How to Open a PDF in Google Docs? Tips & Tricks

Mark Regan
Published: June 3rd, 2024 • 8 Min Read

Are you finding the right solution to open PDF in Google Docs? If yes, then you are on the right track. Today in this digital column we will uncover the best-sophisticated solution both using the DIY & automated techniques. So, to grasp complete detailed knowledge on the subject “how to open PDF in Google Docs” please read the blog page to the end.

There are several contexts when the user needs to edit a PDF document in Google Docs. In such scenarios, users often face the conundrum of viewing PDF files in Google Docs. Moreover, some users wish to do so based on their daily work requirements.

Before proceeding to the techniques, it is equally significant to understand the distinct user use cases based on their line of work. Let’s discuss the importance of viewing the PDF document in Google Docs based on the general public and varied professions including Teachers, Students, Marketers, Freelancers, etc.

Motive Behind Open PDF in Google Docs

General Public: – A common individual has a various document like resumes, cover letters, tax forms, etc in PDF file format. The individual has the requirement to edit resumes, fill out various forms, updating information. In such scenarios, users often want to open PDF in Google Docs.

Marketing Professionals: – Many times, the marketing professional has the product description, marketing visuals, and certain case studies in PDF file extension. There are times when marketers need to add or update information on existing PDFs for use in marketing campaigns. In such situations, opening PDF files in Google Docs is the best-suited approach.

Freelancers: – Professionals involved in freelancing services as web designers, content writers, developers, etc. Generally, they get the project briefs and contract in PDF format. To make changes and provide feedback freelancers regularly need to view PDF in Google Docs.

Teachers: – In modern times teachers used to take quizzes and assignments through LMS portals. Additionally, they make edits to the existing educational materials and share them with Google Classroom and other LMS portals. To update and add new questions they often have the requirement to view a PDF on Google DOCS.

Legal Professionals: – In the case of legal firms or individuals, mostly they receive PDF files containing agreements or other legal documents. For fluidly reverting to the client, they often need to update PDF documents in Google Docs.

How can you open a PDF in Google Docs?

The straightforward solution is simply to upload your PDF files to Google Drive and then manually open them with Google Docs. There is functionality available inside Google Docs to take out PDF files from Google Drive directly.

Let’s learn the step-by-step procedures to resolve the above-mentioned query in a structured way.

DIY Methodology to Open PDF in Google Docs

  1. Search for Google Drive on the search engine on your desktop
  2. Open Google Drive and click on the “+New” button from the left.
  3. Now, click on the File Upload button to add the relevant PDF file.
  4. Then, find the PDF file right-click on it, and click on open with.
  5. Now from the list of options select Google Docs and wait to open.

Drawbacks of Using the DIY Approach

  • Since Google Docs works with OCR technology to recognize, there is a chance of losing the graphics and other media elements.
  • When the user open PDF in Google Docs with a manual approach there is always a higher chance that the formatting may not be intact.
  • It is a very time-consuming process with a higher risk of errors. This approach is not suitable for regular users.
  • For Users handling critical PDF files, it is not suggested to directly view a PDF in Google Docs.

How to Open a PDF in Google Docs with Expert Utility

Users can use the all-in-one PDF converter tool to get rid of the manual method disadvantages. It is suggested by experts to change the PDF format to DOC. Since in this approach, the actual formatting of the document will be intact. Additionally, if you are one of the enterprise users, handling a large number of PDF documents regularly. However, use this software as your additional working hand to open PDF in Google Docs. You can bulk change PDF to DOC in a few simple steps with its simplest UI/UX.

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Note: – After, successfully transforming PDF to DOC format. Please follow the above-mentioned DIY steps to open PDF in Google Docs without losing formatting.

Which is Better: Manual vs. Automatic Approach

Factors Manual Method Using BitRecover Tool
Usability Requires multiple steps and actions to successfully view a PDF in Google Docs Comparatively easy-to-use methodology can open and edit PDF documents within a few clicks
Group Processing Not suggested for batch file handling. Very time-consuming process Highly suggested by experts, users can easily process multiple files in bulk without any risk of error.
User Control Limited control over the process. Need to manually choose each file. Provides more control over output and saving options
Crucial Document Suitability Not recommended due to various kinds of errors. More reliable due to offline mode working environment.
Professional Use Not compatible with professional users Ideal solution for professional and enterprise use
Accuracy Less accurate, Graphics and Formatting of the document may be disrupted. With 100% accuracy, there is a guarantee to preserve graphics, formatting, and metadata elements.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q 1: Can you open a PDF in Google Docs without losing the formatting?

Yes, using the above-mentioned expert techniques you can smoothly view PDF files in Google Docs without losing the formatting.

Q 2: How do I open a PDF in Google Docs without changing the format?

  1. First, transform the PDF into DOC format using an expert tool
  2. After, that insert the DOC file into your Google Drive account.
  3. Now, simply right-click on the DOC file to view it in Google Docs.

Q 3: Is it safe to use the recommended tool for confidential documents?

Yes, it is totally secure to use the suggested tool. This software never stores any type of information in its database to maintain 100% data integrity.

Q 4: How do I make a PDF embedded media & graphics compatible with Google Docs?

The simplest approach to make the PDF file compatible is first to transform it into a suitable format i.e. DOC file type using the correct methodology. After that, drag and drop the file to Google Drive. Next, right-click on it to open PDF Google Docs.


To sum up the above digital column, we have discovered both the manual and automatic techniques to open PDF in Google without losing formatting. Additionally, we have discussed about the disadvantages of the manual approach and the motive behind to view PDFs in Google Docs based on several user bases. Finally, in the end, we have discussed the key differences in how to open a PDF in Google Docs with manual and tool-based methodology.