How to Fix Outlook Import Export Greyed Out Issue? Most Reliable Techniques

Mark Regan
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Why is my Outlook import export greyed out? This article is for you, if you are also searching for the same question. Here we will guide you to resolve Outlook import/export greyed out by using a few simple techniques. So today, you will finally be able to get not just one, but multiple solutions for this query in this helpful guide. Let’s read how to fix Outlook import export disabled!

Outlook is a very popular and important email client for everyone, especially for those who are working professionally. Outlook mainly supports OST and PST file file formats to save its data. Although it is a very advanced application and has a plethora of beneficial features. However, there are two important features that users mainly use, Import and Export. Now it becomes a very big concern when these two features stop working. We have provided an in-depth guide to easily solve the Outlook import export greyed out issue. We guarantee you that this article will definitely solve this issue.

Understanding Import Export Features in Outlook

Outlook Import Export features allows users to move their data such as emails, contacts, calendar events to another place efficiently. Import brings data into Outlook and Export allows you to save Outlook data to a file for backup and sharing. There are important features of Outlook using which users also migrate from one account to another. But the error Outlook import export greyed out or not working, can cause a disaster for Outlook users and specially for professionals. But before we get into the solution, let’s know about some reasons behind “Outlook import/export greyed out”.

Why Does Outlook Import Export Greyed Out?

Before fixing the problem, it’s important for users to understand a few possible reasons of Outlook import export disabled. Be cautious to avoid repeating mistakes:

  • The Import/Export feature can be disabled in the Demo Version of Outlook.
  • The admin might have turned off the Import/Export feature in Outlook.
  • If Outlook isn’t updated, it can cause issues or limit its basic functions.
  • Installed plugins or add-ins might make Outlook incompatible and can cause Outlook import/export greyed out.
  • Trying to import/export a very large or inconsistent OLM file that Outlook can’t handle.
  • Moreover, poor internet connection or bandwidth problems.
  • Outlook may be undergoing testing, facing cyberattacks, or experiencing business logic bugs.
  • In the new version of Outlook, usually Outlook import export greyed out due to technical errors that Microsoft soon fixes.

How to Fix Outlook Import/Export Greyed Out Manually?

Below we have mentioned the top 9 manual solutions to resolve Outlook import and export grayed out issue:

1. Upgrade to Premium Version of Outlook

If your Outlook import export greyed out, you should try upgrading to the premium version of Outlook if you are using the demo version of Outlook. The premium version can include additional useful features and improvement without containing any error.

2. Update Your Outlook Application

Make sure your Outlook application is up to date. Updating applications always helps to fix bugs and add new features. Therefore, check for updates in the software settings to ensure you have the latest version of your Outlook to fix if Outlook import export disabled.

3. Update Your Computer

Apart from keeping your Outlook application updated, it is also important to update the device you are using. Keep your computer’s operating system updated. Regular updates from Apple can fix the issues you might be facing with your applications. Check for updates in your system preferences.

4. Detect Corrupted Outlook Data Files

If Outlook import export greyed out, you should scan and detect the corrupted Outlook data files. corrupted data files always cause issues with the application and its features. So make sure you do not have any corrupted pst file. You can use Outlook’s built-in tools like Scanpst.exe or an advanced tool such as BitRecover PST Repair Software to detect and repair PST files with ease.

5. Change Incompatible Language Settings

Ensure your language settings in Outlook are compatible. Incompatible settings can also disable such features in Outlook. Adjust language preferences within Outlook to match the language of your operating system. For eg; if your system language is english then Outlook application language should also be english.

6. Contact the Administrator

Sometimes there are a few features that are intentionally disabled by the administrator. So, if you’re facing this error “Outlook import export greyed out”, immediately contact your system administrator. They can provide assistance and may have insights into any specific configurations or restrictions that could be affecting the import-export feature.

7. Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Try opening Outlook in Safe Mode. This disables add-ins and may help identify if a third-party extension is causing the Outlook import/export greyed out problem. If it works in Safe Mode, you can isolate the issue to a specific add-in.

8. Check Internet Connection

Ensure your internet connection is stable. A poor connection can impact Outlook’s functionality. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection to enable smooth import-export operations.

9. Restart Outlook Application and System

Sometimes, simply restarting either the Outlook application or your entire computer can resolve glitches. Restarting can refresh the software and clear any temporary issues that may be causing the Outlook import and export grayed out.

Advanced Way to Fix Outlook Import Export Greyed Out

Trying the new Outlook is easy, but going back to the old version is not as simple. There are specific conditions that need to be met. The recent Microsoft update still hasn’t included the Import/Export option; it’s listed as “Coming Soon.” In such a situation, BitRecover provides a solution to fix the issue where the Outlook import export greyed out.

BitRecover PST Converter offers a way to export your Outlook mailbox, whether you have the Outlook application installed or not. Many technical professionals prefer this tool. It not only converts and exports your PST files into various popular file formats but provides a high level of security. Additionally, it allows you to directly export PST files to different web and desktop-based email clients like Gmail, Office 365, and Thunderbird. The tool is equipped with various features that enhance its performance for a better user experience.


So that is all you need to do to fix Outlook import export greyed out. Now you know what you have to do to resolve if your Outlook import/export greyed out. We introduced top 10 solutions for this including manual ways and the advanced tool. We also learned about a few important information we should keep in mind as being an Outlook user. So follow the instructions mentioned in the article and don’t let such errors like Outlook import export disabled affect your productivity.