How to Move Emails between IMAP Accounts in Batch ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Imagine you are at hosting firm ‘X’ and you need to move to a new hosting company ‘Y’. The main issue is you have batches of email saved on your old host’s server in IMAP folders. Perhaps for many of users. So, how will you move emails between IMAP accounts? You have a couple of choices.

A Primitive Approach: Drag and Drop

As per many experts’ suggestions, manually transferring email between IMAP accounts using drag and drop method is in reality great choice. Do the easiest thing possible.

For this situation, the solution is to add your new IMAP server information to your email client. Thereafter, move IMAP folders between accounts.

Copy Mail Files

Many a time, the drag and drop method isn’t achievable. For instance, you might be doing this for loads of email users and it isn’t feasible for them to do a low-tech approach that is drag and drop.

For this situation, you can copy mail files. Please note that if each email folder is saved in an individual file then it must be stored in the MBOX format. Since MBOX is a default mail format for most old IMAP servers. Hence, in order to transfer email between IMAP accounts, simply copy the mail files by putting them in each email user’s home directory.

Problems while you Transfer Emails Between IMAP Accounts ?

If you try to move IMAP folders between accounts and still can’t succeed over it, then you may end up getting up the following error message:


The reason could be any- maybe the message you are transferring is corrupted or not perfectly formatted for the IMAP server. The error may differ a bit from one mail application to another but the essence of the message will be that you can’t move email between IMAP accounts.

A Successful Approach to Move Emails Between IMAP Accounts

Unfortunately, if you are manually trying to move IMAP folders between accounts, you will be facing more errors or a loss of the integrity of data. Then, what should be the next move?

Well, don’t worry try the most professional and reliable solution to move emails between IMAP accounts – BitRecover IMAP Mail Backup Tool for Windows and Mac.

It is a reputed and appropriate solution for those individuals who want a quick solution to fix the query like ‘how can I transfer email between IMAP accounts’. All you will need is the email login credentials of the source and destination IMAP accounts. The rest of the process is automated so sit back and enjoy the instant transfer of IMAP mailboxes between accounts.

Steps to Move Emails Between IMAP Accounts

    • Download the software and install it on your Windows/Mac machine.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

  • Now, enter the source IMAP account login details, click on the login tab and wait.
  • Then, choose the required mailboxes for migration.
  • Next, select another IMAP Server as the destination account.
  • Enter the IMAP login credentials of this email account.
  • Click on the backup button to start to move emails between IMAP accounts.

[Salient Benefits and Features of our Product]

  1. Move unlimited mailboxes from one IMAP account to another.
  2. No change in the email formatting while you move emails between IMAP accounts.
  3. Migrate multiple IMAP accounts data at once to avoid repetitive conversion.
  4. Preserves the metadata properties as well as folder hierarchy during the task.
  5. Do not store any of the user’s personal information during any stage of conversion.
  6. Very instant, error-free, and easy to understand the migration process.
  7. Fully compatible with both Windows and Mac compatible machines.
  8. Produces a SavingLog report to check the output when you transfer email between IMAP accounts.
  9. Freedom to migrate IMAP emails to IMAP in one by one manner or in batches.
  10. Offers a free trial edition so that you can make up your mind before purchasing the license keys.


Q1-I need to transfer many, many emails (over a hundred) from an old IMAP email account to a new IMAP host. I know I can just set up old and new email accounts in Thunderbird and drag and drop. I have done it like 15 out of 1000+ emails yet. This process is very long and slow as well. Is there any better method to move IMAP folders between accounts?

Q2- I am helping a friend to move IMAP folders between accounts. His old account has many sub-folders within the folders. So, probably around 40 top-level folders and no wonder how many sub-folders. 3G of email messages total. Can this be done in bulk, or are we doomed to move emails between IMAP accounts one by one?

Q3- The old IMAP account is no longer reachable. Our old IMAP server is shut down which had access to all company accounts. Now, there is a new IMAP server and all mail accounts are created there only. We want the old data of the IMAP account to be migrated to the new one. This sounds very easy but is there any faster process to move emails between IMAP accounts?

Q4- My company recently reshuffled our email accounts. I am forced to transfer years’ worth of carefully curated email messages from an old IMAP account to a new one. How can I batch transfer email between IMAP accounts at once rather than repeating the process one after another?

Time to conclude

Whenever a user wants to move emails between IMAP accounts, a very trustworthy and genuine product is needed. BitRecover fulfills all user’s necessities in an extensive manner. Now, if you are wondering how to move IMAP folders between IMAP accounts so don’t worry because the solution is already explained. Get in touch with our technical support team to resolve any queries.