How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Mac Mail – Everything You Need to Know

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


To export Zoho Mail to Mac Mail is one of the talks of the town these days. If you also want to add Zoho account emails to Mac mail, read this technical blog. Here, we have come up with a resolution to migrate Zoho mail to Mac Mail mailbox.

Reasons to Export from Zoho Mail to Mac Mail?

Most of the users are choosing to move Zoho Mails to Mac Mail. When matched to Zoho Mail; Mac Mail is dignified one step beneficial over the web-based services due to several facilities it gives.

  • Unlike Zoho Mail; Mac Mail data like emails, calendars, contacts, etc. can be utilized by its user even when there is no internet connectivity. Once data has been acknowledged or downloaded from the server, it is present in your email client profile. Furthermore, ready to be used without an Internet connection.
  • Even, once can simply compose a reply message to received email even at offline mode. You can save data in it as a draft in the same profile. Later, it will send when an internet connection is established.  It is something, which is impossible on

How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Mac Mail ?

There are numerous users who need the solution to export Zoho Mail to Mac Mail mailbox. For this migration, one can use the Email Backup Wizard. It allows migrating Zoho mail to Mac Mail with associated attachments. It is filled with unlimited features.

Let’s go through the steps to execute data migration from Zoho to Apple Mail.

Please Read Me: People are facing errors while connecting the Zoho mail account to the software. So, first, you have to validate the IMAP access and make the app password using the following page. – Zoho Mail IMAP Settings
Here you will get the complete information, that how to enable IMAP access and create the App password.
  • First of all, download and launch the tool on your Windows or Mac machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Then, select Zoho Mail from the list of email sources.


  • Now, enter the credentials of your Zoho Mail account and click on the Login button.


  • The software will start analyzing all the Zoho folders.


  • After analyzing, the tool will preview all the mail folders along with the message count. Now, check the desired folder.


  • After this, choose EMLX format from the list of file saving options.


  • Thereafter, you can give desired file name from the list of file naming options.

  • Now, select the desired location on your machine to save the migrated data.


  • Also, check on the Advance Setting option to migrate particular emails from Zoho to Mac Mail and click on the Backup button.


  • You will get a message of completion on your screen at the end.

In this way, one can easily migrate Zoho Mail to Mac Mail application.

What are the Profits to Invest in this Application ?

The recommended software is quite helpful and worthy to utilize for data migration from Zoho Mail to Mac Mail application. It provides numerous astonishing features, which makes it a pleasant application to export Zoho Mail to Mac Mail. The utility is bug-free to utilize. The software is operable on all Windows editions both 32 as well as 64-bit.  The utility only needs credentials to execute the data migration process. The tool permits to add Zoho to Mac Mail mailbox without any limitations.

The software can proficiently export limitless data from Zoho Mail folders to Mac Mail account. You don’t need any external utility to perform the process from Zoho Mail emails to Mac Mail mailbox.

Extraordinary Features of Zoho to Mac Mail Converter

  • While you migrate Zoho Mail to Mac Mail account, the tool maintains the data integrity.
  • You will only require the credentials of to execute the data conversion procedure.
  • Operable on all Windows versions of Windows- Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • 100% safe application to export data from Zoho to Mac Mail mailbox.
  • Totally individual application to execute data migration without data loss.
  • One can move from to Mac Mail account without any limitations.


By ending the talk of the day, I would only say choosing a precise solution to add Zoho to Apple mail makes it easy to execute error-free migration. The application that I had used in performing migration was really splendid, protected, and bug-free. Select such kinds of tools to safely migrate Zoho mail to Mac Mail directly and without any kind of limitations in the implementation of migration on any Windows OS easily.