Why Outlook Junk Mail Going to Inbox? Complete Guide to Fix It

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary: This article explains why Outlook Junk Mail going to Inbox Folder. On Tuesday morning Microsoft confirmed that their webmail service facing an error where the Outlook Junk filter is not working, and users are facing multiple errors. This guide will help users to troubleshoot the error of why is junk mail going to my inbox Outlook. So, let’s begin the post…

Around 500+ users actively reported Outlook Outage errors, and Microsoft is working to identify the cause that leads to massive disruption. Based on the Downdetector report reference, most of the users are affected from North America and a small portion of the users are from other regions of the world.

outlook outage report

In the coming section of the blog, we will share with you the solutions that will help you to troubleshoot the ongoing error in the Microsoft Webmail service. Also, we have listed the consequences of having spam items in the Inbox folder. So, follow the post till the end to fix Outlook junk mail going to inbox. Here is the table of contents that we are going to discuss throughout the post.

Table of Contents

Consequences of Junk Mail Going to Inbox Outlook

A backup plan makes everyone’s business one step ahead as they can easily overcome all outages. In case you don’t have a backup plan, the following are the consequences you might face while having spam emails in your Inbox folder.

  • Retention Policy: Microsoft keeps all the junk data for the last 30 days, as per the settings. Once your data is removed the chances of data retrieval are almost zero.
  • Cyber Attack: When the users face Outlook Junk Mail going to inbox folder, there might be a chance, they might click on some unwanted email message, which might lead to a cyber attack.
  • Unwanted Emails: Having too many spam emails in your inbox folder, may slow down your mailbox performance, as you have to find & correct the information.
  • Human Errors: When Outlook spam going to inbox folder, the chances of human error increase significantly. Double-check messages before deleting or opening it.

Microsoft Suggestion to Fix Why Junk Mail Going to Inbox Outlook

Microsoft suggested adding the email address to Safe Sender List, which will help the users to sort the data. So, follow the steps mentioned below to add an email address to the safe sender list.

  1. Launch your browser, and sing-in into your Microsoft Webmail account.
  2. Next, users have to click on the “Gear” Icon and select the “View all Outlook Settings” button.
    outlook web settings
  3. In the next panel, click on the “Junk Email” Option.
  4. Next, move to the “Safe senders and domains” tab.
    select junk email
  5. Afterward, enter the email address or domain that you want to add to the Safe Sender list.
  6. Click on the plus sign (+) button to add the email address or domain to the list, once you are done click on the “Save” button to proceed.
    click save to fix junk mail going to inbox outlook

Once you have successfully added the email address to the Safe Sender list, then all the email messages will be delivered to your inbox without being marked as junk or spam.

BitRecover Suggestions on Outlook Outage

The manual solution to resolve junk mail going to inbox Outlook is not reliable, as it is very time-consuming & lengthy. Well, our recommendation is to use the BitRecover Outlook Webmail Backup Tool. It’s an expert-recommended solution, that allows the backup of Outlook.com emails to multiple platforms.

Users can download this solution to back up their emails on another platform or format to secure their data from external threats. The application offers you a backup & restore facility, with multiple advanced data filters to sort the data on multiple parameters. So, download the solution for free on Windows or Mac OS.

Common FAQs for Junk Mail Going to Inbox Outlook

Q) Why is Outlook not blocking my junk mail?

Recently, Outlook web is facing some unwanted errors, that why Outlook junk mail going to inbox folder. To fix it users can use the Safe Sender List method.

Q) Is the Outlook junk folder the same as spam?

Yes, the Junk Folder and Spam Folder in Outlook Owa are the same, to view your Junk folder items. Follow these steps: Launch Outlook Web >> Click on Files Icon >> Junk Email.

Q) Why is Junk Filter in Outlook not working?

By default, the Junk Filter or Spam Filtering is disabled in Outlook. Users can enable it from settings button to start the Junk filtering in Outlook.

Concluding Words

In this article, we have discussed different ways to fix Outlook Junk Mail going to inbox folder. This issue is crucial for Outlook users as they are unable to manage their mailbox data, and having spam emails in the primary folder can lead to any cybercrime activity. Also, we have discussed how to avoid junk mail going to inbox Outlook folder using the safest approach. If you have any questions, connect to our customer service via chat and email support.