How to Migrate Email to Gmail Account ? – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read
Hi! When I tried to forward email to Gmail, I got a message that- ‘Gmail couldn’t identify your POP server’. I am using a free Excite email account and usually, I access my emails on a web browser only. But, now I wish to read all messages on my smartphone also. That’s why want to make a switch to Google mail. I am not able to get Excite email on Gmail. Since, the amount of emails are in large number so I need a quick solution to migrate Excite email to Gmail. Please assist me!! email is one of the most established email services. Though this email service is not now that much popular but there are numerous clients proceeding to utilize their email accounts. If you are additionally utilizing your Excite email ID, you can efficiently forward Excite email to Gmail account. Moving Excite emails on Gmail just takes a couple of seconds. But, you should be careful while entering Excite POP3 settings which are mentioned below.

The primary advantage of transferring emails from to Gmail is that you will be to view Excite email messages through your phone. In this article, we will give you POP3 settings to migrate Excite Email to Gmail along with stepwise guidelines for the conversion process.

How to Migrate Excite Email to Gmail ?

  1. Download & Launch Excite Pop3 Server migrator.
  2. Fill email credentials in the tool.
  3. Choose necessary folders for migration.
  4. Select Gmail and enter Gmail login details.
  5. Start to migrate emails from Excite to Gmail.

Know-How can your Transfer Excite Emails to Google Workspace or Gmail Account 

Firstly, download and install the POP3 Backup Software on your Windows machine.

Now, please enter your email account credentials as given below:

Pre-requisite to setup Excite Email on Gmail Migration Process

Username: Specify the email address of Excite account

Password: Mention your email account password

Incoming server hostname:

Incoming server port:995


After this, click on the login button. You can also choose the ‘Use Batch Mode’ option to bulk forward Excite email to Gmail.


Next, select all or required mailboxes whose data you wish to move in Gmail.


From the saving options list, select Gmail. If you want to have Google Workspace as the saving option then select G Suite and enter its account login details.


Thereafter, enter the email ID and password of your Gmail account and tap on the backup button.


This starts the migration of emails to Gmail account. Later you can log into your Gmail account to view all Excite email messages.


Benefits of to Gmail Transfer Tool

Selectively Migrate Emails: The software also offers option to choose any data filter like email address, subject, To, From in order to selectively move emails to Gmail.

Preserves Email Properties: During the migration of to Gmail process, the application maintains all email attributes like sender and receiver details, subject, hyperlinks, attachments, inline images, signature, etc.

Move Multiple Excite Account Emails: It has the ability to migrate multiple email accounts into Gmail. The Batch mode option allows to move bulk Excite email accounts. All you need to do is to put all email account credentials in a CSV file and upload the same in the interface.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy: Throughout the process to forward Excite email to Gmail, the tool keeps intact the on-disk folder hierarchy.

Supports All Windows: This tool runs smoothly on all Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2019, 2016, etc.

Normal issues with Webmail

Not able to load properly: In some cases, Excite email messages are unable to load. By a few ticks, it shows stacking messages yet it does not load.

Server issues: It shows a ‘couldn’t connected to the server’ message. So, many people are not able to restore Excite mail data.

Unproductive: Once in a while, the messages are not coming to the beneficiary’s Inbox or even any folder.

Time to conclude

In the above article, we have described the all-in-one solution regarding how to migrate Excite email to Gmail account. You can easily forward all emails on Gmail with this application without any hassle. All your information will remain intact throughout the processing. Please contact our support team if you have any query.