How to Migrate Earthlink to Office 365 Account Including Emails & Attachments

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Summary: This blog describes how to migrate Earthlink to Office 365 account. So, if you are one of those users who want to perform such type of migration, then keep reading the blog until the end.

Many users are switching their current email platform to another. Due to some personal or professional reasons, some users want to convert Earthlink emails to Office 365 account. But, while performing the email migration, data security is the main concern of the users. Keeping in mind all the requirements of users, we have come up with EarthLink Backup Software. Using this application, one can easily migrate Earthlink to Office 365 account.

Every user is having different requirements. We are going to mention some questions of users to understand the need or the requirements.

  • How do I migrate Earthlink to Office 365 account directly?
  • I want to convert selective emails from my Earthlink Webmail to Office 365 account. How can I accomplish this task?
  • How to convert Earthlink emails to Office 365 along with attachments?
  • How can I import multiple files from Earthlink to Online Exchange account at once?

Earthlink to Office 365 Migration tool is all in one solution to resolve all the queries easily. It provides multiple advanced facilities to convert Earthlink Webmail to O365 account.

Steps to Migrate Earthlink to Office 365

Step 1: Firstly, download the software from the given button.


Step 2: Select Earthlink from the left panel of the screen.


Step 3: Enter Earthlink email credentials and hit on Login button.


Step 4: From the left panel, check those folders you want to migrate, and choose Office 365 as file saving option.


Step 5: Enter Office 365 credentials (Email address and password) and click on Backup button.


Step 6: You can see that the tool starts creating a backup from Earthlink emails to Office 365 account. Please wait until the process completes.


Note: This demo edition is only capable to import 25 data items from each folder. Purchase the cost-effective licensed edition to get the unlimited migration from Earthlink to O365 account.

Why Choose Earthlink Webmail to Office 365 Migration Tool?

It is the simple and straight-forward application to import Earthlink to Office 365 account. While performing Earthlink to Office 365 backup, the tool will maintain every simple property of the email messages. The tool provides Office 365 as file saving option. So users can easily perform the direct migration from the software interface itself. Using this tool, one can download Earthlink to Exchange Online without any trouble. It comes up with a very simple and intuitive interface to make the migration easy for native users. There are many advanced facilities provided by the tool such as:

1. Bulk Migration Facility: One can choose multiple email folders at once to import multiple Earthlink folders to Office 365 at once.

2. Convert Earthlink Emails with Attachments: The tool supports to create the complete backup of Earthlink. It successfully supports to Import Earthlink emails to Office 356 along with attachments.

3. Choose Required Language: The tool supports many languages. So, while installing the tool, one can easily change the default software language as per the requirements.

4. I am Admin Feature: This feature is helpful to convert multiple Earthlink emails into multiple Office 365 accounts at once.

5. All Windows Supportive: One can install and operate this software on any Windows platform. As it supports all the edition of Windows Operating system.

6. Save Email as Default Folder: If you want to map your email folders, then it is also possible with this software.

7. Maintains Every Email Properties: During the migration from Earthlink to Office 365 account, it maintains all the email properties.

8. Direct Migration from Earthlink to Office 365: Allows users to directly convert Earthlink to O365 account.

9. Safe and Secure Application: This software is completely free from any type of risk. So, technical as well as Non-Technical users can also use this software easily.

10. Selective Email Migration: This software is also helpful for those users who want to import selective Earthlink folders to Office 365 account.

Final Words

By finishing this blog, we would like to say that, choosing the right solution is good for Earthlink to O365 backup. It is also suggested to go with the licensed version first in order to check the software working and functionality. Using Earthlink to O365 solution, one can easily get the accurate and safe migration.

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