How to Migrate Zimbra to Office 365 Admin & User Accounts?

In the past few years, there has been a drastic shift to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 due to the better up-gradation features of Microsoft 365. Although Zimbra is a robust email system, still many organizations find it too simplistic to fulfill their requirements.

Hence, in this article, we will take you through some major steps involved in Zimbra to Microsoft 365 migration. Keep reading to get a clear knowledge for resolving the given queries that are faced by administrators and working professionals.

  • How to Migrate from Zimbra to Office 365?
  • What are Zimbra to Microsoft 365 migration steps?
  • how to migrate Zimbra to Office 365?

User Query About Zimbra to O365 Migration

Mr. James, USA: I have recently bought a new Microsoft 365 plan for my business. I decided to migrate all Zimbra accounts into Office 365 accounts. But I am unable to find a reliable solution for completing Zimbra to Office 365 migration steps. However, I got some highly technical approaches through server settings. But I don’t much aware of them. Thus, now I am looking for an easy way to migrate email from Zimbra to Office 365. Please provide your guideline for me!

Why Do Users Migrate Email from Zimbra to Office 365?

Zimbra is a lightweight email application that is quite popular among small businesses. But, when business grows, then the needs become more complex and one can compromise in terms of work proficiency. Hence, many users ask BitRecover about how to migrate Zimbra to Office 365. We have analyzed the following reasons:

  • Users find the GUI of Zimbra as outdated especially if they have used mail services which are more leading nowadays. Hence, emerges the need to do Zimbra to Office 365 migration.
  • The filter and search options are not too flexible compared to other email services.
  • Synchronization and account configuration issues of Zimbra mail make users migrate Zimbra mail to Office 365.
  • Zimbra is well-suitable for small-sized businesses while Microsoft 365 formerly Office 365 is appropriate for large enterprises, small businesses, and working professionals.
  • Wide support is available for Microsoft 365 setup, and configurations accordingly. But Zimbra Server settings are much more complicated as it uses Linux commands.
  • Office 365 users can use its documentation applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) online. But Zimbra’s documentation is not much effective, hence users face issues.
  • Office 365 has the best customization flexibility while Zimbra allows for less limited customization. Hence, administrators may face some critical problems.

These are some drawbacks of Zimbra desktop and cloud variants. Thus, users want to migrate mail from Zimbra to Office 365 accounts.

How to Migrate from Zimbra to Office 365?

Zimbra and Microsoft 365 both are different programs to manage users’ email accounts. Hence, we need to use Zimbra to Office 365 Converter for successfully resolving this query. Follow below mentioned Zimbra to Office 365 migration steps.

Phase 1: Export TGZ File from Zimbra Desktop & Cloud

For Zimbra Desktop:

  1. Open the Zimbra Desktop email client on your computer and choose Preferences.
  2. Thereafter, select the Import/Export option from the left panel.
    import export option
  3. Now choose data that you want to export such as Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, and Briefcase. You can also use the date filter if want to export between dates and press Export.
    choose data types
  4. Select the Save file option and click on Ok to continue.
    save file
  5. After that, browse the destination path and press Save to store the TGZ file.
    preferred location

For Zimbra Cloud:

  1. Sign In to Zimbra Cloud Account from Which you want to export the TGZ file.
    login to Zimbra cloud
  2. Pick the Zimbra email folder, right-click on it, and hit on Export.
    select export option
  3. Thereafter, you can see that the TGZ file is exported successfully.
    Zimbra emails downloaded
  4. Get the TGZ file under the download folder.
    exported tgz

Note That: Don’t be confused, TGZ is a zipped file extension to store Zimbra exported data. It includes mail, address book, calendar, tasks, and briefcase.

Phase 2: Download Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool

BitRecover Zimbra Converter Wizard is an all-in-one solution to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 including complete integrated data. Thus, the tool is also known as Zimbra to Office 365 Converter. This utility is available with a free trial version which works the same as the pro edition. However, the freeware edition allows transferring only limited data from Zimbra to Office 365. You can upgrade it anytime to avoid all the limitations.

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Zimbra to Microsoft 365 Migration Steps

  1. Start Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool and choose any option from Select Files or Select Folders. These options allow to upload Zimbra-exported TGZ files.
    zimbra to office 365 migration tool
  2. Now it is analyzing the Zimbra TGZ files before the migration process, please wait.
    analysing Zimbra folders
  3. The tool shows all Zimbra items under the software interface, select the required items, and press Next.
    select required folders
  4. Thereafter, pick Office 365 as a preferred saving option.
    choose office 365 as saving option
  5. Use advanced filter options for migrating filtered data between a date range. Also, use other filters according to necessity.
    advance filters
  6. Check the Change Language box if you are using Office 365 in a non-English language.
    change language
  7. Check the I am Admin option which is helpful to choose a specific O365 user account before migration.
    I am admin
  8. Also, select Copy to default folders and Create a log for messages not converted option accordingly. Press the Next button to continue.
    copy to default folders
  9. After that, enter Office 365 credentials and choose Sign In. The software uses Microsoft’s official secure login page that doesn’t store your login details.
    enter Microsoft 365 credentials
  10. The process to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 is running, please wait for completion.
    migrate zimbra to office 365
  11. The Zimbra to Microsoft 365 migration task has been finished successfully.
    Zimbra to Microsoft 365 migration
  12. Here, you can see the log report about migrated data.
    log report
  13. Lastly, log in to your Microsoft 365 account and open Outlook 365 for previewing imported data.
    login to office 365

Zimbra to Office 365 Converter Specialties

Set of abilities marks Zimbra to Office 365 migration tool as an exceptional software to execute the data migration process.

  • Interactive GUI: The user-friendly interface of the tool assurances to give users with an easy migration procedure of data from Zimbra to O365 account.
  • Filter Options: Use filter options to migrate mail from Zimbra to Office 365 by date range, email address, and email subject.
  • Migrate All Data: The tool permits to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 together with emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, tasks, and all.
  • Safe Application: In case you are apprehensive about the technical inputs. Then, you can be at comfort as the tool does not compromise on the technical end and offer all techniques needed to migrate Zimbra to Office 365.
  • I am Admin: This option allows to migrate Zimbra data to any specific O365 user account that the admin wants.
  • Retains Email Elements: While you migrate Zimbra to Microsoft 365, the software will safeguard that data is safe and metadata properties are preserved.
  • Copy to Default Folders: Users can check this option if they want to get Zimbra emails under Office 365 default folders.
  • Two Upload Options: Zimbra to Office 365 Converter provides two separate options for uploading Zimbra TGZ files in software GUI i.e., Select Files or Select Folders.
  • Independent Tool: No, external software is required for the implementation of the process from migrate Zimbra to 0ffice 365 account.
  • Select Necessary Folders: This application shows all Zimbra folders under the software panel. Users can choose only the required folders for migration.
  • Creates Log Report: After completing Zimbra to Office 365 migration task, the software automatically generates a log report file that has information about migrated data.

Why Choose Microsoft 365?

Proper management of data is necessary to take your enterprise to a next level. There are certain things that give a strong urge for users to migrate Zimbra to Office 365.

  • Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) is undoubtedly the BEST email service. The users can enjoy a wide range of useful features on a subscription basis.
  • Everyone knows the benefits of using a cloud-based suite and Office 365 is one of the topmost email system on the scene.
  • O365 offers a huge pool of security features like no other email service and gives a consistent experience while users are accessing mails, address books, notes, documents, etc.
  • Unlike the standalone applications available on the web, Office 365 is arguably a comprehensive suite of multiple applications as well as services tied together.

Over to You

Testing and executing the aforementioned steps create easy to move all emails, contacts, calendars, briefcases, etc. from Zimbra to MS Office 365. Even, Zimbra to Office 365 migration tool comes up with a demo edition for testing software before purchasing. After using the tool, I got it a worthy tool to migrate Zimbra to Office 365 accounts.

To understand how the software works, we suggest you first take a free trial of the DEMO VERSION. It is available free of cost and gives you the facility to convert 25 items from the Zimbra folder to a supported format. For doing unlimited Zimbra mail server migration to Office 365, quickly purchase the license keys.