid of double spacing in Outlook then follow the above-mentioned according to your choice and situation.


There are multiple causes behind double line spacing in Outlook email compose window. We have explained the complete step-by-step process to remove double spacing in Outlook emails temporarily and permanently. Go with any technique according to the problem and quickly fix double line spacing in Outlook email client.