Migrate from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Profile without Any Data Loss

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Looking for a professional technique to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird open source email client? If your response is yes then don’t worry and keeps continue reading this specific dedicated blog post. In this article, BitRecover technical team is just going to explain the reasonable technique to export SeaMonkey Mail to Thunderbird. Actually, the BitRecover support team recently received some genuine queries, some computer users are demanding a professional method to migrate from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird.

Why do users export SeaMonkey mail to Thunderbird?

Some SeaMonkey users want to use the Mozilla Thunderbird email client instead of SeaMonkey. Because nowadays, Thunderbird became the most famous email client as users are fully satisfied with its features.

A lot of users are planning to copy old SeaMonkey profile data into Mozilla Thunderbird from old pc to new pc. Actually, new computer users prefer to use Thunderbird email client because it offers free maintenance and zero downtime.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client that is continuously getting updates & security patched. While SeaMonkey is delayed to get regular updates. It is also a considerable reason to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is widely used email client for sending and receiving email messages. So if you got some error in Thunderbird then users can easily solve out the problem, as in online market, a lot of information available about Thunderbird errors.

A quick method to migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird

Download SeaMonkey Converter Wizard setup and install it on your Windows Computer. The tool is compatible with all SeaMonkey editions and it is also known as SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Converter. You can just follow these instructions to migrate from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird automatically.

Download New

  1. Start SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Converter and upload SeaMonkey profile data automatically.
  2. Select SeaMonkey folders from the software GUI and click on the Next button.
  3. Now choose Thunderbird as saving format, it will automatically pick the default destination path.
  4. Press the Next button to start SeaMonkey to Mozilla Thunderbird migration.
  5. At last, run Thunderbird email client and read all imported SeaMonkey emails.

Switch SeaMonkey to Thunderbird without data loss – step-by-step

You can follow these instructions to export SeaMonkey mail to Thunderbird without any data loss. Watch real-time screenshots and video

1 – Run SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Converter and choose anyone option to upload SeaMonkey profile data i.e. Automatic and Manual.

SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Converter

2 – Now you can preview email folders in the software panel, select SeaMonkey folders, and press the Next button.

Select SeaMonkey folders

3 – After that, choose Thunderbird from the list of saving options.

Choose Thunderbird

4 – The tool automatically chooses the default storage location to store resultant data so don’t change it.

Migrate from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird

5 – Click on the Next button to start SeaMonkey mail to Thunderbird migration process.

Export SeaMonkey mail to Thunderbird

6 – Thereafter, finishing the task, start Mozilla Thunderbird email client and view imported SeaMonkey data.

Start Mozilla Thunderbird

After following the above-mentioned steps all home and professional users can easily migrate SeaMonkey to Thunderbird. It is the greatest software available in the online market place that keeps all email properties and components.

SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Converter Features

  • It is a fully automatic and most trustworthy technique to export SeaMonkey mail to Thunderbird. It provides 100% accurate results and preserves all email properties & components during the migration process.
  • SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Wizard keeps the original folder and subfolder structure after finishing of the conversion process. Even it holds all email attachments at the time of data migration.
  • This application has an inbuilt option to convert SeaMonkey exported contacts and calendar files into Thunderbird contacts and calendars. The tool supports the conversion of SeaMonkey exported address book and calendars.
  • SeaMonkey to Thunderbird Converter is capable to upload SeaMonkey profile data automatically from the default storage location. Even users can use the manual option to insert profile data in the software interface.

Some frequently asked questions

Que 1 – Does your software require ImportExport Tools installation for completion of the task?

Ans – No, it is fully automatic software that does not require the installation of ImportExport Add-ons. It is capable to complete all tasks itself.

Que 2 – Can I transfer SeaMonkey contacts to Thunderbird using your software?

Ans – Yes, of course, it is has an isolated option to migrate contacts & calendars from SeaMonkey to Thunderbird. The tool supports SeaMonkey exported address book and calendars.

Que 3 – Does SeaMonkey to Thunderbird converter keep all email properties during completion of the process?

Ans – Yes, it preserves all email items and components such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, HTML Links, Text, Attachments, Inline Images, Internet Header, and all.

Get it free of cost

SeaMonkey to Thunderbird converter is available with a free demo edition that is helpful to evaluate the software and its working procedure. The free trial version works same like a pro edition but it allows to transfer a maximum of 25 emails from each SeaMonkey folder to Thunderbird folder. Using the demo edition, users can easily understand that it is beneficial or not for them. After getting complete satisfaction, purchase its license keys at an affordable price and avoid all the limitations.

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