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Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 7 Min Read


User’s Query

“Hello, I have some PDF documents, due to current work requirements, I need to convert PDF file into TIFF format. I have no idea how to convert them all at once in a short span of time. Kindly, help me get a suitable solution for this process. Please let me know the process of PDF to TIFF Converter. Thank You in advance.”

Are you guys looking solution for the process of PDF to TIFF Converter? If yes, then read this blog post and stay tuned with us for more information.

It’s kind of difficult task to convert pdf to tiff, especially when there are thousands or many more. But you don’t have to worry now, we are here now to tell you all how to turn this difficult task into the fun and easiest ones. Are you ready to save PDF to TIFF format? So, let’s get started now.

Know PDF & TIFF Files

PDF file format: PDF file stands for Portable Document Format. It is a data format that can be used to define the documents. PDF format is commonly used as a format for data exchange, either complete pages that need to be printed or advertisements that are required to be included in the publication. The file format is common in soft proofing and reviewing the content because there are applications that allow users to make notes on the PDF files.

TIFF file format: TIFF file stands for Tagged Image File Format, a computer file format to store raster graphics and is popular among graphic artists. TIFF file is limited to the use of raster data for the representation of all the objects. It is widely supported by image-manipulation applications, by publishing and page layout applications, and by scanning, faxing, word processing, optical character recognition, and many other applications. TIFF is a flexible and adaptable file format to handle the data within a single file including the header tags like size, definition, data arrangement, and apply compression. It also uses a technique to reduce the file’s size.

Are you guys are also having the same situation? Anyone can convert PDF to TIFF free one by one, but when it comes to bulk conversion most of the users become hopeless. Such type of request is received by our support team. From one of our users who used our previous products for a different issue, the user believes that we can solve this problem as well.

PDF to TIFF Converter – Technical Approach

The solution that can make this tedious and problematic task one of the easiest is the PDF to Image Converter. This was maybe the user’s first time viewing the solution, but we have to tell users that this program is the most effective solution to convert PDF into TIFF.  It has been solving the user’s problem very smoothly for a long time. This process of how to convert PDF documents to TIFF can be fulfilled by using the best professional solution.

Non-technical users can easily use this application without having knowledge of any technical skills. There is also a batch mode option available to export multiple email account PDF files in single processing.

Download for Windows

High speed and smooth user experience are also the best features of this tool. It always helps to protect the sensitive data from various threat exposure as well as from data breaches as well.

The best thing about this tool is it can be used by both professional as well as home users without any problem. Without compromising on any sort of quality users can perform this process.

How to Convert PDF Document to TIFF Image?

Follow the below mentioned steps to export PDF to TIFF-

  1. Firstly, install and run PDF to TIFF Converter software in your Windows Operating System.
  2. Thereafter, select Add Files or Add Folder option to load Adobe PDF documents into the software panel.
    PDF to TIFF Software
  3. After that, users have to select Tiff as a saving format from the given saving list.
    select Tiff
  4. Then, click on the Convert button and choose the destination path to save output data.
    Convert button
  5. Finally, press on Ok button to start the conversion process of PDF to Tiff Converter.
  6. Now, users can check the destination folder to get the resultant data.

Important Features of PDF to TIFF Conversion Tool

  • Highly efficient and reliable software to save PDF to TIFF images.
  • Easy and self-explanatory GUI. No, IT training or technical help require to transfer .pdf to .tiff.
  • Well-suitable software to convert PDF to TIFF in bulk without wasting crucial time.
  • No Adobe Reader or Acrobat installation is needed to change a PDF to a TIFF file. Also supports all editions of Adobe Reader.
  • Allow choosing the desired destination path in order to save PDF to .tiff
  • Create the same folder name after completion of Adobe to TIFF process.
  • No file size limitation. Any number of PDF file can be easily converted to TIFF format in single attempt. The tool includes the “Select Folder” option which allow to select the complete PDF folder, no matter how many Adobe files are there, it will quickly extract it and perform Adobe to TIFF process in high quality.
  • Generate one TIFF of a single PDF page.
  • Supports all versions of Windows Operating System i.e., Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

What Clients Say?

I am very much happy with the application. This is the application I was searching for from so many days. Meantime I have tried many tools to convert PDF to .tiff format, but this tool has something special in it. My eyes were completely opened the way it was converting the PDF file to TIFF.

– Ricky Martin, USA

Firstly, I am very thankful to BitRecover team, they’ve developed such an amazing tool to convert PDF to a TIFF. As Adobe to TIFF process is in boom nowadays, everyone is looking for such type of tool. If any of my friend will ask me for a tool to convert PDF to a TIFF, I will surely recommend this application to her.

– Hailey Wood, Amsterdam

Conversion of Adobe to TIFF is not an task at all. But BitRecover has made this possible by introducing PDF to .tiff program in our lives. We were dealing with difficulties everyday because we were unable to find perfect tool for us. But when I saw this got so much in love with the application that I can’t even express myself. You guys are awesome!

– Marine Ackles, Denmark

With the application, now I can easily convert .pdf to .tiff accurately without reducing any quality of the text. The best thing I liked the most about the software is that it is capable to convert multiple PDF files to TIFF format without any loss of data. This is the best application I have ever used in my entire life.

– Ellie, Russia

Final Verdict

In the above blog, we have discussed how to convert PDF to Tiff files. PDF to Tiff Converter is proving to be one of the best tools to help you to transfer pdf to tiff. It can be used easily and only requires a few clicks. This is efficient and effective and users can get their job done in some time. So, if a user wants to make their trip even more convenient and enjoyable, users have to try the suggested tool.

If still, the user has any kind of doubt, then go with the demo version of the application, it will help users in converting 5 PDF docs to Tiff files. After having full satisfaction user can purchase the licensed version of the software to convert PDF to TIFF without any limitations.