How to Open PDF in LibreOffice? Topmost Solutions

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 15th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Welcome to the blog, are you guys finding the right approach to open PDF in LibreOffice? Today we will uncover the most reliable and fastest approach to overcome your problem. There are groups of users who are using LibreOffice as their office suite. Since it is available as free-of-cost open-source trusted software. If you are also from such a user group, please read the complete blog to increase your understanding of how to view PDF in LibreOffice without any errors.

Before Moving forward to the actual techniques. Firstly, we delve ourselves to understand the motives of opening PDF in LibreOffice based on several user groups.

Objectives to View PDF in LibreOffice Suite

General Users: – LibreOffice is a cost-effective and very famous solution among general users. For the general viewing and basic editing of PDF files. Since it is an open-source solution that is regularly updated by the community of developers with updated features.

Students & Educators: – Such a group of users have goals to open PDF in LibreOffice to meet the requirement of general notations and highlighting of PDF documents. Sometimes students need to do so to achieve the motive of extracting text and images for report-making.

Non-Profit Communities and Organizations: – Being an open-source software LibreOffice is freely available among the community of users and organizations. To accomplish their daily day-to-day practices. Additionally, the use of LibreOffice also ensures that PDF files are accessible to persons with disabilities along with screen reader compatibility.

IT & Technical Users: – In several situations, users from such backgrounds need software with the capability to automate PDF tasks like merging, extracting, etc. Since LibreOffice supports macro scripting it is popular amongst the users with IT backgrounds. Users can easily add macros for repeated tasks to merge, split, and view PDF in LibreOffice.

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Open PDF in LibreOffice using Manual Methods

In many situations, users from several groups need to open a PDF document in LibreOffice. Using LibreOffice Draw and Writer users can view PDF in LibreOffice. Firstly, we will uncover the step-by-step detailed guide to achieve the process through LibreOffice Draw. After that, we will cover the topic through LibreOffice Writer.

How to View PDF in LibreOffice Draw?

  1. Initially, look for the LibreOffice option using Windows Search.
  2. After that, left-click on the Open button on your desktop.
  3. Next, click on the File button > Open or press Ctrl + O to open.
  4. After that, select the PDF file from your system and Open.
  5. Finally, it will open a PDF file in LibreOffice Draw.

How to Open PDF in LibreOffice Writer?

  1. First, launch the LibreOffice application on your PC.
  2. Next, open the PDF file location on system storage.
  3. Left-click on the PDF file to drag & drop it in LibreOffice Writer.
  4. It will open your PDF document in LibreOffice Writer.

Limitations of Using the Free Solutions

  • Using the manual approach to open PDF in LibreOffice Writer only opens the first page of the PDF document.
  • This approach is not suitable for batch processing of multiple PDF documents. Since it requires a lot of technical knowledge.
  • It is very time-consuming because it involves various repetitive steps.

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Open PDF in LibreOffice Using Automated Method

Using the top-notch PDF converter software users can open PDF in LibreOffice without losing the formatting of the actual documents. You need to convert PDF to DOC file extension and then open the required document in LibreOffice Draw.

One distinguishing ability of this expert utility is that it can work independently in an offline environment without the support of an internet connection after download. Now let us look forward to detailed steps to open LibreOffice Writer with PDF using the expert software.

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How to Open PDF in LibreOffice Writer?

  1. First download and run the recommended application.
    Start software
  2. Next, select PDF files or select folders with PDF documents.
    Add PDF files
  3. Then, manually check the PDF files needed for transformation.
    Select PDF files
  4. Choose the saving option as DOC from the drop-down menu.
    Saving options
  5. After that, select the storage location on your PC or storage device.
    Select destination path
  6. Next, tap the “Convert” button and wait for the process to complete.
    Open PDF in LibreOffice
  7. Finally, double-click on the file to open PDF in LibreOffice Writer.
    Resultant files

Highlighted Features of Suggested Utility

  • One eminent functionality of this utility is that it transforms PDF to 18+ file extensions including HTML, TXT, RTF, PDF, EML, MSG, PST, XPS, MHT, EMF, EPUB, OXPS, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, DOC, and DOCX.
  • With this tool, you can easily transform bulk PDF files on the go. This utility contains Select Files or Select Folders options that can be used to select a PDF file or multiple PDF files from the desktop.
  • This software has a separate console to manually check out the PDF files that are needed for transformation. Within the software, users have the independence to manually select or deselect the PDF files before the conversion process.
  • The main feature of the recommended tool is that it allows users to save the converted files safely in different locations. First, users can save data files in the same source folder using a custom option. In addition, users can save output files from the tool itself to the internal memory or connected external storage device.

Major Differences: Manual vs. Automated Techniques

Criteria Manual Approach Automated Approach
Ease of Use Not easy to use and contains many technical problems. User Friendly methodology, with straightforward steps.
Batch Processing This technique is not suitable for viewing PDF in LibreOffice for batch files. Users can opt for this methodology. Since this method supports batch processing.
Time Complexity It’s a very time-consuming process due to several repetitive steps. It is a very simple and less time complex approach to view PDF in LibreOffice.
Accuracy Accuracy may vary depending on the user’s knowledge and proficiency in working. This tool is dedicated to serving results with 100% accuracy and efficiency without depending upon the user’s knowledge.
Technical Knowledge Required moderate to higher technical knowledge based on task. This expert tool requires minimal technical knowledge for the completion of the task.
Commonly Raised Queries

Q 1: How do I open a PDF in LibreOffice Writer?

  1. At first use the suggested to convert PDF to LibreOffice format.
  2. Then, save the output file on your local system.
  3. Finally, double-click on the file to open it with LibreOffice Writer.

Q 2: Why does my LibreOffice Draw not open PDF?

Since LibreOffice Draw is not a PDF editor so there are times when users face the same query. You can simply try to transform the PDF to LibreOffice compatible format and use LibreOffice Writer for general editing.

Q 3: Can LibreOffice open PDF documents in batch?

No, LibreOffice opens PDF documents in a separate window for batch processing of your PDF files you need to use the expert utility.

To Wrap Up

To conclude the blog, we have explained how to open PDF files in LibreOffice without losing the formatting. Additionally, we have discussed various uses of LibreOffice based on different user groups such as IT professionals, common users, students, teachers, etc.

Next, we covered a step-by-step guide to manually view PDF files in LibreOffice. On the other hand, the manual method has its own disadvantages. Therefore, we have highlighted special methods and simple user guides for an automated approach. Finally, we have covered frequently asked questions and important differences between manual and automatic methods.