Migrate Web.de Mail to Google Gmail – Know How?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Being the marketing manager of an organization, I have to travel from one country to another. Recently, I had my visit to Germany and I stayed there for around one month. As I was there, I managed all my data on Web.de Mail. This is one of the webmail services that is mainly used in Germany for email data management. To be universally available, I decided to move all my data to Google Mail, i.e. Gmail.  But the biggest issue was I did not know the way to proceed. As I was having some important emails I wanted to migrate web.de to Google Gmail. Then, one of my friends recommended I use BitRecover Email Backup Wizard.

Firstly, I was not in favor of using this application as I was concerned about my data. A lot of thoughts started coming to my mind. Then, I talked directly to the support. The person in support guided me in the best way. He told me that there is a free-of-cost demo edition with this software, which I can utilize to have a complete understanding of the software. I used the free demo and found it a worthy as well as a suitable way to execute the migration process.  In the following write-up, I have shared a complete way to migrate web.de to Google Gmail.

Steps to Export Web.de Mail to Google Mail

Follow the given steps to transfer Web.de Mail to your Gmail account.

  • Download and install BitRecover Web.de Mail to Google Mail tool on your machine.


  • To perform Web.de to Gmail migration, select Web.de Mail from the list.


  • After select, simply enter the credentials of your Web.de Mail to implement the process to export Web.de Mail to the Google Gmail mailbox. Click on the Login button.


  • The application will begin to analyze all the folders that are there in the Web.de Mail account.


  • Check the desired folder that you need to move from Web.de Mail account to Gmail mailbox.


  • Select an option Gmail from the file saving options.


  • If you need to store your transferred data in your default folder then, check the “save in default folder” option.


  • Enter your Google Gmail credentials to migrate web.de to Google Gmail.

  • To implement selective migration, check the option of “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup.”

  • After that select filter options >> Click on the Backup button to begin the process of conversion.
  • Once the conversion is done, the tool will give a message of completion on your screen.

One can also understand the software working by the following video:

In this way, I transferred Web.de Mail data to Gmail account format directly. Before coming to an end, it is significant to know about the software properly.

Quick Glance on Web.de Mail to Google Mail Migrator Wizard

BitRecover Web.de to Google Backup is a solution to migrate web.de to Google Gmail directly. The utility is programmed in such a way that it does not require any external software to implement the data migration procedure.

Just enter your credentials and move all your data from Web.de Mail to your Gmail account. The software is easily accessible on all MS Windows editions both 32 and 64-bit. The utility is a simple, and direct way to execute cloud-to-cloud migration.  The tool is programmed with advanced algorithms, which makes it easy to execute multiple or selective Web.de Mail to Gmail data conversion.  The software retains the integrity of data after migration to the Gmail mailbox without any problem.  The simplest, quickest, and flawless procedure to implement migration from Web.de Mail to Gmail data conversion. Users can download the best Web.de Mail to Gmail Converter tool on any Windows OS.

Remarkable Qualities that Add Up to a Flawless Migrator Software

  • Updated Support Equipped: Users can execute a smooth and continuous conversion of data from the preferred source mailbox to the target mailbox. As tool supports all versions of MS Windows OS.
  • Filters for Selective Migration: A wide range of filters have been given for users to perform selective and well-planned data conversion i.e. all component or selective emails accordingly.
  • Intact and Accurate Migration: Mailbox contents converted from Web.de Mail to Gmail are kept safe along with the Metadata of every mail-in it kept continued throughout. A needed outcome of migration is receivable.
  • Only Credentials Requires: The tool only requires credentials of Web.de Mail and Gmail accounts to execute cloud-to-cloud migration. The tool is 100% safe and protected to implement data migration.

Final Words

The migration of data is significant for its proper control. Therefore, most of the times users want to move Web.de Mail to Gmail directly. In the above discussion, we have come up with a solution to export Web.de Mail to Gmail accounts directly. I have explained the above solution after using it on my own. Flawless migration is performed by the tool.

If you get jammed at any point of migration then, directly contact support. As there is a 24X7 hour of support is there to clear all your technical issues or doubts.