How to Migrate Tobit David to Exchange Server ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Summary: In this blog post, we will discuss about migrate Tobit David to Exchange server in brief. If you guys are also facing issues like the same then go through complete blog and stay tuned with us for more information regarding the same. Let’s start.

Tobit software developed a mail server i.e, David 3. It is an ideal mail server option for new mail administrators and is experienced to manage queues and even for sending emails. David 3 is considered as one of the best email servers for management in companies, information exchange, and management.

Tobit David software does not store any kind of email information. It is an agent which will help users in transferring their emails from the server to the host. Currently, most of the users are using David v3. Therefore, the queries of users are also based on the David v3.

We have received this query from one of our users. Let’s have a look in it that what type of issue the user is facing:

User Query: Hello! I am looking solution for migrate Tobit David to Exchange server. But not able to find any accurate and suitable solution. I have searched so many options, but none of them is perfect for performing this task. Kindly suggest me a reliable solution to perform the task without facing any issue. Thank you in advance!

Just like the above user, there are many other who are not able to find the right solution to solve this issue. Most of the users are aware about the automated solution. But they don’t know the workings of the application to find out which one is best for them. Due to which users shift to manual solution. There is no manual solution available for this particular issue. Before explaining about automated solution, we will see the demerits of using a manual approach.

What are the demerits of using the Manual Approach?

Some of the drawbacks of using manual approach are mentioned – below:

Always having the risk of losing crucial data

After completion of the process of migrate Tobit David to exchange online, there are higher chances of having a data loss scenario, which is not good for users. Users may end up losing their crucial documents after applying this method.

Time taking manual process

If the user is carrying multiple Tobit David server emails, then migrating it manually will take the user’s both time and energy.

Lengthy process & requires technical assistance

The manual approach is quite lengthy. Novice users will not be able to complete it without having assistance regarding this technical knowledge. Users must require technical assistance for using this approach.

Solution for Tobit David Server to Exchange Migration

BitRecover EML Converter Wizard is one of the best migration applications for users. It can be used with ease by both technical and non-technical users. This program always helps to protect the highly sensitive data from various threat exposure as well as from data breaches also.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

It provides high speed and easy handling and a smooth user experience without compromising on any sort of security or quality of data. This application can easily solve the user’s issue of Tobit David to exchange server. Let’s discuss about the complete working procedure of the tool to complete the task without facing any difficulty.

How to Migrate Tobit David Server to Exchange?

For completing the Tobit David Server to Exchange Server Hosted / On-Premise migration process. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1 – Export Tobit David Data

  • Firstly, login to Tobit David Server Client’s interface.
    Login to Tobit David Server
  • After that, select all emails from In / Out folders and drag & drop emails into separate folders.
    In / Out folders
  • You can also drag and drop Chat data if required.
    drag and drop Chat
  • Here you can see David 3 exported data in separate folders.
    David 3 exported
  • Thereafter, open any folder and see data in EML format.
    see data in EML format

2 – Now Import EML to Exchange Server

  • Firstly, launch the mentioned Tobit David Migration Tool and insert David 3 *.eml files using the Select Files or Select Folders button.
    Select Files
  • After that, select Tobit David Client folders and press Next button.
    Tobit David Client folders
  • Choose Exchange Server / Hosted Exchange Server as a saving format.
    Choose Exchange Server
  • Enter Exchange Server credentials i.e. Domain / User Name and Password.
    Exchange Server credentials
  • If you want to migrate Tobit David to a specific Exchange user account then check I am Admin option. Click on the Next button to start migration.
    Tobit to Exchange Migration Tool
  • Lastly, after completion of the task, login to your Exchange Server account and view imported data.

In Conclusion

In this above blog, we have described about migrate Tobit David to Exchange Server in brief. This post will help users in clearing their doubts regarding the migration process of the Tobit David Server to Exchange. Multiple users were facing issues in this scenario, so this blog post is helpful for them. Here, we have also mentioned the demerits of using a manual approach. As many users were looking to use free manual solutions. To avoid all these limitations, it is best to use an automated solution for completing the task.

In case of doubts, users can go with the trial version of the application. After having satisfaction user can go with the licensed edition of the tool. For more information contact the technical support team.