How to Import Multiple Maildir Email Files with Attachments ?

Mark Regan | August 1st, 2021 | Convert Your Data

How to Import Multiple Maildir Email

Today we are not going to focus on any error or technology issues, but we will focus on a standalone technique to migrate Maildir items with help of the one of the best Maildir Email Migration tool available in the online market i.e., BitRecover Maildir Migration Software.

Overview: This excellent software tool is developed by a group of professional experts in BitRecover. An IT company with more than 150 products in the range of data migration, cloud backup, and digital forensics. BitRecover has already simplified the lives of millions of personal and professional users with its innovative solutions. And, even among these remarkable solutions, BitRecover Maildir Migration is at the top.

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Free Download Maildir Migration Software


Trail Edition: You can use its free DEMO version of the tool to migrate Maildir emails data. After understanding its essential features and working process, you can be invested in the software and purchased its full version to perform unlimited Maildir files migration.

It is a gem of a solution to effectively Dovecot Maildir to 30+ Formats. Incorporated with a wide range of advanced features, this tool makes the process of Maildir migration is very easy. Also, it has a simple and self-explanatory interface with fast performance. In general, it has become a perfectly reliable, consistent and effective application package for everyone’s Maildir Migration needs.

Working Process of Maildir Data Migration Tool – Step by Step

  • Install and Run Maildir Migration Software and read all necessary steps.

maildir migration tool

  • The application will ask users to export Maildir Emails or Contacts. It provides a separate option for both of these. Hit on the Select Files or Select Folders option for loading Maildir items from the default location.

maildir migrator

  • Once you added the files for Maildir Migration, select the required Maildir data folders.

migrate maildir emails

  • From the given list, choose the required option from the 30+ saving format.

form maildir migration software choose option

  • Setup Maildir emails Migration process and change destination location path.

maildir location

  • Dovecot Maildir migration process is started now.

dovecot maildir files migration process started

  • Click on the OK button to confirm and exit from here.

  • Access Resultant Data Files from the desired location.

resultant data


a) Migrate Maildir to EML Files

  • Now, to export Dovecot Maildir mailbox, you have to choose Select Folder option and for the conversion of a single file, you can simply choose Select files.
  • Once you choose the Maildir emails, it will show the file path then click on the Next button to move further.
  • After this, check the desired folder to perform Maildir Migration. Hit on Next button.
  • Then, from the below list, select EML as saving option.


  • Enter the Destination Location where you want to save your migrated data.
  • The software will offer Several File Naming options to arrange the data of email in a professional way.
  • Click on Next button, now start the migration procedure.
  • Get your Resulting Data Files at the destination path.

b) Import Maildir to Gmail Account

  • Choose one option from the Select Files and Select Folder.
  • Once, you select the Maildir files / folder, it will show the path then click on the Next button.
  • Now, the Maildir Migration tool will preview the Maildir data, check the files, which you want to export.
  • Then, select the Gmail option to save all into Google Mail account.

gmail select

  • In the next step, you have to add your Gmail credentials like an Email address or password.
  • The Maildir migration process is started now, it takes a few seconds to complete the conversion successfully.

c) Import Maildir to Office 365

  • The Maildir migration software provides two option from Select Files or Select Folder. The user can select according to their requirement.
  • After selecting Maildir or Maildir ++ files, click the Next button.
  • Now, check the files which you want to convert and hit on Next.
  • After this, select Office 365 as saving option, from the give list.

migrate maildir to office 365

  • Enter O365 login credentials, you can also change the language of migrated data files such as Spanish, French, German, Swedish, etc.
  • The Maildir email migration tool provides I am Admin option which is help users to import Maildir emails into the specific O365 account. Click on the Next button to continue.
  • Maildir files migration process is running now.
  • Successfully imported Maildir files into the O365 profile.

d) Convert Maildir to PDF

  • Choose one option from Select Files and Select Folder to browse Maildir files.
  • Once you select the Maildir emails, it will show the path then press on the Next button to move further.
  • The Maildir Migration tool will preview the Maildir file/folder, check the files to continue.
  • Then, select the PDF option to save converted items.


  • Add the destination location to Save your converted Maildir files >>click the Next button.
  • The software will offer Numerous File Naming options to arrange the data professionally.
  • Maildir Migration procedure is started now, it will take a few seconds to complete.

e) Convert Maildir to Thunderbird

  • Now, for converting the multiple Maildir files migration, you have to choose Select Folder option otherwise you go with Select Files. After selecting the file, click on the Next.
  • After this, check the desired folder to perform Maildir migration >>click the Next button.
  • From the 30+ formats list, select Thunderbird as saving option.

thunderbird choose

  • Enter the destination location where you want to save your migrated Maildir files. Press the Next to move further.
  • Now, the Maildir emails migration process is completed successfully.

f) Import Maildir to Apple Mail

  • After selecting a folder having multiple Maildir items, press on Next button.
  • Check the Maildir folders for migrating, from software panel and click on the Next.
  • Now, choose the MBOX as saving format.

saving format

  • By default, it will save the resultant database at the desktop. But you can easily change the destination path by clicking on the Browse icon >> hit Next to continue.
  • The Maildir migration process is running, please wait.
  • The Maildir email migration process has been completed successfully.
  • Get the resultant data in MBOX format.
Now copy resulting MBOX items and paste them in Mac Machine with the help of Pen Drive or External Hard Drive. After that follow these steps.
  • Run the Apple Mail email client and select the Import Mailboxes… option.
  • Now it is asking to import data from, choose another option >> press on Continue.
  • Finally, choose the option of files in MBOX format and complete the process.

g) Migrate Maildir to Exchange Server

  • After choosing Maildir or Maildir++ files into system, click on Next button.
  • Select Maildir folders from tool panel and after that hit on the Next to continue.
  • Choose the Exchange Server as saving format.

Choose Exchange Server

  • Add MS Exchange Server account login credentials, the Maildir migration tool also gives an option to change the language. (Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, etc.)
  • If you are Exchange Server admin then you can choose I am Admin option to import Maildir items into specific Exchange Server profile. Now hit Next button to move further.
  • Importing Maildir emails files by showing live conversion status report.
  • Maildir files migrated successfully, now it is showing a message of completion.

Highlighted Features of Maildir Migration Tool

  • Successfully import Maildir emails with attachments.
  • Provide 100 % real results in a trouble-free manner.
  • Perform various file migration in just a few easy simple clicks.
  • Easily maintains email formatting as well as data folder structure.
  • Offers multiple saving options to save the imported file as required.
  • Freedom to save resultant data items at any desired location after the conversion too.
  • Compatible with all the latest and older versions of the Windows Operating System.


At the present date, migration from one email client to another is always a hefty task. If it is not done properly, it can cause serious data loss problems and even damage the data file. Therefore, a professional approach is always suggested by experts. As a pioneer, BitRecover has already developed such a powerful solution to help users for migration Maildir emails from more than 30 formats. Maildir Migration software is of helping thousands of users worldwide to solve their migration problems. And, with a number of remarkable features along with excellent performance.