How to Recover Data from Several Times Formatted Drive?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

You must be aware of the fact that the deleted data can be easily recovered from the formatted device. Then, is it possible to recover data from several times formatted drive?  It is the most enquired inquiry presently by the users. Not only this, there are some other similar queries like:

  • How to recover data from formatted device on Windows 10?
  • How to recover data after multiple formats?
  • How to recover data from hard drive reformatted 2-3 times?

After knowing the user’s concern, we have come up with a solution to recover data from several times formatted hard drive or any storage device. Read on to know in details the way to restore data from multiple times formatted USB hard disk.

How to Recover Data after Multiple Formats – With Ease plus Perfection

BitRecover Data Recovery Wizard is a complete solution to recover all your lost, deleted (shift+delete), formatted, or missing data easily. The application helps users in acquiring a successful solution by getting backing the data even after several times formatted hard drive/USB/ External Hard Drive, etc. The software has been designed in the most tech-centric manner so that no compromise on the perfection is made. Users do not have to compromise with the ease of operating the software because the highly intellect developers have structured it in such manner that it not only offers technical processing but also understanding. The utility is operable on all Windows OS without any issue. To recover the formatted data files, follow the gives steps:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your Windows machine.


Step 2: From the first screen of software, you will see the five recovery modes. Choose your required one, i.e. Formatted Data Recovery.

Recovery modes

Step 3: If you select Formatted Data Recovery option then, it will show you the screen with all the hidden partitions of the data drive. Even it will also show the covered space by data.

Hidden partitions

Step 4: You have to choose the specific partition and the tool will analyze all your data. After that, it will recover your whole data. You can also see the recovery report.

Analyze data

Step 5: The tool will preview all the data, which is recovered.


Step 6: When you choose the save option then, the tool will give a pop-up to select the destination path in a way to save the recovered data.

Destination path

Step 7: Once the process is completed, the tool will give the completion message.


Feature-Centric, Solution Oriented – Best Software

  • The tool allows you to recover and restore the unlimited number of files from formatted hard drive partition.
  • The success rate of data recovery served is absolutely high with the respective application so that you get satisfactory results.
  • No external application is required to execute the data recovery process.
  • The tool supports to restore data from all the storage devices.
  • Not only this, tool retrieves all type of data in its exact form without any issue.

We have discussed the complete solution to recover the data after several times of formatting. But it is also important to know what exactly formatting is. Read further to know about formatting.

Quick Glance on what is Formatting?

Formatting is a way of setting up a drive of an OS by creating a new file system like exFAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc. Before the installation of OS, the formatting is done. However, you also need to format a device when it is inaccessible. Formatting is mainly of two types:

  1. Quick Format – When you just do Quick Format then, it replaces the existing file system table with the new one. It does not destroy the data on the drive. Therefore, the data from the quick formatted drive can be easily retrieved with software.
  2. Full Format – Full format simply removes, rebuilt file structure, and even scans hard drive to check that everything is working fine or not. The full format takes a long time to format your storage device.

Note: Data cannot be retrieved in case of full format even it is done for one time only. So, be very careful while formatting your storage device.

Summing Up

We have discussed the complete solution to recover data from several times formatted drive on the Windows machine easily. As a user, one must be careful while formatting the storage device. Therefore, having the data backup is always the best way to avoid any disastrous situation.