How to Convert Maildir to PST with Attachments?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Summary – Want to know how to convert Maildir to PST to import emails into Outlook? Are you in trouble exporting all Maildir directories and sub-directories into Microsoft Outlook? If your answer is yes, then we assure you that today you will get rid of all problems related to Maildir to PST file conversion.

Nowadays, email clients like Outlook are an exceptional approach to communicating with others. Clients can without much of a stretch send or get email messages within a couple of mouse clicks.

Why Maildir to Outlook Conversion is Required?

The primary cause is that occasionally we need to read the email directories we need to connect with the mail server. Without that it’s impossible to read, erase, or update the Maildir email documents. This is on the grounds that Maildir is a Server-friendly email format. That’s why individuals need to convert Maildir to PST format. If a user needs to utilize these documents locally, at that point it becomes necessary to import Maildir to Outlook.

Also, there are some other problems like:

  • Using Maildir, you can send and receive emails from a server.
  • This user has been denied access to the email address book.
  • The user must connect to the server each time he wants to read his mail in the Maildir directory.
  • On local workstations, you cannot access Maildir files.
  • A Maildir file’s unprocessed data is inaccessible on the machine.

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How to Convert Maildir to PST using Manual Methods?

Convert Maildir emails to Outlook PST format using the network server. complete steps are mentioned below:

  1. Connecting with the server to convert Maildir to PST.
  2. Now search the “Mail” folder on the server and open it.
  3. Next, here you will get the whole folder of the Maildir (Sent, Draft, Trash, tmp, cur, new, etc.)
  4. Now take the backup of the files locally.

Now convert all the exported Maildir files and folders into PST format. Manually it’s not possible, so now we will show you the procedure using the professional solution.

Import Maildir to Outlook Easily – Professional Approach

BitRecover Maildir Converter Software is a powerful tool to convert Maildir to PST format. It’s a professional application that helps to migrate multiple Maildir / Maildir ++ files/folders in a single round of processing.

After taking a full backup of Maildir emails into PST format then users can import Maildir to Outlook directly. This wonderful utility is designed keeping in mind all requirements of users. That’s the reason any Windows user who is running Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Please Note: Take a free trial of the demo edition of the tool. It’s a free trial version that gives permission to convert Maildir to PST limited. Once you are completely satisfied with the tool’s performance, then you can purchase its pro version.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

How to Convert Maildir to PST file with All Attachments?

A user needs to first export Maildir files from the server and then go through the process to convert Maildir emails to Outlook PST. Simply follow these steps to import Maildir to Outlook.

  1. Launch the tool on Windows or Mac OS.

    tool to import Maildir to Outlook

  2. To load your Maildir files, choose them from the Select Files or Select Folders drop-down menu and then click Next.

    load your Maildir files

  3. The Maildir files will be loaded into the left-hand panel by this software to convert Maildir to PST.

    convert Maildir to PST

  4. Select PST as the file-saving format from the drop-down menu.

    file saving format

  5. In the final step, pick the destination path and press the Convert button to begin the conversion procedure.

    conversion procedure

The tool automatically begins converting Maildir files to PST format without the need for any other applications. Please be patient for a short period of time. Now you will get the converted file at the selected location. Next, you have to import PST files to Outlook using manual methods.

  1. Open Outlook, click on the “File” >> “Open & Import” >> “Import/Export”.
  2. Now select the “Import from Another Program or File” >> “Outlook Data File (.pst)” option.
  3. And lastly, select the converted PST file to import and select the folder from where you want to store it.

Why Professional Solutions than Manual Methods?

Here is a complete list of all the beneficial features of the tool.

  • Convert Maildir to PST with Attachments: This tool to import Maildir to Outlook supports the migration of complete data i.e., attachments too. It can easily convert Maildir emails to PST with attached documents while keeping the original formatting intact.
  • Batch Maildir to Outlook Migration: With the tool, the user can perform the batch migration. It permits batch conversation Maildir to PST by simply selecting the desired files or folders.
  • Gives the Option to Stop or Pause the Conversion: During the process to convert Maildir emails to PST, users can anytime stop or pause the processing.
  • Create a Single Outlook PST File: With this utility, it is possible to create a single Outlook PST file from the multiple Maildir/ Maildir ++ files.
  • Export Maildir Sub-Directories: Using the utility, the users can export all directories as well as sub-directories of Maildir files like Cur, Temp, and New.
  • Preserves All Email Components: This converter tool to convert Maildir to PST is capable to perform the complete migration in a secured manner. It preserves all email components, email attached files, inline images, hyperlinks, formatting, etc throughout the process to convert Maildir to the Outlook PST tool.
  • Multiple File Naming Options: Users can take the advantage of various file naming options. With this feature, it becomes easy to manage all Maildir extracted into PST data files in a systematic manner the numerous pre-defined file naming options may be a combination of Subject, From, Date, etc.
  • No installation of Outlook: The tool doesn’t require the installation of MS Outlook on your Windows or Mac machine to perform the conversion to convert Maildir to PST.

Know About Maildir and Outlook PST Files

Maildir: The Maildir email repository is the cutting-edge method of keeping up the message in UNIX. It incorporates email messages which are put away inside a specific file that has an exceptional name. Furthermore, every folder of the Maildir document is spoken to as a directory. Maildir directory is basically categorized into three sub-directories like Cur, New, and Tmp.

Microsoft Outlook: MS Outlook is the most well-known email client which is popular among organizations, people, home clients, etc. It is a desktop-based email application that stores information like messages, contacts, schedules, calendar entries, diaries, and so on in the PST format locally.

Users’ Queries for Maildir to PST Conversion

Query 1: I have a few Maildir emails that I need to use on my local machine. However, the directory of Maildir documents can be operated in a straightforward manner. One of my very close friends suggested I convert Maildir to PST format. I’m unaware of this automated approach but I have listened so much about the work performance of your converter too. So, I wanted to know how can I buy the software. So that I can easily import Maildir to Outlook with attachments?
Query 2: I want to know that is there any conversion software that can convert Maildir to PST format directly without any server connectivity. Also, guide me that the same software can import Maildir to Outlook without Outlook configuration on Windows 10 machine. If there is any such utility, please suggest it to me. I shall be really grateful to you!

Concluding Words

In the above blog, we have explained in detail how to convert Maildir to PST format with all associated attachments. Try the free demo version of this software to evaluate the tool’s features. Feel free to contact our technical support team regarding any query.