How to Migrate Email from Google Workspace to SmarterMail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 23rd, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Many business experts and administrators aspire to migrate email from Google Workspace to SmarterMail Server. Undoubtedly, Google Workspace offers unmatchable features to manage business emails and other data. But still, due to data control, customization, and cost-efficiency features, it compels users to migrate Google Workspace to SmarterMail.

Google Workspace and SmarterMail are two different email and collaboration solutions, each with its own features and advantages. Google Workspace is a cloud-based application while SmarterMail can be deployed as an On-Premises and Hosted Server accordingly. This blog post provides a step-by-step guide for the migration process, so keep reading to learn how to complete the transition.

Steps to Migrate Google Workspace to SmarterMail

  1. Download and run BitRecover Software.
  2. Add Google Workspace folders to the panel.
  3. Select required email folders from GUI.
  4. Choose IMAP as saving and use filters.
  5. Enter SmarterMail IMAP details and Backup.
  6. Google Workspace to SmarterMail migration started.

After completing these steps, the migration of your email from Google Workspace to SmarterMail becomes an automatic process. If you seek detailed information on this process, then stay tuned and continue reading this article.

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Google Workspace to SmarterMail Migration Reasons

  • Cost Efficiency: SmarterMail often offers more cost-effective solutions, that make it appealing to organizations looking to reduce expenses.
  • Data Control: SmarterMail provides greater control over your email data, which is particularly attractive to those concerned about data privacy and security.
  • Customization: SmarterMail allows for more customization options, enabling organizations to tailor their email systems to their unique needs.
  • Security Preferences: Many businesses prefer the enhanced security and data control that self-hosted solutions like SmarterMail provide.
  • Scalability: SmarterMail is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, but it’s especially appealing to smaller and medium-sized companies that need email solutions they can easily adjust and grow with.

Tool to Migrate Email from Google Workspace to SmarterMail

Google Workspace Backup Software is a great solution to migrate Google Workspace email to SmarterMail Server. This is a fully automated solution for completing this task in a professional manner. The tool is 100% safe from viruses, and it completes OAuth Authentication to complete the user’s trust factor.

The tool comes with a 30-day trial edition that offers limited functionality. As demo version permits to transfer 25 emails/ folder including complete items. Hence, this is beneficial to evaluate the software’s working process before upgrading to the licensed version.

Highlight Features of Software

  • A fully automated tool that asks only Google Workspace and SmarterMail IMAP credentials.
  • 100% safe and secure software that completes OAuth authentication while completing the email migration
  • Migrate email from Google Workspace to SmarterMail with all email headers and body attributes.
  • Facility to select only specific folders for Google Workspace to SmarterMail migration.
  • Preserves actual folder structure including subfolders so you can easily understand the output data.
  • Supports batch migration of user accounts from Google Workspace to SmarterMail and saves valuable time.
  • Advance filters to transfer selective data from Google Workspace to SmarterMail Server.
  • Creates a log report file to record details and status updates regarding the migrated data.

Enable IMAP Settings and Create App Password

Before using this software to migrate from Google Workspace to SmarterMail. First, you need to enable IMAP Settings due to Google’s internal security factors. Also, create an App Password for your Google Workspace account because it will not work with a regular password. Go to this link to enable IMAP settings and create an app password.

The tool also asks for SmarterMail IMAP Settings as mentioned below:

How to Migrate Google Workspace Email to SmarterMail?

  1. Download, install, and run recommended software on your computer.
    Start software
  2. Enter Google Workspace credentials i.e., Email Address and App Password. Click Login.
    Enter credentials
  3. After that, select the required Google Workspace folders for migration.
    Select required folders
  4. Enable advance filter as per your choice to migrate by date range, subject, sender, and receiver.
    Filter options
  5. Choose IMAP Server from the list of saving options.
    Select saving option
  6. Enter SmarterMail IMAP credentials including IMAP host name and port number.
    SmarterMail IMAP details
  7. Click the Backup button to migrate Google Workspace to SmarterMail Server.
    Migrate Email from Google Workspace to SmarterMail
  8. After completion of the task, open your SmarterMail account and view migrated data.


Above we have explained steps to migrate email from Google Workspace to SmarterMail Server using professional software. There is no efficient manual method obtainable to perform this task. You can use this recommended software without facing any difficulties as it comes with a simple graphical user interface.