How to Migrate Spicebird to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


What do you think is it difficult to migrate Spicebird to Outlook? Well, we have to say it’s a bit tricky but not as difficult as you might think, or we can say that it’s all about the solution that can make this data conversion easy for you. So, let us offer you the solution that can do this job conveniently.

Do you know what makes it harder for you to migrate Spicebird to Outlook? It is the compatibility of file format that. Both accounts are different and use different file extensions to store email and other data. So if you can change the extension of Spicebird to PST, your problem will be solved automatically.

PST just because it is Outlook’s compatible file format. Therefore we would like to offer you the specific Spicebird to PST Converter to export Spicebird to PST. So, get ready to make your task as easy as possible.

The Easiest Way to Convert Spicebird to Outlook

BitRecover MBOX to PST Converter, your tool to export Spicebird to PST. The MBOX converter is because your Spicebird account supports such a format. So, this app makes it possible to change the MBOX file format to PST so that you can check your email through Outlook.

This Spicebird to Outlook migration tool is very reliable and can migrate Spicebird to Outlook in just a few moments. With this Spicebird to PST converter, you don’t need a hectic or lengthy process to follow.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

On the other hand, it is full of great features that will make your data conversion even better so you won’t have any problems even after you convert Spicebird to Outlook. So, before we tell you how to use it to migrate Spicebird to Outlook, we want to explain to you why this app is a must-have for you first.

So, take a look at the key features to understand this Spicebird to Outlook converter better.

Some Primary Features of Spicebird to PST Converter

Simple UI: What makes this Spicebird to Outlook converter perfect for you is its user interface. Whether this is your first time using it, you won’t find a single barrier during the whole process thanks to the simple user interface.

Bulk Convert: You can easily bulk migrate Spicebird to Outlook. This app is designed with the value of user time in mind. Therefore, you can select as many folders as you want from the device to migrate all of them at the same time.

Migrate Complete Data: The Spicebird to Outlook migration tool not only converts the emails linked to the account, but also allows you to export the entire data. You can migrate e-mails with all their attachments, contacts, and also calendars.

Migrate Email Headers: With Spicebird to PST Converter, you can also include email headers. Yes, if you want to see the full email history, you can do it very easily using this application. All you have to do is enable the option in the tool.

File Naming: This one feature is perfect and it makes things very convenient for you after the conversion. You can name your files by subject, date, month, and year so that you can easily identify your files without wasting any further time.

Browse Location: don’t worry; your data will not be saved in the standard download folders of your system. When you migrate Spicebird to Outlook with this Spicebird to Outlook converter, you will be asked to choose the desired location for the resulting files.

After knowing all of these features, what do you think of the tool? We hope that now you can better guess the capabilities of the tool. However, these are not all; you will find many others so good luck.

As promised, we are now offering you the complete process to migrate from Spicebird to Outlook. So, take a look.

Complete Process to Migrate Spicebird to Outlook

  • First of all, extract Spicebird emails in MBOX format from the default storage location
    extract Spicebird emails
  • Download Spicebird to Outlook migration tool on your Windows device and then install it following to the instructions
  • After starting the Spicebird to PST Converter, you need to click Next to move on from the welcome screen
  • Now click Choose Folder or Choose Files to select your Spicebird MBOX files
    Spicebird to PST Converter
  • Browse through all the required files and then load them into the tool. After loading, click the Next tab
  • Click on all of the folders which are visible in the left pane of the tool and click on the Next tab again
    all of the folders
  • Now, browse the saving option as PST from the various options.
    saving option
  • Thereafter, specify the destination for the resulting files, and then finally hit the Convert button.
    specify the destination
  • Spicebird to PST Conversion process is running.
    Spicebird to PST Conversion
  • Your Spicebird selected folders will now be migrated to PST in a few moments. You will be informed as soon as the process is complete.
    migrated to PST
  • You can then use your Outlook import / export feature to import PST files for review.
    Outlook import

Your task is now finally done. So, whenever you use this tool to migrate Spicebird to Outlook, this process will help you a lot. As you will know what steps to take to accomplish the task.

In Conclusion

One of the best tools to migrate Spicebird to Outlook is the Spicebird to PST Converter. This application is full of great features and is very reliable. It just offers you a small process to convert Spicebird to PST which makes this app more efficient. So, if you want to have a good trip, you must give this tool a try.