How to Merge Gmail and Yahoo Mail Accounts Manually?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

“Hello there, I have two accounts and and I am using both accounts. But the problem is handling both accounts is so difficult. So, I am thinking to merge Gmail and Yahoo account for easy access. But I am facing an authentication error, while I am doing this. Could anyone tell me why it’s happening?”

If you are also facing this problem while combining Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts, then here we will show the manual methods to combine them. Not only this, we will share a best automated solution for this task.

Yahoo Mail VS Gmail Email Service

Gmail is a service that is provided by Google, and it can be used either on the web or in other apps entirely separate from Gmail itself. The Gmail service comes included with 15 gigabytes of available storage space. In addition, users can retrieve emails with a maximum size of up to 50 megabytes, which includes any attachments; they can also send emails with a maximum size of up to 25 megabytes.

Whereas, Yahoo service providers can be accessed by signing up for a Yahoo account. While you’re using Yahoo Mail, you have the option of selecting between chatting, messaging, and sending and receiving emails. Yahoo Mail now allows users to save up to 1 terabyte of email correspondence online at

Because of the user-friendly interface in Yahoo Mail, users prefer to use Yahoo Mail accounts to Move Gmail to Yahoo Mail accounts.

How Can You Combine Yahoo Mail Account Manually?

Important Note: While configuring a Gmail account into a Yahoo Mail account using a manual way. You should follow these steps in the Gmail account for error-free configuration. The steps are mentioned below:


  1. Open Yahoo Mail account on your computer system, and login with active account.
  2. And then, hit on the “Gear (Settings)” icon and then the “More Settings” icon to merge Gmail and Yahoo account.
  3. After that, select “Add Mailbox” and now a new list will appear select “Google” from here.
  4. Now, put the login details of the Gmail account like email address and created an app password rather than a normal password.
  5. After this, a verification code you will get on the Gmail account and verify the account.

Now you have successfully combine Gmail and Yahoo account but as always manual methods have restrictions and limitations.

  • It will take a long time, like 1 to 2 days if you have large amounts of data.
  • there is no advanced filter option to move specific and required data.

The Safest Solution to Merge Gmail and Yahoo Account?

BitRecover Gmail Email Backup Solution is one of the best and most highly recommended software available in the market. The software has amazing and sophisticated features like bulk and selected conversion. Also, it allows users to combine Gmail to Yahoo accounts in bulk mode at one time.

Moreover, the software has a simple and user-friendly interface for all technical and non-technical users. Some of the advanced features are mentioned in the next section.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Advance Features and Capabilities of the Software

  • The software allows users to merge Gmail and Yahoo account in bulk mode at one time.
  • This tool combines complete data from all Gmail folders including Inbox, Sent, Draft, Spam, Trash, and other labels.
  • Also, it maintains the original folder hierarchy during and after the conversion.
  • Not only this, the software can maintain all the attributes of Gmail emails including Bcc, Cc, To, From, Date, Subject, Inline, Formatting, Images, Attachments, and other data.
  • Also, if someone is using a proxy server to use this software, then they have to enable “Use Proxy” mode and put the server details.

How to Merge Gmail and Yahoo Mail Step by Step?

  1. Install the software using the “Download” icon on your desktop.

    software to merge Gmail and Yahoo account

  2. Now, enter the email address of Gmail and enter the generated app password rather than the normal password, hit Login

    email address of Gmail

  3. After that, all the folders will appear, and select the data that you want to combine together

    select all the folders

  4. Now, choose Yahoo Mail from the select saving option list to merge Gmail and Yahoo account Merge Gmail and Yahoo Accounts
  5. And then, enter the Yahoo Mail account details to move further.

    account details

  6. Lastly, hit the “Backup” icon to combine Gmail and Yahoo account.

    merge Gmail and Yahoo account

That’s it, this was the entire process for combine both account in one go along with same folder hierarchy and email attachments.

Time to Say Goodbye

To merge Gmail and Yahoo accounts, you can choose any of the approaches described above. If, you want to go with the manual procedure, then it is up to you. But, we would recommend you to go with the professional approach to combine Gmail and Yahoo mail account in bulk. As using this software will save your time in a simplifying procedure. Combine both accounts and access all emails along with attachments in one mail account to prevent confusion.