Complete G Suite to GoDaddy Migration Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Introduction: Nowadays, many first-class web hosting services are introduced to run our business. One of the most famous web hosting brands is GoDaddy. If you are using the Google Apps domain and want to switch your data to GoDaddy, learn about the simpler and automatic G Suite to GoDaddy migration method.

In today’s blog, we will introduce standard software that can migrate bulk user accounts from G Suite to GoDaddy with all the information. It is a complete and direct way to transfer emails from G Suite to GoDaddy. So, let’s go.

“We have resumed our GoDaddy hosting service again. Now, we want to migrate emails from G Suite user accounts to GoDaddy for a professional format when sending emails. Can anyone tell us about an instant and useful solution for our work? We appreciate your efforts. “

It is one of the random queries posted on a forum site. Being data experts for over a decade, we want to help you with the best solution for your job.

Most Considered Software for G Suite to GoDaddy Migration

BitRecover G Suite Backup Wizard is the one-stop platform to transfer G Suite mailboxes to GoDaddy along with attachments. One of the most powerful facts about the tool is that it supports bulk migration. It means organizations can use it for migrating multiple G Suite accounts to GoDaddy accounts. During the process, it takes care of your data and doesn’t modify it all. Its interface is clear and intuitive. You won’t face any trouble while using the application as it is completely tested and 100% verified.

How to Migrate from G Suite to GoDaddy?

These are the basic instructions for G Suite to GoDaddy Migration:

  1. Install and open the G Suite to GoDaddy migrate software.
  2. Fill in the credentials of your Google Apps account.
  3. Select the mailboxes to continue the migration process.
  4. Now, you can directly choose IMAP for transferring data.
  5. Enter its asked details and click on the Backup button.

Now, as we mentioned that the software supports bulk migration from Google Workspace to GoDaddy, let’s check the steps for the process.

How to Transfer Multiple G Suite Profiles to GoDaddy without any Loss?

Take a Trial First
The software comes with a free demo version for tool evaluation. You can easily download it and migrate a few emails from G Suite to GoDaddy account. Once you are completely satisfied, you can switch to the licensed version of the tool. Please note that you need not give any payment details for the demo edition use. Now, go to the Buy Now button and launch the paid edition of the software on your computer. Read the essential information and get started.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

  1. Open and enter the G Suite account login details such as email address and password.enter G Suite account details

    For bulk G Suite user-profiles migration in GoDaddy, select use batch mode. After that, the utility asks you to upload a CSV file containing all the login credentials and click on the Login button.

  2. Now, from multiple folders and mailboxes in the left interface, please mark the required ones for the migration.choose IMAP with G Suite to GoDaddy migration
  3. Choose IMAP as the saving option and mention its credentials such as email address, and password. The IMAP settings of GoDaddy are IMAP Server: – and IMAP Port No.: – 993 (SSL) or 143 (non-SSL).G Suite to GoDaddy migration option to set filter
  4. Click on the Backup to start migrating emails from G Suite user accounts to GoDaddy hosted account migration process

In this way, you can transfer G Suite domain to GoDaddy without any loss. If you want to migrate Gmail inbox emails to GoDaddy, please select the “Inbox” folder. The tool is a 100% safe application that provides accurate results after processing.

Why is Tool Number #1 Solution?

The software is designed by professionals who understand user needs. Moreover, the software has a simple interface that any technical or non-technical person can use. It provides direct migration from G Suite to GoDaddy with attachments. Now, let us know the amazing benefits of using this product.

  1. The utility is a direct method to migrate emails from Google Apps to the GoDaddy account.
  2. When performing a migration from G Suite to GoDaddy, the tool will maintain email attributes, folder hierarchy, and data integrity.
  3. The application is 100% safe. Moreover, you can efficiently transfer emails from G Suite to GoDaddy with attachments.
  4. This professional tool is compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  5. Using this tool, you can migrate G Suite emails to GoDaddy in batches without any loss.
  6. This product is a fast application that can transfer G Suite emails to GoDaddy in a shorter time. Also, it saves you time and energy.
  7. The program only needs G Suite and GoDaddy login credentials to migrate emails from G Suite to GoDaddy.

The Conclusion

Users can use the software recommended in the blog to successfully resolve their queries about migration from G Suite to GoDaddy. It allows users to move multiple G Suite emails to GoDaddy at the same time. Besides, the software has a self-explanatory interface. Therefore, please download the discussed software to transfer your Google Apps email to your GoDaddy account in a shorter time.