How to Migrate Emails from iMail to IMAP Server, New Server ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In today’s technological world, there are plethora of impressive email services and mail servers. The features and functionality of these mail server undoubtedly enhances the productivity of an individual, improves organizational communication. Bottom line is that a mail server strengthens your overall work performance. But do you know how to move your email content from one mail server to another server? Such as the iMail to IMAP migration process. Well, we at BitRecover offers an impressive software for a quick migration of iMail emails to new server.

This article explains the most streamlined process to export iMail emails to IMAP server, new server.

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iMail to IMAP Migration Tool – One Software, Various Benefits!

Download the free demo version of iMail Migrator on any Windows machine. This allows to move some selective iMail server data items to IMAP server. For migrating unlimited iMail data to IMAP server, switch to the license keys. Besides the free demo version of the software, the tool also offers various smart features such as the batch migration of iMail emails into IMAP server. Additionally, you can selective export iMail to IMAP server with this tool.
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How to Migrate iMail to IMAP Server ?

Follow the step-by-step process to migrate iMail emails to IMAP server:

  1. Launch iMail to IMAP migration tool on Windows.
  2. Select iMail data with dual options.
  3. Choose the desired iMail email folders to export to IMAP server.
  4. Select IMAP server and fill your IMAP details.
  5. Start to migrate iMail to IMAP server.

Export iMail Emails to New Server – Detailed Instructions with Screenshots

Download iMail to new server migration tool on your Windows machine. Thereafter, follow these steps to export iMail to IMAP server.

Now, choose iMail server profile with the dual file selection options – select folders or select files.

Then, enable the desired iMail email folders which you wish to migrate into IMAP server.

Now, from the saving options list, choose IMAP as saving option.

Thereafter, enter the details of the IMAP server details and click on the backup button to start to migrate iMail emails to IMAP server.

Once the process finishes, the tool will give a completion message on the screen.

IMail to IMAP Migrator – Benefits & Features

Smart, affordable and robust application – iMail to IMAP migration tool is undoubtedly a strong utility for all professional as well as novice users. This tool can be utilised for migrating iMail messages to IMAP server in easy manner. Additionally, it is simple application that can transfer thousands of iMail data items to IMAP server in few mouse clicks.

Independent utility – In order to migrate iMail messages to IMAP server, the utility does not demands any external installation on machine. This software is standalone that can directly move all iMail emails to IMAP server.

Safe and user-friendly – Using the iMail to IMAP export tool, the users don’t need to worry about the crucial information. The utility never saves the iMail account details in the software’s database. It is tested by experts so it can be used by any user.

Dual ways to import emails – The software to migrate iMail to IMAP offers dual ways to import the emails into the GUI. With this tool, one can import single as well as multiple iMail server data into the software panel.

Maintains internal folder structure – While the processing to export data from iMail server to IMAP is running, the utility always keeps the folder hierarchy maintained. The original iMail server data and the output exactly remains the same.

Preserves the Metadata properties – The utility always keeps intact the email properties of iMail server. It maintains the sender and receiver details, email attachments, subject, hyperlinks, images, formatting, etc.

Supports all Windows platforms – The iMail to IMAP migration tool can be run on all Windows OS such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, P, Vista, Windows Server version, etc.

Commonly Asked Queries

Can I do iMail to IMAP migration with attachments using this software?

Yes, with this application one can easily migrate iMail emails to IMAP server with attachments.

Does this utility supports Windows 10 platform for the iMail to IMAP server migration?

Yes, it is compatible with all Windows OS including the Windows 10.

How can I check the tool’s functionality before purchasing it?

Use the demo version of iMail to IMAP migration tool which is absolutely free of cost. You can use it to migrate few iMail server emails to IMAP and test the tool’s functions too.

Concluding Words

In the above blog, we have explained how to iMail to IMAP server migration in a cuple of mouse clicks. With this software, you can bulk migrate iMail server emails to IMAP server in one go. The application offers a free demo version for all the users. It allows to move few iMail data items to IMAP server or new server. Thus, if you want to overcome from this limitation, then upgrade the license keys. For any queries, please contact to our technical support team.

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