How to Transfer Kerio Emails to Thunderbird with Attachments?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In this blog post, we are introducing you to a professional technique to migrate Kerio to Thunderbird profile. If you are one of them then after reading this write-up. You can get Kerio connect emails & contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a freeware and open-source email client so millions of users prefer to use it.

Why Do Users Move Emails from Kerio to Thunderbird?

I am using the Kerio email service from the past several years for sending and receiving email messages. But, now I have decided to use Mozilla Thunderbird email client because I cannot afford Kerio connect. I don’t want to lose my old Kerio data, do you have software to convert Kerio mailbox to Thunderbird?

– Violet, New York

In my organization, all employees use Kerio connect to manage their emails, contacts, calendar, etc. Now I am frustrated with Kerio because of its heavy pricing. So I have decided to use Mozilla Thunderbird desktop-based email client. But I don’t know how can I import Kerio data in Mozilla Thunderbird with emails, contacts, calendars, etc.?

– Claire, Chicago

How to Migrate Kerio to Thunderbird in Instantly?

These are the simplified steps to move emails from Kerio to Thunderbird.

  1. Download Kerio Converter Software and run it on your Windows PC.
  2. Load Kerio mailboxes in the software GUI from the default source location.
  3. Check Kerio connect email folders from the toolkit’s panel.
  4. Select Thunderbird from multiple saving formats.
  5. The tool automatically detects default storage location to store output data.
  6. Press the Convert button for transferring Kerio emails to Thunderbird.

Move Emails from Kerio to Thunderbird – Step-by-Step

1 – Download Kerio to Thunderbird Converter and install it on your Windows Computer i.e. Desktop or Laptop.

Download buy-button

2 – Start the tool and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for uploading Kerio profile data.

Migrate Kerio to Thunderbird profile

3 – Check I am converting Multiple Users option if required and after that choose Select Folder… button.

Transfer Kerio Emails to Thunderbird

4 – Browse Kerio profile location from the default storage location and hit on the Next button.

Move Emails from Kerio to Thunderbird

5 – Select Kerio connect folders from software GUI and click on the Next button to continue.

Kerio connect folders

6 – Choose Thunderbird from 30+ saving formats.

Choose Thunderbird

7 – After that, Kerio to Thunderbird Converter automatically chooses default storage location to store output data. Now press the Next option to continue.

Kerio to Thunderbird Converter

8 – Kerio connect to Thunderbird migration process is running.

process is running

9 – Kerio emails to Thunderbird migration procedure has been finished successfully.

finished successfully

10 – At last, run Mozilla Thunderbird email client to access imported Kerio profile data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que 1 – How can I import Kerio contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird?

Ans – You can follow these steps to migrate contacts from Kerio to Thunderbird.

  1. You can use the mentioned software to export Kerio contacts in vCard format.
  2. After that, start Mozilla Thunderbird email client and choose Address Book >> Tools >> Import.
  3. Select the Address Book option and press the Next button to import contacts.
  4. Choose the vCard file from your computer which is converted by you in step 1.
  5. Press the Open button to proceed to import contacts from VCF to Thunderbird address book.

Que 2 – Does your software keep attachments during transfer Kerio emails to Thunderbird?

Ans – Yes, Kerio to Thunderbird migration tool preserves emails attachments and attributes during completion of the task.

Que 3 – Can I move emails from Kerio to latest Thunderbird edition?

Ans – Yes, it is a well-suitable utility to migrate Kerio accounts in latest Thunderbird edition.

Why Do Users Prefer to Use Thunderbird Instead of Kerio?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client that is obtainable with 100% free of cost. Using Thunderbird, users can send and receive email messages. Users can also manage emails, contacts, calendars in Mozilla Thunderbird. It also provides an attachment reminder facility with an advance search option. Users can archive emails in a separate folder according to their needs. Users can install different types of Add-ons in Thunderbird to get extra advanced features. It comes with high-level security features so it is a well suitable email client for home and corporate users.

Kerio to Thunderbird Converter Features & Benefits

  • It is fully automatic software that is authorized to migrate Kerio to Thunderbird automatically without import or export process.
  • The tool permits to transfer Kerio emails to Thunderbird inclusive of all types of attachments.
  • Kerio to Thunderbird migration tool maintains email components like To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Date, Time, Year, etc.
  • It has double options for loading Kerio mailboxes in the software panel like Select Files or Select Folders.
  • Users can convert selected Kerio mailbox folders to Thunderbird from the whole database.
  • The tool has an isolated option to export Kerio contacts in vCard (VCF) format and calendars in ICS file extension.

The Closure

At last, we want to say only one thing. First of all, download free Kerio to Thunderbird Converter that is the best way for evaluating the software functionality. Using a free trial edition anyone can check the software working process before purchasing the license keys. Freeware edition of this software allows you to convert 25 emails from each Kerio folder to Thunderbird folder. After checking software features, users can easily take the decision to grab its license keys.

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