How to Migrate Dovecot to Zimbra Desktop?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

What’s here? – In this how-to guide, we will explain to you the exact way to migrate Dovecot to Zimbra mail client with no loss. Here, we will provide the method to migrate email folders from Dovecot to Zimbra desktop with attachments. After reading it, you will know the direct way for Dovecot mail server to Zimbra migration. Let’s get started.

Dovecot is a popular and light-weight mail server used by primary Linux Operating systems. This open-source application was firstly launched in July 2002. Now, it has a large number of active users. But, it is an email server and doesn’t have the abilities of an email client like chat feature, flag emails, notes, meetings, and many others. It can be a reason for migrating emails from Dovecot mail Server.

You may have many possible reasons to migrate from Dovecot to Zimbra. It can be both professional and personal. But, as you Dovecot doesn’t provide an option like this.

So, for all those who want to know the best way to migrate Dovecot to Zimbra account, we will let you know an automatic and effortless solution. What is that? How does it work? Which operating platforms it supports and many questions answers you will get in the next session. So, keep reading.

The Most Efficient Solution for Dovecot to Zimbra Migration

If you have searched for a solution to import Dovecot emails to Zimbra desktop then you must be knowing no good solution is available. So, try and use BitRecover Maildir Converter. The brand is serving an email migration solution for more than a decade. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals are using BitRecover products. It is well-known for 100% accuracy.

How to Migrate Dovecot to Zimbra ?

  • Download and start the software.
  • Click on Select Files or Select Folders to choose Dovecot emails.
  • Check the required folders for the migration process.
  • Select Zimbra as the required saving option.
  • Enter a location in the destination tab and press the Backup button.

Using the mentioned, users can migrate a large number of Dovecot files and folders with respective attachments. The user concern like email properties, folder hierarchy, email components is secure throughout the process. It can be launched on the Windows OS system and server easily. Now, let’s talk about the stepwise procedure for Dovecot to Zimbra migration.

Use these Steps to Import Dovecot to Zimbra Desktop with no Limits in File Size

Follow these given steps to import multiple Dovecot files to Zimbra account directly.

Before You Go, Know the Free Method

There is a free trial version available of the Dovecot to Zimbra migrator. The users can use it to import 25 email files from Dovecot to Zimbra with email attachments. You can launch it without giving any payment.
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The process for the task is as follows.

Firstly, launch the application on the Windows OS machine. Now, there are two modes by Select Files and Select Folder. Now, click on the desired one to choose Dovecot emails from saved location and tap on Next.

Here, all the files and folders are listed one-by-one in software windows. Thus, Select the required one.

Thereafter, choose Zimbra as the required saving option as shown in the screenshot.


By default, the software keeps the resultant data at the desktop location. So, click on the change tab and enter a specific location to get results after Dovecot to Zimbra migration.


Now, hit the Next tab and start the live migration of Dovecot emails to Zimbra desktop in the software window.


After the Live Process Ends

Thus the software gives a conversion message. Then, click on the Ok button. You will get a log text report the details about email numbers migrated, date, time, and much other information. That’s it. You have successfully migrated Dovecot to Zimbra desktop with no loss.


Read the Superb Features of Dovecot to Zimbra Import Tool

  1. This software can migrate unlimited Dovecot mailboxes to Zimbra without disturbing the original format of the data.
  2. The Pro version is a completely satisfactory application for the successful migration of Dovecot to Zimbra.
  3. Users can upload Dovecot files to the Zimbra desktop in batch mode.
  4. There are two ways to load the data from the saved location to the software panel for conversion.
  5. It allows Dovecot and its related accessories to migrated to Zimbra without any hassle.
  6. This utility supports all the latest and earlier versions of the MS Windows operating system.
  7. The toolkit preserves the integrity of the data and the original hierarchy of all folders.
  8. There are no file restrictions for using each version of this toolkit.

The Closing Thoughts

If you are someone looking for a solution to migrate Dovecot to Zimbra desktop correctly, read the above written how-to guide. It explains the step-by-step procedure for the direct Dovecot to Zimbra migration. The user can also try the free trial edition.