How to Convert Outlook Express to PDF ? – Simplified Solution

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Summary: This tutorial will explain the step by step procedure to convert Outlook Express to PDF. Also, we will see an excellent third party solution for the secure transfer of Outlook Express EML files. Carefully go through this blog & understand how to convert Outlook Express email data into PDF format.

The EML to PDF Wizard is an excellent tool that provides secure solution to export Outlook Express to PDF file format. It can transfer mailbox data into PDF with all its attachments. In the following section, we are going to explain the simplified conversion process with the automated tool.

How to Export Outlook Express Emails to PDF ? 

Follow the simple steps to export Outlook Express emails to PDF files in a hassle-free way.

1. Download & launch the Outlook Express to PDF converter in your Windows system.

2. After successfully installing the converter in your system, go & open the software.

3. Choose Select Files or Select Folders option to import the email files into the software & click on the Next button.

4. From the listed email & folders select and check the files to convert into PDF format. Then hit the Next option.

5. Then browse the Destination Path & File Naming Option. Select the different advanced options according to your requirements.


Convert Attachments as PDF: Choose this option to convert email attachments into PDF format. The tool will automatically convert all attachments as PDF pages together with the email messages. This feature is only available with the Software Pro Edition.

Black & White Mode: Through this option, Outlook Express to PDF converter will create a nonsearchable black & white PDF file. After choosing this option the tool will remove all color formatting from the email messages.

File Naming Option: The tool provides various file naming options based on date, time, subject, etc. To save & organize the converted email data user can choose any naming option according to their requirement.

6. Finally, click on the Convert button to initiate the Outlook Express to PDF conversion.

Note: As soon as the data transfer begins, all the email attachments are automatically exported into PDF files in the embedded form. To access these attachments you need to open the converted PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Expert Solution to Convert Outlook Express to PDF

Outlook Express to PDF converter is an efficient automated solution. It provides a direct transfer of mailbox data into PDF file format with all its attachments. Users can convert Outlook Express emails in both colored as well as black & white format. The software provides the various advanced option to simplify the conversion process. The simple & instructive structure of the tool helps both technical & nontechnical users to easily work with the tool. Now let’s see some important features of the converter tool.

Prominent Features of Outlook Express to PDF Converter

1. Instant transfer of Outlook Express emails to PDF files.

2. No limitation in the size or number of email files.

3. Allow the conversion of attachments in PDF format.

4. Option to change email messages in black & white mode.

5. Provides various file naming option to easily save & organize the data.

6. Allow bulk conversion of Outlook Express emails.

7. Option to save converted messages in the same source folder

8. Compatible with all Windows OS & Adobe Acrobat Reader versions.

You can purchase the software from here. The utility provides two different license versions such as Standard License & Pro License.

Standard License: It will convert the email files into PDF format with all attachments. The attachments will be embedded within the PDF in its native format.

Pro License: It will allow the user to converts both emails and all its attachments in the PDF file format.


We can see some common users queries from technical forums

“Hi, A few days back I exported some of my Outlook Express emails to my system in EML format. But for a seminar purpose, I need to have a hard copy of these emails. So please anyone suggest me a solution to convert emails of Outlook Express to PDF”

“Hi, As part of a legal case I need to submit some of my emails as evidence. I normally use Outlook Express email client to manage my emails. So I created a copy of my required emails in my local system. But for court submission purpose I need these emails in PDF format. Anyone, please recommend a secure solution to export Outlook Express mailbox.”

Are you facing similar issues? Don’t worry! This Outlook Express converter is right solution for you. Refer the above section to understand the complete conversion process.

Final Words

In this blog, we explain the detailed procedure to convert Outlook Express to PDF file format. Also, we suggested an expert third party solution for a fast & secure transfer of emails into PDF file. You can try the free trial version of the software for understanding various tool features before purchase.

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